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How long can the new station to get a good ranking

two, the need to maintain the update rules of

four, patience, not to optimize excessive < >


we do not recommend new web site in the local test will fill in all of the content, we recommend only need to put the home page module fill some related contents can be online, do remember the bulk collection (copying website direct information make to their station is also within the collection), in the new period we can do some pseudo original to attract love Shanghai crawl, so as to enhance the site’s ranking.

, a new station on the line before the need to plan


Keywords the main

we can be updated daily or a few articles, their control of this quantity (and don’t see your time today, a 30, the day after tomorrow busy without an article). Why need new day hair article? Because we and the weights of the high site is not the same, we do not have the user system, and the site is very dangerous in the review period, so we need to update the article every day to attract spiders crawl and rankings.

on the quality of website I believe we all know, but what is the quality? In fact, what we usually always emphasize the user experience, basically very much now that the quality of the above mentioned, do not think the original is good, a lot of the original is original, but not related to the site theme. Readability is not good, may not be reproduced those good readability related articles. So I mean the quality is the guarantee of the readability and relevance in the original in advance, otherwise you will appear, why my article is the original article, why is not included, web pages do not put out.

many friends are very concerned about this topic, do a website needs time to have a good website ranking, in fact, this problem is a very difficult question to answer, rattan design done so many websites, also summarized a lot of successful experience, but still maintained an attitude, whether new or the old station, have a good attitude and have a resistance to live lonely heart are needed in the operation. Rattan design after years of work analysis, general popular keywords and website name the fastest 2~5 days can on the home page or 100, then we should be how to seriously look at this thing?

new website is our most common operation of the content of the supplement and set up a website (not recommended to set the new popular keywords, this will cause the user cannot condense), title, description and we need the program itself. But after the line on the website is very taboo to modify a little every day, so the site itself in the review period, you would only lengthen the review period, the worst will lead to false love Shanghai station was K;

three, maintain the quality of the

Analysis of the influence of user behavior on the Google ranking

1. noble baby Analytics

The content of The

Google visits a website user behavior:

3. noble baby +1

2. noble baby Talk

noble baby tag importance Effect of

5. Tool Bar

4. Webmaster Tool

in the serious homogenization era. Original content is very important, so in the layout of the content needs to be done to.

we need to understand these data come from, how to obtain these data.

Title description should allow users to the most intuitive understanding of the site, each page will have a title page, so Google pay more attention to the website title tag, should be concise, summary.

7. noble baby Chrome

6. Search Engine


and so on…… .

of each product is not on the website any impact included rankings, but only need to pay attention to is, Google for the website ranking investigation over many, then according to the Google webmaster optimization guide mentioned the following:

when the baby began to noble website statistics management tool to promote its noble baby Analytics, we will not. Difficult to find, in fact Google according to the reference data, and these reference data is what, before Chuanjun once in Shanghai dragon 5 tips how to improve the user experience mentioned.

8. Adsense/ Adwords

, a

on the Google user behavior, is good or bad, how should we look at, and what impact on the behavior of users of Google? We often think of a no traffic to the website will rank first? Is clearly impossible, I know noble baby in the ranking algorithm by adding more user behavior patterns in early 2006, the model generated data information at any time on our website ranking have a certain influence, so we must understand these patterns, these patterns are reflected through which data, we should improve the defects of our website using the data, and make the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is today our topic.

noble baby

two, high quality content layout

then suggested to describe, bold key sentences or words, in order to facilitate the search engine to crawl to help users find the corresponding information, the same description is also very important.

Fuzhou beauty training station optimization real photo sharing application


page to display the search, turned into a popular label, made directional anchor text.

version of phpMyFAQ 2.6.1

B, adjust the page similarityClassification page

A, the sidebar adjustment

I used the

my website: 贵族宝贝rumenwang贵族宝贝/

is higher.

content page is similar, the right sidebar, modified to display the same link current question answering. This page, content page, page classification, similarity greatly widen the gap.

search problem is each search result is the title (Putian Lanyun as like as two peas Network Company site can verify), this will also affect the included, so I put each of the search results title made changes, different results show a different title, the anchor text keywords into title. Are interested can pass.


lovely Shanghai search: Fuzhou beauty training, the second page view effect.

website program, as well as Putian Lanyun network company phpmyfaq program is phpmyfaq, but I know that this program is 09 years through other ways, but modifying and optimizing the static page was to learn Putian Lanyun network company.

joined the Fuzhou beauty training, has been in the study, the side of his site 贵族宝贝rumenwang贵族宝贝/ optimization, lasted about 15 days before, is ranked more than 40, now ranked 16, followed from the distance, but I am very confident this goal arrives soon.

2, Fuzhou beauty training station optimization method

lovely Shanghai search: Fuzhou makeup school, the first page view effect.

I removed the

C, the search function adjustment

I use the

core Keywords: Fuzhou, Fuzhou beauty makeup school training

adds a shared love of Shanghai.

remove the useless, plus a station, forum posts, control the number of each column, the first to avoid too many links, some people remember that should be controlled in 50, a similar number of I.

In 1, But

this program design is not very good, the original directly put all the quiz links, the sidebar contents are the same, so the page similarity is very high, included the influence effect, I have classified pages to add a summary of the contents, and the right sidebar, filled with pictures, it reduces the page the similarity.

page similarity I said the problem, but the authority of the teacher site can ignore this problem, love Shanghai is kneeling home included.

In fact, there are still

10 optimization techniques streamlined web page

now has a lot of people begin to pay attention to this problem, and there are a lot of optimization tools, but these techniques are very easy to use, does not need to spend too much time, also do not need to re develop.

in Linux we often use the suffix for the.Gz file, which is the GZIP format, Internet today has become very common to use a data compression format, or a file format.

, for developers, the greater the amount of code, it is not easy to update and maintenance.

1, GZIP compression format

1, website code more users to download more of the loading speed will be slower. In China, the broadband and not everyone can enjoy the 20M, each developer heart is clear, the user does not want to wait.

for text content can be compressed to 40% of original size, this transmission soon, the effect is that you click on the URL will soon after the show, of course, it will also increase the load of the server, the server is installed in the general power >

, search engines crawl speed will be great impact to the website ranking.

GZIP encoding

generally refers to a function of the WWW server installation, when someone to visit this website in the server, the server will function in web content compression after transmission to the visiting computer displayed in the browser.


, as everyone knows, the rapid development of mobile Internet, to 2G network, load the 1.7M page even need a minute.


according to the survey, "the size of the average growth of 32% in 2013, an average of 1.7M, a separate HTTP request to reach 96, to tell the truth, this is a shocking number, but this is just a mean value, half of the site will be greater than this value.

in this paper, Ma Haixiang will give you some advice, although the first three recommendations to "lose weight" is not actually, but they still can effectively speed up page loading speed.

The influence of

HTTP protocol is a kind of used to improve the performance of WEB application technology, the flow of the WEB site GZIP is often used to make the user feel faster compression speed.




gzip is the abbreviation of GNUzip, it is a free software GNU file compression program. It is Jean-loupGailly and MarkAdler with the development of the first public release was issued in October 31, 1992 February released version 0.11993 version 1.

so, what is the effect of a "page overweight" website? Specifically, the following 4 points:

A flow of money, how to improve the site conversion rate

really do not know how to maintain the site every day is the webmaster, actually did not take his cards burst! For this site, I want to do is only to show that: the type of advertising? No man as a man. As a user, the mood is bad, who would have thought to see your ad Click

two: your website is to let users crazy!

! ?

web site, traffic is the first factor, however, the first golden rule you know to make money? "Conversion rate"! Every day doing the traffic, but not earn enough money to enhance the flow of many webmaster site beyond count! Try to think, not to earn money flow is not high enough, but is ignored: conversion rate the problem. Can not find the root cause, just to enhance the flow of the blind, as long as the flow lifting up absolutely can earn more money, but I want to say is: don’t you want to even if the flow rate is rising, also can earn more money? Do not know how many people have thought about the problem.

I think these are as a consumer some of the most valued aspects, but as a business website, but always ignore these. Many sites: on the website of the product in two words or three really do not want to say, in a word, the user is so relieved to give money to you? Look at the mall competition, any sales of the products, in the product packaging, there will never be any stingy. Is a clothing store, clothing is good, there is no tall model for its packaging, there will be a high volume of sales. We go to the supermarket shopping, the same price, must choose their own well-known brands.

a simple example, believe that every webmaster have online shopping search effort need products, finally what is the reason, let you choose its products? Price, quality, brand, reputation, sales, product packaging, popularity, credit, and even products on time.

there is a website, I find information, won’t stay even for a second, because I’m afraid I really crazy: open a website, I almost got I7CPU, 2GB computer graphics card dead website.

: your website to meet the needs of users of

of course, most of the web site, advertising is still very quantitative, but I also want to say is: it is not the first time you play advertising, is the most effective! Just like some websites: I haven’t go, will pop up information, what I haven’t read, you let me consult? I don’t know who you are, you let me buy it buy it, who would buy

these words, I give some examples, if your site can not meet these requirements, but also means: money, money, whether to consider? From the consumer’s perspective, how to think, never wrong, think oneself is stingy, more over, then you will do more perfect


, you click on a page.

?Even the

Analysis of some characteristics of domestic Shanghai Dragon Industry

2 only from the domestic Shanghai Longfeng level is low. Here refers to the low level of the overall level, that is to say, me too much, master rare. This is mainly because the domestic Internet slow development, school education can not keep up, social education is also a flicker of money, coupled with the large number of the network have a big flicker master to earn tuition, so the overall level of domestic Shanghai dragon again pulled.

please indicate the source!

3 commercial application maturity. Tend to industry, products of Shanghai Longfeng, businessmen and managers have become more and more clear

3 Shanghai dragon talent concentrated in large company, or industry intensive enterprises, the company generally is difficult to go to the master.

1 got a hard to find, Shanghai dragon master industry less and less.

Shanghai dragon industry human level:

The characteristics of

2 website business, small business website and Shanghai dragon, and medium-sized sites generally larger proportion of Shanghai dragon. Because of the large web sites do not dare, it is not necessary to do Shanghai Longfeng, and small sites can easily do a few words, and then make money, but if you imagine large and medium-sized website sites that rely on the website ranking, more difficult, if you rely on the business plan to do the classification, the content is too much, and some can not afford to do. This is my personal opinion.

from: 贵族宝贝haoweidao.org/

1 home Shanghai Dragon technology is very low. It is clear that this is lower than the international standard, but in the master hand, concept, generally low, or can be understood as lower than the international advanced level, this is not only due to this technique is the first foreign company, is our people mentality too impetuous, from people’s education problems from cultural problems, just like most of the science and technology, Shanghai dragon industry, domestic level lower than international level.

Shanghai dragon industry application level:

so, originally intended to write a good article, but in neither fish nor fowl.

industry of Shanghai Longfeng technical level:

more than 3 black hat hat. Black links, mass, cheating, black hat Shanghai dragon should be more or stronger than the white hat Shanghai dragon, unless it is a very formal company, dare not let you. This is mainly due to love Shanghai’s technology is too weak, do not explain.

1 in love Shanghai rogue, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to Shanghai dragon, large portal also strengthened the proportion of Shanghai Longfeng department.

to write this thing, mainly because recently wanted to write an advertisement, will use the relevant information.

2 Shanghai dragon officers lack of business experience and management ability, and strengthen the ability of technology.

Discussion on the optimization of the four points of the website content pictures

with the development of the Internet age, the master is more and more, keywords competition is increasingly fierce, only to master some basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster is unable to get good rankings, ranking no keywords naturally without flow, but the pen recently found my site for a lot of traffic in love Shanghai pictures, then I saw a new hope to improve website traffic, here I will share with you through some of the relevant knowledge of love Shanghai. Shanghai Dragon:

(a) add a keyword in the picture ALT, and title as important title.

for ordinary programmers, do not pay attention to the optimization of the picture, the general picture code is written like this:
              < a href=" #" title=" KeyWorks & gt; " < img src=" image path " border=" 0" /> < /a>
              when doing image optimization requirements if you just move the mouse to the relevant picture pictures remind key words, words like this is the love of the Shanghai spiders cannot crawl, naturally the pictures of your site in Shanghai love picture library among the good rankings.


              in the past observations, we see many programmers to optimize the picture, the code is as follows:        
            < a & nbsp; href=" #" < > img; src=" border=" image path " 0" title=" alt=" image " image /> < " /a>
            & nbsp;; in my opinion such repeated writing, not only will not let love Shanghai spiders love, and will feel tired, like people will feel that you are very long winded, say because spiders identify the picture only through the ALT attribute to identify keywords, so people think.

A little personal experience during the 15 days of Shanghai dragon optimization Changsha

nonsense, I still say that the station, according to the analysis of the recent optimization, love Shanghai is indeed pay more attention to the optimization of station, reflected in the content and quality of the above correlation, because now I only yesterday released a chain from the station, or the 28 push inside information I left the website home page link, found that the chain has its own home page and 28 push that link the second day, let me find love Shanghai update from the 2012-2013 algorithm is not only continuously, to help the users, and for those who seriously do the Webmaster Station are also given a high degree of attention, as long as your content is helpful to the user, and the content related to the theme of the high degree of love Shanghai will give you the proper place, no matter how much you are a new station, because any current my hair An article is after the reasonable classification, if with certain topics or some other articles are related, I do some appropriate inside the anchor text link to other articles, but also make corresponding labels, take Shanghai Longfeng optimize directory the following article, I will not look up at the end of each article deliberately in the key to the optimization of the home page, usually 2-3 article a few appropriate addition to the optimization of keywords to the home page, but try to put these articles together, so that it not only improves the correlation degree of the station, but also the important keywords to improve nature.

is a novel, love Shanghai will not sit idly by. For example, I optimized "Changsha >

the station lasted 15 days, yesterday finally included, discovered the main optimization "Changsha Shanghai dragon" keywords have been love Shanghai to promote the top 100, the first:

application, a lot of people are aware of this truth is not truly implemented, presumably a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice like me every day will have nutrition of Shanghai Dragon Mining Optimization article to learn from the Shanghai dragon related forum, but I suggest you absorb nutrition since it should be properly released, eventually become your own, so don’t just stay in Shanghai Longfeng optimal absorbing process, since these experiences help team website ranking, more should optimize experiment in our website, so we can really do a good digestion, can become your own things. You go to practice, the search engine will know what kind of reaction to you, in order to analyze how to do this in your later optimization, how to adjust, in order to facilitate the search engine more grab your content.

may think it is not difficult for them what, because I really started Shanghai dragon optimization time less than 2 months, every day in continuous learning and optimization experience through some of Shanghai Longfeng articles to practice, from the site to now 2 weeks, for me, was a little bit and we used to study experience, if the wrong place also please a lot of advice:


Shanghai dragon master

Analysis of space access speed and site access speed and different association

if the site access speed below 5S, the website can be love Shanghai spiders, if higher than 5S, then your station is dangerous, because love is higher than that of 5S Shanghai will lead to the failure of spider crawling timeout. There are a lot of new sites not included is the reason. Sometimes a region access timeout, this is quite normal, but if this happens frequently, it would need to clean up the site, find out the factors affecting the speed of.

website speed test tool can use the Kaka network address is: 贵族宝贝webkaka贵族宝贝/. If I need to test the access speed of www.xudianchi5贵族宝贝, enter the URL after the point can be determined.

space can be used to test out tools. The tool used is 贵族宝贝ping.chinaz贵族宝贝/. If I need to test www.xxx贵族宝贝’s space access speed, as long as the site can be lost into test.

The access speed of The speed of access to the

if your site to buy U.S. space, for the domestic service, Ping values are generally larger, if the Ping value is less than 200ms, is relatively good, don’t take this value to the domestic space, Ping value, not what meaning.

two, website access speed test.

the purchase of space, need to test the speed of space, domestic space, Ping value is generally good, if the Ping value is less than 50ms, so it is a better space velocity.

The evaluation and selection of The

four, the visit speed of website need long-term attention.

space fast does not mean website access speed, space access speed slow is bound to affect the site access speed. Space access speed is an important standard to refer to our purchase of space, site access speed is an important focus for our evaluation of the website.

The speed of access to the

we may encounter this problem: the beginning of time, site access speed is very fast, with the passage of time, access to more and more slowly. At this time, the need for the server to carry on the analysis,.

Effect of

we all know influence factors on Web site space is very large, so the purchase of space, space access speed is an important standard. However, many people still have some misunderstanding on the inside, such as space access speed OK on everything, actually not like this. It is necessary to clear the space access speed and web access speed is not the same concept, the following analysis.

three, the space access speed of website access speed.

space space is a sign of good or bad, but not your website access speed standard.

, a space access speed.

For the double eleven selling electricity supplier website how to do well in the station optimizatio

dynamic web page

the product for the advantages of similar products is

electronic commerce website especially need to pay attention to the user experience and user behavior, which is one part of the site of the Shanghai dragon. Many owners do not know what to put on the first page, most of the websites using simple display principle of the latest articles. In fact, this approach is not desirable, for a sales site, you may wish to show you in this order page:

2, reduce the production of

would you recommend friends to buy

3, through the user click behavior to change the display contents of

Why The website?

robot file, hidden

duplicate content experience?


any sales type web site is not formed in one time, according to different periods show different content. This paper is mainly to share electricity supplier website internal optimization work in two before eleven.

diagnosis of outsourcing website

decided to purchase the

1, check the Shanghai Dragon

URL label, reduce duplication products?

duplicate content is divided into two kinds, one is copying others article, a repeat page within the site of goods. Reprint articles do not say, focus on the latter. The website, different from the general type of website, the types of goods are complicated, many commodities have characteristics of repeat sales. According to the current search engine algorithm, repeat page within the site’s ranking will have a great influence, therefore, to minimize duplicate content pages produced is very important.

?What is


website optimization is not limited to the company’s internal staff, for now, "

can reduce the content of duplicate pages through the following ways:

competitor’s website is the best template, not every business can make Jingdong, Dangdang and Taobao, but these big investment sites in the details of the deal than it did a small website of the best. Therefore, from the advantages of competitors is the most simple optimization method.

4, the study of the competition website

Details of ?

is more important when more carefully, as the recent love Shanghai algorithm changes, for cheating the algorithm junk the chain site, many sites suddenly collapsed. Therefore, both inside and outside of Shanghai Longfeng, need careful investigation, make a review of the list, by contrast, for example: domain name, record, space, buy links, website chain, content updates, website templates and so on. At the end of the sales season, try to do a web site do not change, nor touch the search engine to find a sense of content.

by 301 to

why do you often visit the

you buy the product of the


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