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The ability to really master Shanghai dragon must judge the trend of keywords

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I can tell you what is the word, what is this word is Shanghai dragon, when a new thing just came out, people would like to know what is the meaning of. If you can judge the trend, you proactively take the Shanghai dragon is what layout to your site, you are in this one step ahead of the competition, what have you got to win the. You choose the right keywords trend, you win at the starting line, and this has no competitive word, it is so easy, and seized the largest user demand, really do not want to win is not ah.


keyword is the ability to judge the trend of this industry is a bit you need very deep understanding, and determine its future development direction is how, this situation generally reflected in the new industry. For example, when in the nascent Shanghai dragon China, people can think of such a fire in Shanghai dragon industry has several? From the demand trend of view, when the user first when the word struck the Shanghai dragon in the search engine, search the following drop-down box or any related this information, when you judge the future appeared in the first word of the drop-down box or appear in the relevant search will be what.

but the trend will change, we still need to look ahead to see this change, and then to Shanghai dragon industry for example. With the Shanghai dragon industry matures, even the big city of Shanghai dragon came out. But we need to determine is the greatest demand in Shanghai dragon user groups abroad, remember what the Shanghai dragon keywords from up to 08 years to gradually withdraw from the stage of history. At this time the largest demand will become Shanghai dragon tools, because when the Shanghai dragon has been developed for many years, we are aware of the Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon personnel increase faster than the first personnel speed, so the demand for the largest professional personnel is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon tools. Only white users would go to search what is Shanghai dragon, but this time is not the biggest group of white users and user groups, or the biggest demand. If you can put the pieces in the trend before the advent of the layout in us, and then receive the benefit.

keyword is the most important part in Shanghai Longfeng, especially some mainly to sales of e-commerce website, choose the right keywords directly determines the success or failure of this website. In the foreign mature market will have a professional keyword mining personnel, so the importance of keywords as long as it is experienced naturally needless to say, we may have seen a lot of mining or tutorials or keywords they studied. But today I want to propose a new keyword research method, that is the trend of keywords. This is actually quite difficult, because the trend is not to judge key technical point of view to be able to do, not you use several tools can do.



Guiyang Shanghai dragon how to let the user back again

visit: Guiyang Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu.ccom please indicate, thank you.

said the site updated articles, I believe everyone will definitely what difficulties, who will update the article, it also used to take out deliberately say? But in fact most of Guiyang Shanghai dragon people do not know how to correctly update the article. Update the article mentioned here is not to say that adding several key words in an article which has been formed, do false original can. But to understand the needs of users in the premise to you, as they provide can solve the problem of content. Now most of the sites are basically decided to sell their products. No matter how you rank in front, the needs of users is constantly changing. So you need to identify the needs of users, to win customers back.

Guizhou Mazzoni suit understand a lot of people think that a website can benefit, the most important is the rankings, so many are just starting to make Guiyang Shanghai dragon people will work hard every day in the rankings, tired to death. In fact, Guizhou once network company know Guiyang Shanghai dragon is to do rankings, but in addition to the rankings, we also need to take into account the user’s return.


now, as long as we open a website, so basically will pop up a variety of pop. You know a kind of experience in such a very bad. Many people are worried that the user does not relate to yourself, so motionless on the pop-up dialog box. But you know, no matter how you want the user to be able to see you, the user is very disgusted with this pop. So, you pop too much but also ride to the opposite effect, is not as good as in pop does not interfere with the normal browsing of users. The users themselves are not stupid, if necessary, they will contact you.

1, regular updates to customers different questions

Guiyang Shanghai dragon. Many webmaster website, hope that their website can do innovation, but for users, they will have a sense of visual fatigue. So the website construction is still the best law-abiding good.

Need not too fancy website design

2, forcing the user to consult the malicious bomb box

Guizhou Mazzoni Guiyang Shanghai dragon suit about doing these, there will be more back rate, bring better results for the site, bring greater effect for the promotion.

3, website design should not fancy complicated

Novice Taobao guest 2012 entry experienceLearning SEO can only rely on themselves!

sent off for 20111 years, just entered 2012, this year of the dragon, we often say that they are the descendants of the dragon, the dragon is also a symbol of good luck. After the new year, new start, I believe that with the online shopping market prosperity, we also see the Internet is becoming increasingly popular, perhaps, there are many like I want to enter the Taobao customer field of new friends in 2012, want to engage in Internet work will be more and more. In this Internet era, many people want to earn an income from Taobao, customers in the past two years, has been a hot topic in Chinaz! Today to share some experience for Taobao to enter the door! Novice reference! I’m not what master, just as a person, a grassroots webmaster to those who want to enter, with Taobao in guest field this year novice some suggestions, hope everyone in, ready to start planning a lot of Amoy! Of course, the most important, to have their own goals.


1. website requires innovation

is a Taobao, especially a newcomer, and I think it’s important. Last year, the phrase "whether you believe it or not, I believe it anyway", popular very for a long time, until now I often see some guest group inside the "true or false?" "no" "can’t believe" reply, one monthly income in 10 thousand or later the guest expressed doubts about the income.

3. content is always more important than form,

when I first started contacting Taobao users, it was the mindset. But now I believe taobao user’s ability to buy everyone can feel that, online shopping has become a part of your life, as a subsidiary of Taobao Taobao customer products, the income and purchasing power is also linked to the user’s taobao taobao! Hundreds of millions of transactions, as a guest, the promotion the products get a commission, there are ten thousand or more high income in a month, too normal.

How does

site is now too many kinds of forms, how to make their sites. It is certainly talent shows itself, cannot do without innovation, do not know if you have such a feeling, that form the content of many sites are similar, there is a direct copy of the past, this website I want to be impressed the impression to the people, so in the construction site, the design of internal site should be required to spend some time thinking about, and then the content of the website is, should also if can attract, the so-called innovation can develop

2. pay attention to user experience


talking about the user experience we are not unfamiliar, but also to emphasize the point in many articles, we look at the good website their user experience is very high, so here I think the most important site may not be profitable, but the content of the site itself, we only based on their own, to talk about some other things, sh419 is also in the unceasing change, it also shows that the user experience low site will eventually eliminated, but also will not get good rankings


1, Taobao entry novice, to learn to believe, believe in others, better believe in yourself.

novice to enter Taobao, please learn to believe, of course, you can first skeptical to try to learn basic knowledge of Taobao customers, and then combined with their own experience, to verify the idea! Of course, no matter what you do, there is no 100% success, but, if you don’t try too! No 1% success!

when I came into contact with Taobao customers, often encounter friends say Taobao customers can not be done, too much competition! Let us look at the surrounding environment, which is not in the fierce industry competition? Now each big forum will still be asked Taobao customers can do, in fact they may on Taobao customers do not know, or do not know how to start off Taobao. The reason I’m still adhere to the guest, is because I believe that as long as Taobao is still the case, Taobao customers will always exist, if you can make money off of Taobao, how you will only suspect not to try, I am afraid it is difficult for you to have a great harvest in Amoy inside.

The operation model of

make its website attract more customers? I think the following aspects should be taken into consideration.

I and one of his recent meeting in 51 when he saw great changes have taken place, how could I have been very curious about a people who do not know how SEO do website optimization about this business, he always said SEO is relying on its own exploration and learning, do not expect others to teach you. As for why in this industry, I think we all know, because with the development of network, people’s business has undergone great changes, changes in the way may be prompted because of the emergence of the Alibaba, resulting in China’s trade to the development of the network, Taobao is a good example, we are the more that the Internet is changing our life.

in this extremely common Internet era, users have not seen what the website form? No matter how gorgeous appearance, but also to attract users to the website to see the signposts only, and not to become a real site. The beacon is important, but it’s not the core of the site. The core of a web site is always the content of the website. A >


now graduated students are thinking, do not love working for others, love their own boss, one of my college classmates graduated not long now is your own business, I’ve always admired his courage, because when we are ready to do a few people together, but I for the Internet is not very understanding, so on the back. Now, looking at his company growing slowly, I think it’s a good start, at least he’s going in the right direction.

How do you get the first batch of angel usersMy ten point forum management experience

Then we improve the

at the beginning of May 2011, we decided to take a long time " idea " landing, to do a drawing tool based on browser. A window can be standardized map, and no longer need to download, install, and through the Internet to achieve cloud storage, whenever and wherever possible, as long as you can open sh419, you can make plans online.

we formally deployed on the afternoon of February 6th, we called it Beta version, and later we gradually increased the group and share function.

‘s name

we were the first to solve the problem is to give it a name, at first we just want to realize process map, then LinkedIn is abroad is fire, which is a professional social workplace, consisting of Linked and In, we will learn from the way it is our composition, flow chart of online online process tools, and later formed the ProcessOn, we hope that one day like LinkedIn ProcessOn can become a global service users love products.

research and development process

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

2012 June, we start to plan the new designer, start all over again…. after a year of testing and improvement, in 2013 at the end of June, we successfully launched new designer. In December of the same year, we launched the iOS and UI diagrams for front-end designers, and we are now ready to do mobile terminals and mind maps. >

, this article is my website in the actual management of some experience, is shared with you. Hope to communicate with you and make progress together, and make your own forum better.

A, accurate positioning and development direction

The early development of

we contacted some of the school students, school leaders, get some support and promotion opportunities, the original management in the network to each school for some publicity. It was tough, too. Several times the guards got out. But as managers, they must undergo these hardships.

free forum software forum for the location, this is the forum all must be taken into account before the opening problem. It is also a key issue accompanying the development of the forum. Only when we can correctly grasp our position can we make progress!

and need to have a complete set of its position to adapt to the development of the general direction of such a plan, can guide the forum at any time not to deviate from the direction of the right way.

two, personnel selection and appointment

The level of

quote "A World Without Thieves" in a word: "what’s missing in twenty-first Century? Talent!" The appointment of qualified personnel is very important. The people who use it in the best places will receive good results! And it will bring good popularity.

three, layout design and overall planning

> Forum

with ProcessOn and N+1 continue to improve, and user communication, we feel the Flash version of the designer has been unable to meet the needs of users, you must install the Adobe plugin does not say before use, because of its great size, every time before loading time is long, there are problems such as. At that time, HTML5 was just popular in China. After many discussions inside, we decided to give up the Flash designer who had been working for a year, and re developed a new version of the designer based on HTML5.

side of the designer, while doing the surrounding functional development, which was made of file management functions, to 2012 February, the entire station has a basic prototype, users can do a very good plan and manage their own files.

The origin of

recalls three years ago, we are still conceiving this product, and now nearly one hundred thousand users in use, the number of users created by the figure has been close to one million..

the end of May 2011 we began to develop ProcessOn, is actually an online designer, then spent 4 months on the network test on the line, the first line is a large volume of Flash, through the Flash can do some basic map.

My road to entrepreneurship, my own experiences, my feelings

one day in April 2006, a premeditated (a misnomer, but very real) ideas touched my heart, decided to leave the original company, began his entrepreneurial career path.

in April 2005 into a jewelry company to work, to learn and accumulate some experience, since the beginning of the plan after a year to go out of business, so now the company after he began studying hard jewelry related knowledge, no matter how busy it is, how tired, or even a month down rest day, but in the heart, I never fall down, to come, but also achieve good results in the company, including material capital reward, but still the greatest spiritual encouragement, the boss is very important to me, not 3 months let me when the sales the Department Manager, and director of the procurement department, the company’s customer information and basic goods are in my hands, but then again, since it alone did not use the original guest Family, because the boss is really good to me, I can’t do business with the rules of the game. Later and the original boss is still a good friend, this is what I am most gratified, did not become enemies.

then tell me about my real life out of business. Last April, with my savings of 80 thousand and friends borrowed 50 thousand yuan began my life turning point, – – entrepreneurship, a can only go forward, can not turn back the road. Set up a small company (even Bai jewelry), because according to my investigation, there is no a real online wholesale jewelry company, perhaps, but they are mainly silver jewelry and crystal jewelry, I want to open up a broader market in addition, that contains pearl, coral, turquoise, crystal, glass, shells, silver jewelry and other kinds of semi precious stones, from the semi-finished products to various styles of products wholesale services, specialized in providing the resources for those small wholesalers, mainly for Taobao, eBay sellers, pat sellers sellers, stalls, all kinds of jewelry stores, supermarkets. Those are our major customer groups. The above briefly describes the company’s main business, in order to write the following business, "sweet and sour, bitter, spicy" bedding.

started looking for a three bedroom dual-use commercial and residential houses as the birthplace of entrepreneurship, to find a few friends together to help dry (this note, not cooperation, to give them wages, so to avoid the day after a lot of trouble, I think this is wise remark of an experienced person, at least), one month’s rent 3500 yuan, three employees, salary 1500 yuan per person, they eat, thanks to that several of my friends to help me started work very seriously, they usually work until 12, basically no Saturday day here, but I will not restrict their freedom of life. I have something to do can leave at any time, can be on vacation, not wages, but they rarely leave, really want to thank them to pay so much for me, I will repay them The. At least they are the backbone of the company now, and I trust them most

To help the supermarket delivery 2 years, how to become a valuation of 2 billion O2O star company

[guidance] previously said, "errands" type of Internet business model is not reliable, but only 2 years of community 001, now became a monthly revenue of billions of dollars, the valuation of up to 2 billion of the O2O company. Founder Shao Yuanyuan: National Development of 600 thousand users, an average of 20 thousand orders per day, customers around 300 yuan, the Beijing market is also accounted for in the entire community 001 of revenue, and has begun to profit."


about 001 communities, in addition to most of Beijing city community residents, many consumers are still very strange, but the angel investors Xue Manzi invested 5 million yuan to set up two companies, now has billions of dollars monthly revenue, and from Beijing to the country’s more than 10 city.

in the current model has been mining out under the environment of the community, 001 "no, no, no warehousing logistics supply chain", it sounds even a bit like handbag company, what last year in the eyes of Xue Manzi was 5 hundred million, this year was 2 billion

investment valuation of the company?

hypermarket Porter

reporter after 001 community founder Shao Yuanyuan model for their introduction, the first reaction was: "we just like Nongfushangquan nature of Porter" advertisements, 001 community a bit like "we are just big store goods porter".

in June 2012 the first 001 from the district to the community and Beijing Chaoyang lotus jointly established, to provide distribution services to community residents within 5 kilometers, these goods are hypermarkets cooperation from within the district to take the goods, and promise to consumers one hour service.

2013, the community 001 has developed 18 business circles in Beijing, and to Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to develop, in those years won a sum of billions of yuan A round of financing. Today, community 001 has developed 28 business circles in more than 4300 communities in Beijing, and has entered 12 cities in China, including Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou and so on.

Shao Yuanyuan talked about the original intention of doing community 001, is based on the idea of landing the Internet, in his view, the key to the Internet is to find people, rather than finding traffic. If the electronic community, the use of the previous developer resources Soufangwang accumulation (Shao Yuanyuan is the former president of SouFun operation, one of the founders), Shao Yuanyuan himself established a electronic system between the property owners and property can be interactive, can use ICT to the owners to send various short notice, the internal interactive electronic system. This also laid the foundation for the community 001.

Shao Yuanyuan told reporters that the community 001 do not supply chain, do not build supermarkets, electricity providers do not do the platform, the time and genes determine community 001, if you want to do second shop No. 1, it is impossible to succeed. Hypermarkets have advantages in the quality of goods, and their disadvantage is sales and promotion, which is the 001 advantage of the community." >

Discussion on the value and main problems of website exchange link

first of all, thank you for watching this article, if you have different opinions, please forgive me, after all, I’m a rookie, well, cut into the topic. Believe that the webmaster exchange links attach great importance to this problem, then a link exchange can achieve effect, have great differences in many scholars or marketing staff views, some people think that the traffic can be obtained from the link is very small, some people think that the meaning of the link, not only can obtain the potential value of the brand, but also can get a lot of direct access. At the same time, there are still some areas to note for the issue of switching links. I personally feel that the meaning of the exchange links not only how much in the direct effect, but in the cognitive and recognition, in general, each link to sites closer in size, have certain relevance or complementary content.


link on the website on the issue, we often see some very different results, some sites do not distinguish lists many apparently unrelated websites, from the chemical building materials to the personal portrait, of every hue and personal homepage, there are many sites, there is no related links. These two situations are somewhat extreme, and even in normal circumstances, there are still some areas that need attention.

1. no valuable link

how many links is enough to do, this is often some network marketing personnel are more concerned about the problem, but this standard I’m afraid it is difficult to determine, mainly with the site in the field of the situation. A special professional website, possibly related or complementary, has a very small number of sites, and there is less chance of exchanging links. Conversely, popular web sites can choose a much wider range of linked objects.

we hope that the number of linked sites as much as possible, but not what kind of links are meaningful, irrelevant links on your own website does not have what positive effect, instead, a large number of irrelevant or low level links, will reduce the high quality of your website trust, at the same time, visitors will be on your site will be regarded as low quality or not professional, serious impact on the reputation of the website.

so, don’t try to try the automatic link software to complete, not a lot of low quality website links, each link object is a partner, make analysis should be personally to the partner, to see whether there is a need to do cross links, only through careful analysis after a successful cooperation invitation. The opportunity is relatively large.

often receive some content in no relationship or not much content website link exchange, some sites even prior to the same link to a link, and these sites link not only has no meaning, sometimes even will damage his image.

2. invalid link

doesn’t like their website to have a lot of invalid links, but in fact, many sites are there in varying degrees