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10 optimization techniques streamlined web page

now has a lot of people begin to pay attention to this problem, and there are a lot of optimization tools, but these techniques are very easy to use, does not need to spend too much time, also do not need to re develop.

in Linux we often use the suffix for the.Gz file, which is the GZIP format, Internet today has become very common to use a data compression format, or a file format.

, for developers, the greater the amount of code, it is not easy to update and maintenance.

1, GZIP compression format

1, website code more users to download more of the loading speed will be slower. In China, the broadband and not everyone can enjoy the 20M, each developer heart is clear, the user does not want to wait.

for text content can be compressed to 40% of original size, this transmission soon, the effect is that you click on the URL will soon after the show, of course, it will also increase the load of the server, the server is installed in the general power >

, search engines crawl speed will be great impact to the website ranking.

GZIP encoding

generally refers to a function of the WWW server installation, when someone to visit this website in the server, the server will function in web content compression after transmission to the visiting computer displayed in the browser.


, as everyone knows, the rapid development of mobile Internet, to 2G network, load the 1.7M page even need a minute.


according to the survey, "the size of the average growth of 32% in 2013, an average of 1.7M, a separate HTTP request to reach 96, to tell the truth, this is a shocking number, but this is just a mean value, half of the site will be greater than this value.

in this paper, Ma Haixiang will give you some advice, although the first three recommendations to "lose weight" is not actually, but they still can effectively speed up page loading speed.

The influence of

HTTP protocol is a kind of used to improve the performance of WEB application technology, the flow of the WEB site GZIP is often used to make the user feel faster compression speed.




gzip is the abbreviation of GNUzip, it is a free software GNU file compression program. It is Jean-loupGailly and MarkAdler with the development of the first public release was issued in October 31, 1992 February released version 0.11993 version 1.

so, what is the effect of a "page overweight" website? Specifically, the following 4 points:

Analysis of some characteristics of domestic Shanghai Dragon Industry

2 only from the domestic Shanghai Longfeng level is low. Here refers to the low level of the overall level, that is to say, me too much, master rare. This is mainly because the domestic Internet slow development, school education can not keep up, social education is also a flicker of money, coupled with the large number of the network have a big flicker master to earn tuition, so the overall level of domestic Shanghai dragon again pulled.

please indicate the source!

3 commercial application maturity. Tend to industry, products of Shanghai Longfeng, businessmen and managers have become more and more clear

3 Shanghai dragon talent concentrated in large company, or industry intensive enterprises, the company generally is difficult to go to the master.

1 got a hard to find, Shanghai dragon master industry less and less.

Shanghai dragon industry human level:

The characteristics of

2 website business, small business website and Shanghai dragon, and medium-sized sites generally larger proportion of Shanghai dragon. Because of the large web sites do not dare, it is not necessary to do Shanghai Longfeng, and small sites can easily do a few words, and then make money, but if you imagine large and medium-sized website sites that rely on the website ranking, more difficult, if you rely on the business plan to do the classification, the content is too much, and some can not afford to do. This is my personal opinion.

from: 贵族宝贝haoweidao.org/

1 home Shanghai Dragon technology is very low. It is clear that this is lower than the international standard, but in the master hand, concept, generally low, or can be understood as lower than the international advanced level, this is not only due to this technique is the first foreign company, is our people mentality too impetuous, from people’s education problems from cultural problems, just like most of the science and technology, Shanghai dragon industry, domestic level lower than international level.

Shanghai dragon industry application level:

so, originally intended to write a good article, but in neither fish nor fowl.

industry of Shanghai Longfeng technical level:

more than 3 black hat hat. Black links, mass, cheating, black hat Shanghai dragon should be more or stronger than the white hat Shanghai dragon, unless it is a very formal company, dare not let you. This is mainly due to love Shanghai’s technology is too weak, do not explain.

1 in love Shanghai rogue, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to Shanghai dragon, large portal also strengthened the proportion of Shanghai Longfeng department.

to write this thing, mainly because recently wanted to write an advertisement, will use the relevant information.

2 Shanghai dragon officers lack of business experience and management ability, and strengthen the ability of technology.

Do electricity supplier essential dry Taobao search full analysis

Author: Chen Yan

on Taobao search, spread a lot of "experience sharing", many of which are short-sighted black hat misleading, a lot of good sellers, so astray, difficult to extricate themselves. Next, we will uncover the veil of 2013 Taobao search for you, help you to search the steady development of the operation.


read index

1. What is Taobao search


two, the composition of the search results page

1. Taobao main search results page

2. Tmall search results page

three, Taobao search model interpretation

1. category model: the only classification and attribute of commodity release;

2. anti cheat model: anti cheating team based on the analysis of merchant cheating data, the implementation of different levels of penalties for businesses

3. text model: mainly refers to the reasonable inclusion in the product title and user search hot keywords.

4. time model: according to the goods up and down time, for the next shelf goods priority recommendation.

5. seller model: statistical evaluation of business activity and comprehensive quality.

6. service model: statistical analysis of the quality of service provided by a business to consumers.

7. popularity model: statistical evaluation of consumer recognition of products.

8. personalized model: statistical analysis of consumer shopping preferences, including, but not limited to: the optimal transaction price range, brand preferences, property preferences, etc..

9. business rules: merchant participation in the provision of featured services

four, business alert

five, sales included in the search instructions

what is Taobao search?


everyone is talking about Taobao search, but not everyone knows the difference between "Taobao search" and "full web search (Baidu, Google, etc.)".

Taobao search is not search the entire network like crawling across the Internet data, data analysis, data classification, Taobao search data depends on the "seller" sorting and precise release, in other words, "seller" product release is Taobao search process of the establishment of commodity index.

has the commodity according to the category, according to the attribute release, has the commodity index foundation, the algorithm engine can according to the commodity key word, provides the accurate search result for the buyer.

The composition of the

search results page

1. Taobao main search results page

How to do a good job in commodity marketing empathy

many shopkeepers feel bad sales of goods, after all, now the competition has been very intense industry. However, if the owner can stand in the customer’s point of view, empathy may be able to make a better business. So, if you want a hot business, might as well to think about operating. However, it is true that there are a lot of owners want to do empathy work, but do not know how to carry out. So, how to do a good job in the work of transposition thinking?

a, the customer as a friend. When faced with a friend, you may want him to get the best interest in buying, not just goods sold, naturally combined with his actual needs to introduce goods, and pick out to his friends will accept such factors more easily.

two, seize the focus of publicity. To seize the key promotional items, that is as far as possible the use of a small amount of time, according to customer demand to quickly introduce goods selling to them, rather than praise their goods chatter without stop, it will make the customer feel bored.

three, occupy the active position. In the sales process, take the initiative, the performance of self-confidence is the basis for our successful promotion. Do not be trapped by the customer’s thinking, to be good at guiding and grasping the customer, through professional knowledge to attract customer attention.

four, seeking truth from facts. In the face of customer questions on goods and services, and not to confess, in order to be able to achieve promotion purposes, to exaggerate commodity utility, or not to face their own mistakes in the work, to avoid problems will result in the loss of credit.

five, resolve customer queries in a timely manner. The face of every customer questions should be resolved immediately, if not resolved to timely advice to others, do not let the user feel you don’t care for him and his problems, so if you would lose the customer, lose the trust, ever more efforts are wasted.

in fact, the sale of any goods are in fact the same way, in the current commercial market if you want to sell goods better, might as well. In short, every time the promotion is not only the introduction of goods, but also the process of empathy, standing on the customer’s point of view to study the problem, the owners will gain more.

From selling cards to running websites, he does nothing but zero cost business

white shirts, casual pants, sneakers, Shoulder Messenger backpack, "80" CEO Zhao Zilong, the first impression is still a student. However, chat with him, his sparkling eyes flashing out of confidence and maturity, the number of years older than he really let reporters convinced.

"Grandpa is a traditional intellectual, and his father is a small business."." Zhao Zilong saw the reporter come straight to the point: "I have a dual personality and scholar businessmen".

The next

is not difficult to understand why the science of civil engineering fellow, turned into the Department of philosophy graduate? Even more amazing is that small business minded him from selling greeting cards, radio, computer, mobile phone, even now do e-commerce site, every time is zero the cost of business, recently also attracted millions of venture capital.

the master what is the secret of wealth


online shopping seed seed

Zhao Zilong also in his hometown in Gansu junior high school, every summer vacation, he followed his father’s tractor fleet to do business. He liked reading newspapers at that time. In the newspaper, he read about the multimedia computer and Alibaba Jack ma.

"first day, I want my father to buy a computer for me. I want to know what the Alibaba website looks like.". Where do I know my father doesn’t know anything about computers? Buy me a learning machine. Later, my father realized that computers were several times more expensive than learning machines." By the third day, father finally decided to buy a computer for Zhao Zilong.

in the summer of that year, Zhao Zilong learned through computer shopping, bold and love in the early adopters of him, almost no one knows what’s the computer is in rural Gansu, through the website of the first B2C Chinese orders, online shopping a CD-ROM.

"at that time there is no such convenient logistics, the next also to the post office remittance, ten days later, the other party just confirmed receipt, delivery.". When they got the goods, they found that the package was marked with gifts, but the gift was missing." Although the first online shopping, leaving Zhao some unhappy. But the online shopping, but for Zhao Zilong’s entrepreneurial seed.

7 years later, the seed took root and Zhao Zilong started the B2C e-commerce site.

just do zero cost business,

after college, business sense sensitive Zhao Zilong, think of what to make money on what to sell. But he never pays a penny to his family.

"I sold cards in the first semester of college."." At the end of 2003, Zhao Zilong on the school website to see a message, the school issued cards welcome students agent. Zhao Zilong eyes a bright, hurriedly ran to school, opening to 2000 sets.

teacher dumbfounded: "the school issued a total of not so much, give you 50 sets at the most."."

"in my plea, the most!"

By keyword, 6.11 Baidu update (1)

today is a memorable day, my site after ten days of hard work and wait, finally in the June 11th update, update date is June 6th, but I have been very happy, at least it can be said to have a certain effect, below I will talk about the site management experience, I hope everyone can give some tips and help.

First we

site is a new sites, recruitment websites, in the recruitment industry, the website keyword selection is very important, what is the key? Said simple keyword is user input using a search engine, can maximize the information content of general users to find the word or phrase, is summarized and centralized information. But talent network keywords have certain limitations, it is regional relations, such as our website, Zhengzhou talent network 1+1, the keyword can only be Henan talent network, 1+1 talent network, Zhengzhou talent network and so on, in the search engine optimization about SEO industry keywords, and often refers to the main content of the website core. For a search engine, your web page is mostly about what you’re talking about, and that aspect boils down to a keyword (more often than not). In order to better your web page has a good ranking, but also need to understand these concepts: keyword density and keyword stack. In some search engines, you often write the word "enter keywords", which means you are prompted to enter the keywords you want to search for.

talk about so much, to illustrate the keyword, in search engine applications to grasp certain skills,

1, accurate expression, Baidu will strictly in accordance with the query you submitted to search, therefore, query word expression accuracy is the necessary prerequisite for good search results.

two selects query words based on Web page features. Many types of web pages have some similar features.

three, query topics related and concise, the current search engine can not deal with natural language well. Therefore, when submitting a search request, you’d better refine your ideas into simple queries that relate to the content of the information you want to find.

observed through these days, I also summed up the web site keywords do not fall in the Baidu rankings should grasp the skills:

one, make good use of space, stability overrides everything.

Check your

server in the near future if there were not normal visit phenomenon? The server cannot normally access is lead to a drop in one of the most common factors, therefore, you don’t have to make any changes to the website, to manage your server, to ensure the normal access, especially in the crucial time.

two, don’t optimize for optimization. Conversion key.

internal modification can cause potential errors, including excessive optimization of a keyword, such as modifying title, meta and other tags, >