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A website win in the four principles of the starting point

website development direction and the goal is the premise of success, so it must be a comprehensive assessment based on individual strengths and resources optimization webmaster in the early stage of development, analysis from different angles, such as the webmaster do stand experience, have the resources and analysis of earnings forecast and preliminary on the same site profit model competition situation and the degree of market saturation, website development difficulty of comprehensive analysis, to find their own advantages and shortcomings, weaknesses, advantages, find the most suitable for their own website development, to the operation of the site to reasonable planning and positioning, and development of reference the same situation, peer site, development plan, which is to ensure the follow-up development and strive for the successful premise.

The correct positioning of the

user is fundamental to the survival and development of the website and the success of the system, to use a variety of methods to attract and retain users, the website has stable old users, in order to ensure the stability of the flow, and constantly improve and on the basis of the overall number of users. To do this, you need to in the construction site at the beginning of setting up "development route of high quality and self requirements, use a website design is concise, clear and comprehensive, including website style, column setting, details function etc. as far as possible to highlight the details, so that users get a good experience on the other; on the one hand, by virtue of high quality content to the website highlighting the quality advantage, allowing users to the site in the early can obtain needed information or data, in order to enhance the user stickiness for the website, improve the rate of return, to gather more users to.

three, attached to the Shanghai dragon are guaranteed for optimization, from first to last

two, focusing on user experience design with high quality website and content aggregation user

website!The analysis of

, a multi angle, to determine the direction and goals of the correct and reasonable

is a rapid increase in the number of Internet users in our country, the demand to use the Internet to find information and browsing information more and more; on the other hand is the emergence of a successful web site more and more, in establishing the famous brand at the same time is to obtain very considerable benefits! This will become the choice of many people do stand to achieve the entrepreneurial dream, or as a way of increasing the power of income, so the number of new owners are increasing, there are more new sites put into operation every day, which led directly to the station to do the competition between becoming more intense, want to do stand far more difficult than the success of a few years ago the situation in the background! Next, how to win? Owners need to plan ahead, adhere to the four principles of establishment, to win at the starting point

search engine friendly website

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the current site in the development process can not avoid important problems, good for website optimization through good rankings and included get more traffic has a direct impact, especially in the face of similar site competition, good optimization can make your site more competitive and more chances of winning. Let the site win at the starting point, will be "at the beginning of the site


The site was down the right love Shanghai normal included rankings do not how to deal with the recov

website is love Shanghai drop right, included normal, how to deal with the recovery ranking without


1. if you are K out of the station, recommended to wait a week to see. The K station killed many websites, so there will be a lot of sites will be natural recovery. The webmaster hand will have a station to be K out, only 2 pages, customer service call to ask, I am careful with the customer to explain, let him wait for 2 days, and 2 days before the home page included and recovered after the weights are back, before the keywords ranking in the home.


"6.28" love Shanghai event, so many owners become more sad, Shanghai dragon road more and more difficult! Once again standing down the right and K websites.

2. if your site keywords ranking disappear, love Shanghai weight decreased. Most of the reason this time is likely due to the web server recently often temporary open, or is linked to the horse. As long as you adjust the server, after the program check whether there is the horse. Do these to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform and Google Webmaster Platform submitted a complaint review. This is the objective solution, ranking will recover. Of course, if your site before excessive optimization, such as keyword stuffing or buy a lot of garbage outside the chain, will lead to drop right, so take advantage of this time to get these things removed. Another is the long-term use of collection content or pseudo original content, the title and the article does not accord with the way, search engines now have the function of sentence judgment, if your statement is obviously not smooth, which will be considered as trash. When you start using the acquisition may feel included and rankings are also ranked high. But now I Shanghai WEB2.0 new rules for anti spam news. So this situation would be more serious, because many Internet now do Shanghai dragon website using acquisition, resulting in a large number of duplicate spam, a long time, the spider must know that your information is collected.

Shanghai natural ranking, must see the webmaster of each of the announcement.

That if we >

event 6.28, above announcement has said very clearly. Release date: 5.23, from 6.28 the date is 1 months.

the incident, many of the station was K. In the words of my own: K is a state of mind, not by the K is a kind of reflection.

25-27 June, many websites experience love Shanghai snapshot to June 15th or June 18th.

June 22nd morning, many webmaster have experienced K station and weight decreased, or the page snapshot disappear.

look at love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/thread-41-1-1.html

Fuzhou beauty training station optimization real photo sharing application


page to display the search, turned into a popular label, made directional anchor text.

version of phpMyFAQ 2.6.1

B, adjust the page similarityClassification page

A, the sidebar adjustment

I used the

my website: 贵族宝贝rumenwang贵族宝贝/

is higher.

content page is similar, the right sidebar, modified to display the same link current question answering. This page, content page, page classification, similarity greatly widen the gap.

search problem is each search result is the title (Putian Lanyun as like as two peas Network Company site can verify), this will also affect the included, so I put each of the search results title made changes, different results show a different title, the anchor text keywords into title. Are interested can pass.


lovely Shanghai search: Fuzhou beauty training, the second page view effect.

website program, as well as Putian Lanyun network company phpmyfaq program is phpmyfaq, but I know that this program is 09 years through other ways, but modifying and optimizing the static page was to learn Putian Lanyun network company.

joined the Fuzhou beauty training, has been in the study, the side of his site 贵族宝贝rumenwang贵族宝贝/ optimization, lasted about 15 days before, is ranked more than 40, now ranked 16, followed from the distance, but I am very confident this goal arrives soon.

2, Fuzhou beauty training station optimization method

lovely Shanghai search: Fuzhou makeup school, the first page view effect.

I removed the

C, the search function adjustment

I use the

core Keywords: Fuzhou, Fuzhou beauty makeup school training

adds a shared love of Shanghai.

remove the useless, plus a station, forum posts, control the number of each column, the first to avoid too many links, some people remember that should be controlled in 50, a similar number of I.

In 1, But

this program design is not very good, the original directly put all the quiz links, the sidebar contents are the same, so the page similarity is very high, included the influence effect, I have classified pages to add a summary of the contents, and the right sidebar, filled with pictures, it reduces the page the similarity.

page similarity I said the problem, but the authority of the teacher site can ignore this problem, love Shanghai is kneeling home included.

In fact, there are still

A little personal experience during the 15 days of Shanghai dragon optimization Changsha

nonsense, I still say that the station, according to the analysis of the recent optimization, love Shanghai is indeed pay more attention to the optimization of station, reflected in the content and quality of the above correlation, because now I only yesterday released a chain from the station, or the 28 push inside information I left the website home page link, found that the chain has its own home page and 28 push that link the second day, let me find love Shanghai update from the 2012-2013 algorithm is not only continuously, to help the users, and for those who seriously do the Webmaster Station are also given a high degree of attention, as long as your content is helpful to the user, and the content related to the theme of the high degree of love Shanghai will give you the proper place, no matter how much you are a new station, because any current my hair An article is after the reasonable classification, if with certain topics or some other articles are related, I do some appropriate inside the anchor text link to other articles, but also make corresponding labels, take Shanghai Longfeng optimize directory the following article, I will not look up at the end of each article deliberately in the key to the optimization of the home page, usually 2-3 article a few appropriate addition to the optimization of keywords to the home page, but try to put these articles together, so that it not only improves the correlation degree of the station, but also the important keywords to improve nature.

is a novel, love Shanghai will not sit idly by. For example, I optimized "Changsha >

the station lasted 15 days, yesterday finally included, discovered the main optimization "Changsha Shanghai dragon" keywords have been love Shanghai to promote the top 100, the first:

application, a lot of people are aware of this truth is not truly implemented, presumably a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice like me every day will have nutrition of Shanghai Dragon Mining Optimization article to learn from the Shanghai dragon related forum, but I suggest you absorb nutrition since it should be properly released, eventually become your own, so don’t just stay in Shanghai Longfeng optimal absorbing process, since these experiences help team website ranking, more should optimize experiment in our website, so we can really do a good digestion, can become your own things. You go to practice, the search engine will know what kind of reaction to you, in order to analyze how to do this in your later optimization, how to adjust, in order to facilitate the search engine more grab your content.

may think it is not difficult for them what, because I really started Shanghai dragon optimization time less than 2 months, every day in continuous learning and optimization experience through some of Shanghai Longfeng articles to practice, from the site to now 2 weeks, for me, was a little bit and we used to study experience, if the wrong place also please a lot of advice:


Shanghai dragon master

Portals have Transformation mobile terminal and PGC can be cured

Abstract: once in the PC era, laughing old portals, has been unable to resist the impact of social media and mobile App, which have

arm to survive?


in September this year, Phoenix issued a sound of layoffs, so that the portal has become a media topic of concern. Back in time, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang said at the beginning of this year that the company will optimize its personnel structure in 2015. Just over 1 months, the Sohu has laid down more than 2000 employees. And as early as 2013, Sina has set off as much as 10% of downsizing, and the internal channel integration into news channels, commercial channels, integrated channels, such as the three major media channels.

in general, downsizing is the result of lower profits and control of labor costs. And once in the PC era, laughing old portals, has been unable to resist the impact of social media and mobile App, which have

arm to survive?

veteran portals are struggling transformation

in the second quarter of 2015, ifeng.com total revenues of 422 million 900 thousand yuan RMB, an increase of less than 3%, of which mobile advertising accounts grew 124.2%; among them, the net profit attributable to the phoenix new media part of the listed company is only 22 million 500 thousand yuan, down 73.4%.

for the second quarter of this year’s Sina, revenue grew by 14%, reaching $213 million 600 thousand. In particular, sina net revenue growth was due to the two quarter online advertising revenue increased, and online advertising revenue rose thanks to micro-blog’s advertising and marketing revenue growth; correspondingly, reduce the Sina portal advertising revenue of about $8 million.

as for Sohu’s two quarter earnings, the net loss was $28 million as the video site investment costs were too high and the game business was depressed.

in the face of the mobile Internet era of reading personalized and accurate trend, the traditional portal site earnings performance naturally not too prosperous. It is precisely because of this, portals have embarked on a difficult transition in the face of the trip.

as early as the beginning of this year, Phoenix has added personalized news client product "a little information" investment, and became the company’s largest shareholder. Taking into account the "one point information" is a user interest based information reading APP, holding "a little information" naturally become an important sign of the transformation of mobile terminals in phoenix. As early as in June 3, 2014, information App today headlines has completed the C round of $100 million financing, led by Sina, micro-blog. This year, Sohu news client launched the running channel, Zhang Zhaoyang frequently appeared in a variety of running occasions for their products to speak, Sohu’s Sogou search APP also launched the "WeChat headlines" function.


No reliable products and operations in the can’t do anything

is a kind of hate is called: that’s predecessor, experienced: early and full of joy to meet the expectations of the future, and then along the plain gradually kill until the numbness, complex feelings eventually due to disappointment to hate.

, and this situation does not belong to: former, for the shell network produced o2o experience consulting platform "on the line", Ni Shu also has a similar complex emotions.

March 2015, Ji thirteen personally site promotion of new products "in", backed by the cognitive surplus theory, to share economic consulting experience o2o trend, Ni Shuyi once the model is quite good.


June 25, 2015, at Hangzhou station opened, Ni t own food in the circle of friends during 2015 contributed a whoop and a holler, nearly 1000 PV and 3 pen for online transactions.


February 17, 2016, in the "good" line for nearly a year on the occasion, written this chat platform "for Ni t in mourning their misfortune nuqibuzheng"


founded the product logic that does not hold the business model

China Internet circle have been some unwritten quirks, such as: once the discussion to slow the company’s business model, to take the initiative to ignore the profitability of the topic, seems to be a profit to slow company is an obvious bully.

and shell is also praised for the exemplary enterprises, the public and the media always talk about customer value and mode in the future, but not on the scale of business revenue and cash flow situation, because although the shell open line of products is various, but to sum up in a word "good name" can be said to be the logic and marking, and "good" is obviously a bolted Duolu shell on this line.

detailed view "in" business model, it is not difficult to understand the wisdom and cunning of its designers, users in the value part of "know" the paid version of "sharing social economy university" mode of metaphor are painted clear, delicate wonderful place…… But when it comes to how to profit, then suddenly switched to a "virgin naive model, selected in each transaction as part of the cost of profit that has been completed from a complete closed loop to the commercial value of the user value.

however, this is clearly not worth refuting: with the transaction commission model, a comparison of Tmall is very clear:

user size – the latest data released on the No. 2.16: one year of operation million class registration only, the official micro signal headlines reading less than 1000, visual fans less than 10 thousand;

usage frequency – new, slow, and can not repeat the purchase, once a week to open a lot of it! O2o is a high-frequency low-frequency field, if you know / / watercress and other relatively high frequency applications to cut into the city