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Noble baby search results of pre loaded interpretation judgment based on historical data

has been able to achieve this effect, because the baby was already on the search results page aristocrats of pre loaded. According to the current principle, once enabled instant search results page, the first page will be pre loaded in the background, and only pre loaded on the first result. And trigger instant page function requires certain conditions.

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is Sina Technology and Richard Rabbat dialogue record:

"pre loading the appropriate search results is a challenging problem," Richard Rabbat said that if the user will click on the false results, will cause the waste of resources such as bandwidth of computer. Therefore, only the nobility that baby full grasp, will enable the pre loading function.

Sina: the release of the new Instant Pages technology, will be applied in the search results will have a special message for

Richard Rabbat said that although the application of instant page function only in the noble baby Chrome browser development version at present, but will appear in the beta version. According to the plan, this function will soon be integrated into the stable version of Chrome browser. Then, ordinary users can use this service.

July 5th afternoon, noble baby’s instant page (Instant Pages) technology, to the user’s search results of pre loading, reduce the total search time 2-5 seconds. In this regard, the noble baby product manager Richard Rabbat in Sina Technology and communication, this technology is mainly based on previously accumulated historical data.


instant page technique, is a noble baby called "Make the Web Faster" ("let the team plan faster). This team mainly focused on improving the noble baby product performance, especially in the search, but also relates to the development Picasa, Docs applications such as the noble baby. (Shu Shi


held nobility baby prior to the Insider Search conference, announced the launch of new features such as instant pages. Allegedly, in the open instant pages function, users click on Google search results, can be "almost without delay loading site pictures and text, is not affected by the new page loading time.


according to the historical data, judgment standard of nobility baby mainly based on the accumulated.

Richard Rabbat: at present, using the development version of it only functions in the noble baby Chrome in the browser, the future will be released in the beta version, in the stable version shortly after publication, users can also use the.

In the case of Shanghai Longfeng site layout optimization

today’s case is Zhaoqing tourism website, the following I will do my best to teach you how to optimize the station of Shanghai dragon system. You will find the original system guidance, optimization is so simple.

high commercial value was defined, the next is how to layout a large number of long tail keywords, my approach is not even the long tail keywords index are included in the station optimization, did not miss a. To a large number of long tail key words, or to think from the Zhaoqing tourism tourism itself, people tend to associate to Qixingyan, Dinghu mountain, is the famous tourist attractions, so from the perspective of classification of customer experience should be classified tourist attractions in Zhaoqing, the top navigation is suitable to put some noun introduction class keyword, I chose Zhaoqing tourism price, Zhaoqing tourism, Zhaoqing tourism agency, Zhaoqing tourism, Zhaoqing tourism route. The rest of the key words how to deal with? Add a classification: Zhaoqing tourism hot search, all the words are arranged in an article do optimization, such as lack of theme, is to maximize the use of all keywords.

first of all, we have to do the site is about the Zhaoqing tourism, then we must be ready to do keywords in the station before, this is an extremely important step, because of the keyword setting determines our website will get what kind of customer, decide the site’s profit channel. The Zhaoqing tourism is one of the two class city keywords, because with love Shanghai index words is not much, mainly in Zhaoqing forum, Zhaoqing tourism, more Zhaoqing tourist attractions of the search words, if we analyze you will find the search of tourist attractions in Zhaoqing are thought of Zhaoqing tourism, Zhaoqing is not the most the local people, so to Zhaoqing local tourism companies in our website advertising, the basic game, because foreigners travel to Zhaoqing has been with the group. Since the field is off, so I went to the hotel location, there are a lot of foreign guest to the hotel, although Zhaoqing Turisthotellet day search number less than 50 people, but the flow of high commercial value, can be combined with local resources, finally I also chose Zhaoqing travel notes, these words are foreigners understand Zhaoqing tourism information search, the hotel security is indispensable, I finally put the title set to "Zhaoqing tourist attractions, Zhaoqing travel notes, Zhaoqing tourist accommodation, 7 days hotel.

optimization is not a myth, just consider how to put all reasonable keywords on the web site, the key words text aim to home.

In fact,

The main keywords Forum

source: Zhaoqing www.gditeam.org

How to avoid the site optimization site was K off

1. K site was first to consider their own reasons. Website optimization is a long-term arduous project. The contents of data every day we have to update the site, the site of the chain and keywords. But its effect is very slow, so do not can complete the optimization of a short duration of time. It is a long process, a long time, it will be possible to achieve our expected goal. Therefore, we do website optimization of Shanghai dragon Er, we must first adhere to every day to do, not three days fishing nets two days of drying or anxious, we are in a period of time, all kinds of optimization work hard to do a website, then regardless of him, this website will naturally become worse, until finally killed. And when we do website optimization should pay attention to the regularity, which is completed on time every day how much of the original content, the release of the chain. No more nor less. If the update rules are no rules to the site every day, suddenly more and less, there may be considered cheating, long time on site are not good, will eventually be eliminated. Therefore, to avoid the website optimization Website by K, we must have the law, and insist on doing.

do website optimization for so long, the daily habit of first thing in the morning to open the computer is viewing your site. Check the amount collected their own website, the website snapshot updates, and the site of the chain and PR etc.. Used to see those changes every time a regular information website. When is the website optimization is not so stable and happy. Often there will be not in luck, for a few days, the website information changes slowly or simply without any change of the signs. I believe that many anxious website optimization had this feeling, it is your own web site is to be K off, why is there such a sign. Here, to share with you the optimization of the web site, how should we optimize our website to avoid our site is k off.

2. K site is next to consider.

we all know when the site optimization, the best is to realize the website snapshot update, followed by the web site outside of the chain and achieve a steady increase in the daily record. But it’s just wonderful to imagine our way to do this, also need a long way to go. Our website will appear occasionally snapshot not, or is included slow, but this is normal, we do website optimization will encounter this situation. It is necessary to consider when we have the website optimization, the method is correct, or change the search engine included algorithm, but this usually does not last for a long time, over a period of time is generally not too long the site will slowly return to normal. But the most tragic number will be over a period of time on the web is still not what improvement, but continued to decline. Why web sites are blocked situation? Here to discuss our web site optimization, how to avoid this website banned tragedy occurred.

CIO how do you get the bossUpgrade ecosystem, Zhejiang days search continues to escort entrepreneurs

CIO work function is what? Enterprise information system planning, selection, maintenance…… In addition, CIO has more and more "extra" work to do, and the boss who has the highest power is one of them.

In addition to dealing with cold machines and rigid techniques,

CIO is also essential for human communication. In the company, there are three kinds of people who are hard to handle, but they can’t do it: first, the head of the business department; secondly, the IT Department staff; and finally, the most difficult to deal with – the boss.

How can

How do

? Actually very simple solution. The experience of CIO, a large company I interviewed earlier, may be used for reference. Their company is to let the boss can easily see what you want to see the data, recently purchased a set called "decision treasure" of small and medium enterprise edition software, use very simple, designed to display the data to see the boss, masked some boss are not interested in the complex technology, management, communication and other background information.

, as professor at the Institute of artificial intelligence at the school of computer science and technology at Zhejiang University, Jin Xiaogang, said at the forum site: "looking back on 2016 Internet start-ups, some people will feel very painful.". Because you see, when we go back to reason, our entrance goes back to the limit. Investors are less frenzied, and entrepreneurs are more miserable."

review this year’s entrepreneurial battlefield, forced by the cold winter, and had to choose "kneel alive" entrepreneurs are not in the minority. But for mobile business ecosystem to build the mission of the Zhejiang tinsou, for ideas, innovative technology, Internet entrepreneurs to provide support and assistance, which is consistent, so it can invite these heavyweight guests pointing out 2017 development direction for entrepreneurs in the forum.

it is reported that as early as in the "Internet plus" and "public entrepreneurship, innovation" craze has just emerged, Zhejiang tinsou will speed up the layout of "Internet plus double hatch, investment hatch" love grass media "," YOU "," hit off the treasure and a series of direct consumer pain points of Internet product. In addition, Zhejiang tinsou also adopted the "cream of the crop blind venture" APP platform will be combined with the operation of the recruitment plan, 000 business legion, set off again the climax of the mobile Internet business. At the same time, Zhejiang days search also always adhere to the sharing of entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial results, through entrepreneurship in Colleges and universities, lectures, etc., will be spread in the hearts of young entrepreneurs in the hearts of young students.


talked about Zhejiang tinsou how the future will as in the past for entrepreneurs to provide support, vice chairman He Shuguang said at the forum, will be opened in 2017 officially launched the mobile business ecosystem version 2 to open as the core. The more open mobile business ecosystem, capital supply chain, financial supply chain and the supply chain of goods will be fully open, eventually forming a covering large commodity supply chain docking, can be more technical service providers, financial institutions, investment institutions to provide services for the guests.

December 21, 2016, in order to "move business ·, cross-border ·, entrepreneurship ·, share" as the theme of the 2016 mobile Internet Innovation Forum held in Hangzhou. The forum is organized by the Zhejiang tinsou Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang tinsou combined with "Zhejiang" magazine co sponsored, many industry leaders gathered in the ideological collision status quo and future of industry but also for the Communist Party of China, aspiring entrepreneurs ariadne.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set down 500-1000 yuan,

Internet business, is also not possible Everything is going smoothly., accomplish the whole task at one stroke, get rapid success. Only more of the leading enterprises to play, for more entrepreneurs to display their talents and realize the dream of the stage, the entire mobile Internet industry can always maintain a healthy development.

Where is the tomorrow of the novel stand

network, rivers and lakes in the site of life and death changes, just like the sun rises every day, West down natural. The novel station could not escape this fate, with the number of stations set, there are as many new sites will be on the line. Write down your attention to the novel station in the last few days and share it with you.

saw several previous stops closed. Some stations are originally can not; some stations are the original flow can, but was Baidu K. The biggest problem with the station is that we don’t care about our user experience, and we can’t retain users without thinking about what our users want. Like a good domain name, easy to use procedures, these are the basic hardware; but good content, comfortable pages, convenient operation is the core, but also the most we want users. For example, some small stations, such as novels, 520 hot novels Network, these stations are not very small, but with good user experience, you can gradually accumulate quite loyal users.

saw some of the recent new on-line station, an on-line, covered with advertising. The money must first lay a foundation, you webmaster oneThe to put ads, but just the opposite. Today saw a 163 novel, the day before yesterday also saw a Jiangxi novel station (cannot remember the address, as if called the Jiangxi academy ~) page is still very good. In the early days, it’s better not to put in a flood of ads. Think, if you head into such a cluttered website, will you stay? Anyway, those of us who don’t read novels will not.

novel station + user = money

without us, where is the novel stand tomorrow,


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