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Optimization of personnel entering the line we rely on what for their dignity

first, seriously need to master the basic skills of tamp optimization. The author is very appropriate for the new investment is necessary, investment money is the time we save, for example, can buy a small investment in Shanghai Longfeng books, this lot, search on the line. After all the basic knowledge of many books are written very detailed, any of the books is enough for you to use, we all study method is the most common example, the author believes that the global forum is a way of learning a lot of new people, but it has a disadvantage that if there is no basis only with some forum posts that is very difficult to understand and grasp the system, ten thousand steps back even if someone is willing to teach you, if you are in the 0 state, but also do not understand what others write. Therefore, I strongly suggest you to set aside some time every day to learn the best basic knowledge of some professional system of teaching. Especially some novice in some QQ group to ask questions, but why don’t you go to see the

third, the practice or practice. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, my teacher is a Ariza’s books, the theory as the base, we have to make the theory and Practice for the application of knowledge will only play their value. Speaking of which, I have to mention one of my friend, he is also engaged in this area, because he told me a word, this sentence is more influential to me — if you want to learn Shanghai dragon, the best for some web based code can understand, can use some open source program build a web site, and then from A to Z according to their own.

as an optimization personnel must be persistent and for Shanghai dragon learning regardless of personal danger, especially a new Shanghai dragon Er, we may have to pay more effort than others, optimizing the personnel entering the line we rely on to win for themselves what dignity? The author has today to talk to you, we also have new recruits instead, we are not discouraged, not impetuous, the mentality is, effort is the oars, believe in yourself you can do.

data? Now I would like to own

in the first to enter the industry when some experiences and share my own self is to break the bottleneck, and enhance the rapid method of obtaining views.

second, or continue to study and in-depth study. Shanghai dragon mastery of basic knowledge, and can not explain what, we just continue to improve the basic foundation. Especially for the Shanghai dragon industry, the search engine algorithm is fast changing, if you choose the Shanghai dragon engaged in this industry, you will encounter a lot of people in this industry, there is a certain foundation to pave the way for the next, you must learn is the thinking of others and to optimize the process. This communication is a must, this time we used the way of learning Shanghai dragon forum, QQ group, line sharing came in handy, we can add a few Shanghai dragon QQ group, can learn to share your insights, look at others for the optimization of understanding and cognition, which is very necessary.

How to use the robots.txt method and use detailed configuration files

file on the robots.txt function: User-agent the value of the name used to describe the search engine Robot, must have at least one User-agent record; if User-agent >

access to the wp-content directory

robots.txt file is very simple, usually starts with User-agent, containing one or more lines of Disallow or Allow records; in the robots.txt file you can use the "#" notes, the use of specific methods and PHP; in addition, the robots.txt file support *|$|? Wildcard etc.. A simple example of how to write robots.txt file #? User-agent: * # to all search engines Robot open Disallow: /wp-content/ # banned any content

how to configure the robots.txt file? Robots.txt configuration file is very simple, right click the desktop -> -> text document, named robots.txt, note that this document is ending in ".Txt". Write the rules in the robots.txt file, using FTP software to upload to the root directory of your web site can be. To check the robots.txt file configuration is correct, just enter the URL in the browser: 贵族宝贝 your domain name /robots.txt, to see whether the normal access to. Robots.txt files written in

robots.txt is a simple.Txt at the end of the text file, search engine Robot (also called search engine robots) first file to access the web program to crawl. What is the role of the robots.txt file? Robots.txt files, and each big search engine friendly dialogue, to guide the search engine you recommend the robot crawl the web to avoid some meaningless or useless ", such as website backstage, membership interactive function, it also saves the server cyber source to a certain extent. In addition, the significance of robots.txt files of Shanghai dragon is also very important, can be good to avoid repetition, similar pages, and some keywords weight loss; the robots.txt file is written, is one of the lessons of each Er will do the Shanghai dragon.


robots.txt documents filed this concept, many owners also may very strange: what is the robots.txt file robots.txt file? What effect is there? How to configure the robots.txt file? How to correctly use the robots.txt file? Below, these problems are analyzed, so that you understand the robots.txt file. What is the robots.txt file

? The

Local portal site channel page optimization method

website to provide the latest market information is important information of information need to be hot, than the same industry information site more avant-garde, along with the Internet competition degree increased, the website construction must have bright, innovative business model. The information channels need to call in the home plate, information channels can be in the top-level domain WWW content, many portals in the channel page using two domain names, the contents of all in the two level domain name, home call is also two level domain name, this is not conducive to the optimization of the home page. The different call Advisory channels, "more" tab navigation links to pages, in order to reduce the loss of weight, "more" anchor text links with nofollow label shield.

real estate real estate channel

local real estate information portal website is the major channel of the core, each channel can bring search traffic to the site, different channel optimization methods are also different. Although the home page weight high website, but portal information may not all the information placed on the home page, channel page should also be reasonable use, channel page how to optimize? The author to share some channel page optimization method.

real estate portal website information, real estate information website is the largest drainage channel. Real estate channel Title Principle: real name – – front page headline event classification. Such as: Xuzhou real estate – Xuzhou new homes — Xuzhou * * real estate network. The hyperlink page in all real estate projects related to the unified name add to the page; all the property name of the parts as far as possible with the name of real estate, not replaced by other words; the hyperlink text is inserted into the appropriate keywords; mentioned real estate, real name to add a hyperlink property page is introduced to the market; where the information content, design of fixed template, to its own originality; the information content page to edit the page, add the information and information relevant to the theme page. Property pages to show detailed content to the user, the user wants to test what information from the sale, to optimize and perfect the sale page needs to contain "real estate home, real estate prices, real estate, real estate, real estate forum dynamic photo album, online customer service, to provide users a full range of real estate information. For customer comments page real estate channel, this page can shield the nofollow tag, reduce website weight loss.

market information channel

channel with the classification structure is complete and clear, not only can improve the website user experience, increase the user’s browsing quantity, but also can increase the depth of the spider crawl site, improve the site included. Here we share construction classification structure property website:


page classification clear channel


News Channel: the column page -> page -> the lower part; the list page > the content page list page -> -> real estate real estate >;

Love the sea through the station 301 jump after the pain

2, the 301 jump after about a week or so time, love Shanghai K off all the Columns page and inside pages, only home page snapshot data; normal; home page keyword ranking is normal; love from Shanghai statistical background to see the "love sea index", in about 400.

, cervical vertebra disease network was the first independent operation starting from 0 sites, more than two months ago found a domain name web log space index a large number of love Shanghai, and I was pushing the main domain name with WWW two domain names, so cruel as the station’s 301 jump. Many people love Shanghai on the 301 jump in the induction period is relatively long (now think that meaning is unknown, but I think ah), since falling in love with the sea expressly support 301 jump, 301 jump after impact on the site should not, but the cruel reality tells me, webmaster friends must be careful for the station’s 301 jump.

1, in 301, before the jump, the amount included in the network of cervical spondylosis in about 400, Shanghai love weight is 1, in addition to home "cervical spondylosis, cervical vertebra disease symptoms such as core keywords ranking, the key word column page also has some words such as" health cervical pillow "the article page ranking, some long tail keywords ranking snapshot; love Shanghai normal; the day included or seconds.

4, after more than two months, after a love Shanghai update, site included the amount of overnight recovery from 1 to more than 200, then the next day to more than 400, then the next day to more than 500 articles included day or seconds; normal snapshot; home page keyword ranking has improved, the new part of the article page keywords >

3, after a long period of time, the day included snapshot normal, or seconds, the next day after love Shanghai site data is still 1; no column page and the article page long tail keywords source; love from Shanghai statistical background to see the "fall in love with the sea index quantity gradually increased with fluctuations. Here, the construction of the chain still maintain a certain amount, but Links included effects affected by. The home page keyword ranking slightly rise; Shanghai normal love picture data; in the page and column page site data is still 0; column page and the article page keywords ranking 0;

next, I for details I made 301 jumps (setting station level domain name ***贵族宝贝 to jump to the two level domain name www.***贵族宝贝) before and after the change and process:

as everyone knows, the major search engines are recognized by the 301 jump, 301 jump is also considered the site large-scale change jiumingcao. In addition, a domain name and two level domain name with a web site, also can use 301 jump weight. So the 301 jump by many webmaster content. The ASP program with the author’s previous website, but is unable to do the virtual host, total 301 jump, only to do the main domain name to ***贵族宝贝 domain www.***贵族宝贝 two jump, did not see much abnormal.

Noble baby search results of pre loaded interpretation judgment based on historical data

has been able to achieve this effect, because the baby was already on the search results page aristocrats of pre loaded. According to the current principle, once enabled instant search results page, the first page will be pre loaded in the background, and only pre loaded on the first result. And trigger instant page function requires certain conditions.

< >

is Sina Technology and Richard Rabbat dialogue record:

"pre loading the appropriate search results is a challenging problem," Richard Rabbat said that if the user will click on the false results, will cause the waste of resources such as bandwidth of computer. Therefore, only the nobility that baby full grasp, will enable the pre loading function.

Sina: the release of the new Instant Pages technology, will be applied in the search results will have a special message for

Richard Rabbat said that although the application of instant page function only in the noble baby Chrome browser development version at present, but will appear in the beta version. According to the plan, this function will soon be integrated into the stable version of Chrome browser. Then, ordinary users can use this service.

July 5th afternoon, noble baby’s instant page (Instant Pages) technology, to the user’s search results of pre loading, reduce the total search time 2-5 seconds. In this regard, the noble baby product manager Richard Rabbat in Sina Technology and communication, this technology is mainly based on previously accumulated historical data.


instant page technique, is a noble baby called "Make the Web Faster" ("let the team plan faster). This team mainly focused on improving the noble baby product performance, especially in the search, but also relates to the development Picasa, Docs applications such as the noble baby. (Shu Shi


held nobility baby prior to the Insider Search conference, announced the launch of new features such as instant pages. Allegedly, in the open instant pages function, users click on Google search results, can be "almost without delay loading site pictures and text, is not affected by the new page loading time.


according to the historical data, judgment standard of nobility baby mainly based on the accumulated.

Richard Rabbat: at present, using the development version of it only functions in the noble baby Chrome in the browser, the future will be released in the beta version, in the stable version shortly after publication, users can also use the.

How to improve the advertising revenue of shlf1314 AdSense websitesNew opportunities on the food cha

although the final model is exactly what it seems, and no one wants to clear, but some people have made use of "live" to earn pots full bowl surplus. And the influx of entrepreneurs, investment institutions, but also to the industry itself also brings opportunities. Net red, technology platform, edge small innovation…… Titanium media reporter hopes to find and inventory of the industry on the live chain, what new revenue opportunities are being obtained?.

: A: choose the best advertising format – more high-quality advertising.

according to Analysys think tank data show that as of now there are more than two hundred live APP, in addition to pepper, Ying Betta, YY guest, you call on the name of the star of the company, there are more unknown to the public finance, sports, electricity providers and other vertical areas live APP.

put an advertisement in the highest position – click on your ad click rate doubled.

increase the click rate at the same time, is also very important to increase the display advertising volume, so you can meet all of your advertising policy AdSense website and web pages, also can put 2 or 3 ad unit on a page, users see the opportunity to increase advertising.

‘s first screen ad click rate is far higher than the second screen ads, while more than half of advertisers in choosing sites to advertise, will give priority to select advertising sites in the first screen. According to the experience of providing optimized services to publishers, we recommend the following advertising display sites: Home / two channels, home / list pages – opening first screen ads, harvesting the most value. 728X90 banners, 160X600 skyscrapers, or 300X250 rectangular boxes are good for local conditions.

June, held a new conference in Hainan Boao an automobile manufacturer invited a dozen anchor scene, so the conference site can be seen everywhere a delicate makeup, good-looking girl with a self timer lever at the mobile phone automatic speaking.

industry and competitive hot contrast, single brush, burn, network bandwidth cop, these seemingly negative words have revealed a false prosperity of the industry, and with hundreds of net red we referred to live, it is but a marketing a brokerage company planning.

for you to uncover several websites by advertising revenue. AdSense advertising revenue = AdSense, advertising volume, X ad click rate, X ad price, and any factor on the right side of the formula will have immediate effects on revenue growth.



300X250 box is most suitable for the pip; another option is below or above the content by placing banner ads; and is also a good side in the pages of skyscrapers placed around a choice.


, if you need more detailed instructions, welcome to download our optimization collection, "shlf1314 AdSens>"

net is a direct red boom, the front end of the first to benefit people, after all the user reward money can be naked into their pockets, and the talent pool in this process in the PC era has been very mature, now they need to do is to transfer the position.

, along with the term "net red incubator", is somewhat similar, but not identical, to the guild concept of the YY era. According to the "net red eco white paper" shows that the current domestic market, net red incubator, brokerage companies accounted for nearly 23.8%.

Here we have

the live broadcast caused a stir. These girls are seated in the press box behind, and this is from the "Silk stir high-ranking" media people — every female anchor are regarded as a KOL, 100 anchor, 9 platforms, covering about 5000000 users, this brings broadcast communication effect may be far more than a few manuscript reporter to the good.

, 728X90300X250, and 160X600 are the best advertising formats. The advantages of these three advertising formats are: they can form a relatively strong reading area and get better attention; there are more advertisements and more advertisements; they are more likely to trigger multimedia advertisements and enrich advertising sources. If you do not use the three dimensions of advertising, then you are losing the most opportunities! In addition, please ensure that you choose to generate advertising "text and image ads the default, this ad will be compatible with various forms of multimedia advertising.

Quebec will be so

forum page – 728X90 banner below the first post is the best choice.

: three increase in advertising page.


With the

net red manufacturing machine

in the past two months, such a scene is not uncommon. Including a day earlier, the Meizu MX6 conference also "style" mutation, specially invited 23 red female anchor network to broadcast conference. Watching the anchor on the mobile phone, one of the important scene became "Live Room", although the broadcast is not fresh, but the scene is shocking enough.

content page   the upper left corner of the content, the bottom of the content, or the recommended link near the side.

Abstract: Live hot, so that entrepreneurs, investment institutions flocked into the industry, bringing new opportunities to different industries, many people in this chain has access to new revenue opportunities.

forum also do not easily ignore, practice has proved that the first post placed banner ads, not only click the effect is good, but also conducive to the online experience of users.


Optimize the grasp of the details using pictures to make the website more humane

Insert the picture

article Ming Rui original share, please keep the 贵族宝贝whmzt贵族宝贝 >.

four, the

optimization are all summed up in 8 words, of course, I say here is not how to do original how to send the chain, you have to do is to rise above the common herd do fine, people should wash, so the details are particularly important, following analysis of pictures in website optimization details.

LOGO pictures, most sites will let the chain to the home page, in order to let keyword optimization play a greater effect, many people will insert keywords are ALT, IE and ALT will be compiled into a TITLE attribute, so the user experience will be poor. My approach is to insert keywords in ALT, TITLE write XXX web page.

Do images;

many Internet companies hang the technical support is very tangled, such as hanging on the XXX website this hyperlink, although can play a keyword optimization, but this is obviously not normal, no brand benefit. This is similar with the above, insert the XX network picture, ALT label XX website, TITLE bid for XX network. In addition to speak here also to talk about the practice of the search engine will not be mistaken for fraud (ALT, TITLE inconsistent). If I were a user, I refer to the picture to see the title is what I knew this picture, obviously I won’t go right to see the source code to see the ALT attribute, similarly, as the spider is the same, he looked at the ALT time also will not see TITLE, such trouble with the user is similar the.

two and LOGO

three, hang


, using a background image, URL is more accurate;

I believe we all know that the search engine can not identify the picture recognition, basically rely on ALT, that is to say we insert the picture properly again in the article, the search engine is an original article, and pictures inserted with good user experience will increase, because the picture is concise.


technical support;

is mainly reflected in the news list page, I see there is a point in front of a lot of website news list title, this point there are still many different, such as some station is · (intermediate point, Sogou input method, V1 g, is this), is to add a middle point in front of each news. I think it is not desirable, and this point, URL became the two + titles, with the title of the page is not the point, this point is a waste not only share the weight but also possible side effects (such as fraud. ), then how to solve? Is very simple, as long as make a picture, and then in the CSS for this kind of URL with a background picture, as for how to write is not here to teach, so although the trouble spots but has very obvious effect.

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform search function on the line

cool company general manager Pan Jun said that for a large class of hundreds of millions of information website, website title search or full-text search, to ensure that the search speed, ease of use, the use of expansion. Is a difficult problem to enterprises. The search function now love Shanghai Webmaster Platform completely help us solve this problem. In addition to submit the search results page, set the search appearance, can also associate love Shanghai alliance, to search data analysis, search.

How to evaluate

August 16th -8 month 25 days, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched the "3000 first search authority" activities, activities during the day to send out 300 search permission. As long as we are Webmaster Platform verified on the website, you can participate in the activities, a love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform account every day there are 10 chance draw, because it is at 10 in the morning every day to send out 300 search permissions, so the sooner in the higher chance of winning. Search activities address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/customsearch

A5 webmaster search marketing director Tang Shijun love Shanghai station search, and a powerful webmaster tools, for each site are more practical, search volume is bigger, there is no need to worry about the pressure on the server. Love Shanghai station search can be added to the search page, search logo related domain name, custom search results and search box style style, statistical data can also search; and love the Shanghai union revenue account interconnection. At present the A5 station network, have been searching in the use of the sea in the station, opened very fast, more accurate search results.


? ? What How to configure



if you are in search for website results are not accurate and troubled? To worry about the search cost of server and human development is heavy, as the search data is not updated in a timely manner and distress? In order to solve the above problems, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform in 2013 launched search tools, help owners to easily create their own search engine.

search the search for "love Shanghai custom station (Custom Search)", aims to help owners at low cost to provide high quality service for the users to search the site. Through the search tool, you can customize the search results page: show the style, enhance the user experience; the allocation of advertising, advertising revenue; relying on the love of Shanghai search technology, the web server and reduce labor costs.

when we get search permission, can be found in other search tools Webmaster Platform under configuration. Then fill in the basic information, access to our website can be placed above, as shown in figure

in search of

is to search the

Keywords Shanghai dragon competition difficulty judging ideas

The number of


The The

The number of The number of

keyword is Shanghai dragon competition difficulty judging personnel must master the skills. If there is no way to judge the degree of difficulty to keyword ranking. Cannot estimate the keyword value and need to spend manpower. To Shanghai dragon work. Today at SEMKEY and we talk about the Shanghai dragon keyword competition the difficulty of some judgment method. Not very comprehensive. I hope to give you some ideas.

the Shanghai Longfeng people understand that there is not much to say. With the keyword "silver ornaments" as an example. Using search engines love Shanghai. For example, the "silver ornaments" the keywords to find relevant results about 3470000, can basically determine the word belongs to the medium difficulty. Optimization requires a certain amount of work.

To optimize the

needs more title keyword ranking, optimization of our competitors, the more the number of. On the other hand, relatively few competitors. Or we arrange and estimate the difficulty of optimization. We can use the intitle: keyword in the search engine to determine the degree of competition in the word. Although some words related to the number of results is less than 500 thousand, which belongs to the simple optimization, but if the number of page title keyword. What explains this word is also a fierce competition. We have carefully analyzed the chain of these pages and included, this is also the third criteria for judging.


, a search results the number of words

two, the title page keyword related results number

four, keyword ranking is the page or inside pages

The number of

is less than or equal to 5 million (more than 1 million) belongs to the optimization of medium difficulty.

search results returned by the number of keywords, keyword optimization more difficult. And the more likely to. The unknown concluded some standard is not very comprehensive, we are for reference only.

is less than or equal to 500 thousand simple optimization difficulty.

keyword ranking page chain domain name and included more. The greater the competition. The optimization of the more difficult. Need to carefully study this point. This is not the word is the key and difficulty of the competitors. On the other hand, the optimization of relative competitive small, relatively reduce the difficulty.

To optimize the

is less than or equal to 8 million (more than 5 million) optimization on the middle part of the difficulty, need certain work and skills.

number is not smaller than 10 million belong to the high difficulty of optimization. The need to accumulate skills and spend time and a certain number of.

three, keyword ranking page chain domain name and included

is less than or equal to 1 million (and more than 500 thousand) to optimize the difficulty.

King opened the Shanghai dragon circles the true face of pseudo experts (a)

two features: simple complex problems

first, do not deny that there are still some delicious expert network Shanghai dragon circles, such as Cardiff, ZAC etc.. In recent years, King found Shanghai dragon seems to overnight, out of a large number of those who claim to be experts, staggering. In the business community, do some packaging is no ground for blame, but excessive packaging, but some people. Open circles network pseudo experts face, pseudo experts have the following features:

features: three fuzzy rhetoric, explain some phenomenon

some of the so-called experts, self proclaimed too many titles, such as: a certain website founder, chief operating officer of the company, the core members of an organization, a website guest, a website columnist, Moumou expert. The title is more, inside more guilty. The real experts only one or two titles, such as Cardiff, Shanghai dragon why founder, is a title, although only a title, but enough to win the admiration and respect.

some of the so-called experts, he is perhaps half a bucket of water, but also learn from others to recruit disciples, the nets, publicity everywhere. Although the only trick some rookie, but rookie number, one is a flicker, no flicker new what technical content, the ability of the novice or more than sufficient flicker.

some of the so-called experts, most love simple to complicate the problem, to show their profound. Such a method is conducive to Shanghai dragon, but to write a passage to go around, in fact, that is the words, do not know is a brain problem, or pretend to be profound, some old concepts, but also love the same old stuff, let people get bored.

of course how to judge whether the pseudo experts, without a clear judgment of the boundaries is not pseudo experts and well-known. Some famous experts called, is actually more in name than in reality. Finally, I hope everyone has their independent judgment. Www.qs01贵族宝贝 king original, A5 first, please.

first statement: the king does not have any sour heart, just want to clean up the Internet environment, to know the network community spam now everywhere, plus some of the frivolous exaggeration, make the network more The atmosphere was foul. In the network world, king never claim to be an expert, a real expert has never been self styled, we recognize you, to you.

some of the so-called experts, love can not explain some phenomena with fuzzy speech interpretation, to show their experience. For example: search engine ranking interior modulation, fluctuations are normal, the website also needs to be improved, perhaps by artificial keywords. In fact, this explanation would not say no, because some phenomenon is really hard to explain, but always repeat these words, some people feel exhausted.

features: package, self styled title of a lot of

four features: imitate others, others also recruit apprentice

pretend to be profound.

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