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Several key of enterprise website optimization

I see is full of form, with the form of harm is not conducive to the spider crawling, and the table too much on the web site of the open speed. This points to the website optimization is harmful. So to put these tables into DIV+CSS is a headache problem.

second: table code abuse


third: image optimization problem

flash is common in the abuse of website navigation, this is the most deadly. Shanghai dragon Er all know the importance of site navigation, encountered this problem best to communicate with them, can replace the DIV+CSS navigation to replace. The truth is in effect not beautiful, at the bottom of the site plus a secondary navigation.


for sex extension in Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er, enterprise station is our face up to now, many enterprises have no network marketing consciousness, but there are a lot of Shanghai decided to have sex, love Shanghai bidding too "burn", as are in the minority. The enterprise up station optimization is relatively simple, not too much to consider, many that you should give a few words to love Shanghai page. But the time is tight. The author thinks that when the enterprise stand optimization generally need to solve the several key problems.

flash: first the problem of abuse

why do the first time love with table, instead of DIV+CSS. First of all, table code when editing more convenient, in the dreamwear can quickly form a good layout of the page. The second table compatibility to much simpler than DIV+CSS, understand the site the children all know to want to use several DIV+CSS compatible browser is very troublesome, so if you are the site of the people also use this form of high efficiency. I just found a corporate website. View the source code, as shown below:


enterprise station is generally flash flooding, the reason is that flash is very beautiful. Many enterprises want to better showcase their products to do when the site has not considered to have sex later ranked Shanghai. Coupled with the site of the people may not understand Shanghai Longfeng, just from the aesthetic point of view, the page program website. Many enterprises need love Shanghai ranked the station only to find the problem. The following figure:

enterprise station is to show a large number of products, so that the whole station product picture most, if not the most with the corporate news, basically the whole station are pictures, so many pictures need to think about how to optimize. The ALT attribute of the picture is essential, many enterprises are not in the source station. If possible to each.

Love Shanghai 3 touch the single variable method for the evaluation of Shanghai Sony Ericsson touch

, two distinct

, a unique title: correlation of

format: focus on

Test Description: then the old hook is mainly on the test key mark, still 32, 16 group. One group is a conventional format, another group has obvious highlight (bold, color difference).

The so-called

test results:


test results:

before you love just speculation Shanghai preference structured article. The old hook test also confirmed this point. On the one hand, structured to visitors reading; on the other hand, the paragraph is clear but also easy to love Shanghai word, so section length clear, clear the punctuation is better than the eyebrows beard grabbed the article.

1, the title should be unique. On the Internet, acquisition and pseudo original majority, many articles have similar title or similar title. Therefore, if the title of the article on the Internet now does not exist, so this article included and ranking will be better than the other.


test results:


test: the test in the next 3 days, the old hook in the same website published 30 articles, a total of 15 groups. Among them, each title and content is the same, but there is a clear hierarchy, the other one is only piecewise no punctuation.

2, the title should be correlated with Before

single variable method, namely in the two experiment, a different control factors, other factors are the same, the observation results from. For example, lose weight, the same food every day, 10 days before running for half an hour, half an hour to ride after 10 days, and then look at the effect of weight loss for two days, can know that he is more suitable for sports. Love for the Shanghai test scores too, as follows.

Shanghai for the website as everyone knows, love is the main consideration, and the chain. For the love of Shanghai, a high degree of preference for the original article, good quality. We now know the website itself weight high, a large quantity of reproduced website, authoritative, and included a good ranking. But some of the details of the problem, a lot of people are able to "feel" but do not know why so. For this, the old hook using a single variable method, a series of web articles test, groping for 3 big love Shanghai for the details of the score.

. Love has been on the Shanghai database industry thesaurus optimization method is roughly article segmentation, and then compare industry thesaurus, conjecturing the industry and classified. Because the weight assignment title is greater than the contents of the article, the title and content are some related industries, the ranking will be better.

test: the test in 3 days, the old hook at the same site released the 13 group, a total of 26 articles. Among them, the content is the same, each with a different title.

SEO road – only persistence is the kingly wayCharm League 0.7 yuan into IVR, a strong attack

            in the face of growing customer demand, only the WAP alliance has been unable to meet, Feng Jianrong decided to invest millions, with strong capital advantage as the premise, to build the most technologically leading domestic Web website alliance platform.

blindlyAccording to the observation of small

            with the most professional league team: both technical and operational, is from the beginning of 2003 in the alliance business, it can be said that they are the best understanding of the needs of owners, such as their advertising materials of a product up to 100 sets, to meet the different the webmaster needs. Such as VOD products, update the fastest songs and advertising pages, updated daily 30 pop songs, and 20 sets of advertising. To give you the best advertising, to maximize the benefits. In the way of cooperation with the webmaster, out of the traditional into the model, but also introduced the "security at the end", "monthly advertising position" and other modes.


            charismatic alliance founder Feng Jianrong was the original head of the 21CN alliance, which used to bring in more than 10 million of the company’s revenues every month. From last year, after 21CN left out of occupation ethics, no alliance with WEB as start a business, but the choice of more Pianmen WAP alliance, through more than a year of time, Feng Jianrong created mmclick Mmclick  WAP is the WAP alliance alliance has a brother, either from the owners of the resources or the number of advertisers finally, to the business income, only more than a year, has opened up a new market. In January, the company won the first round of millions of investments due to its outstanding performance.

with the development of the Internet industry, more and more people joined the " " in this industry to Wangzhuan;, but for the novice, blindly into this area, most of the time will be confusing, I do not know where to start, because many people always think of themselves never mind, no contacts, no technology, no money? In other words, it is in this industry have nothing at all! But it really? Although on the surface, these are essential factors in the survival and development of the network, so if all predecessors are related, technology, capital, network the? I think not, today with everyone together to discuss about how to start their new journey SEO, purely personal point of view, inadequacies also hope you correct me

no matter what, the mentality is very important, a lot of exposure to just add to the industry friends, found that many people are very confused and helpless, and joined the network in this industry, the times is a strange combination of circumstances this muddy water, but totally do not know their own goals and direction in which, while for a lack of direction and goal, a goal of no sailing ship, the winds are contrary to any direction, facing the opportunity, afraid of the wolf scared the tiger, and worried that he is not able to do this thing, and even fear of even the capital does not earn back, but there is no free lunch, what things to do that will only stay in the oral, then your goal will never be achieved, so, want to.

one. Don’t follow

            SP has a strong ability to integrate resources, because with a large number of SP customers, through the integration of operations, effectively improve the conversion rate of each advertisement, to ensure that the owners of the resources are fully utilized, for example, launched the first phase of the whole song business, are the most leading SP products, whether it is from the coverage rate, call rate, or call duration and other aspects is the industry’s leading. The first phase of the launch of IVR VOD products into 0.7 yuan / minute, is the highest in the industry. At the same time, the average dialing time up to 5 minutes of historical records, and fully guarantee the webmaster advertising resources to maximize revenue. This is why the first choice song beauty alliance product as a breakthrough.

            focus on the creation of funds strong momentum: to do the union, we all know that the requirements of cash flow is high, timely settlement, which is the most basic

two. Don’t be afraid of failure. Take the first step bravely.

years, join the webmaster this business, many people blindly follow the trend, which is holding " try " attitude came in, but blindly follow the trend, most people will not last long, because some money mentality too, the website also just completed the thought, second day money sitting at home, like this kind of person, from the start you lose, because this impetuous attitude will only lead to let you give up this road, because floating dry mentality is absolutely can not stand long time, so there is no use to follow suit no, but the network in this industry, we choose to enter in any industry, should not be blindly follow the trend, but should be combined with their own actual situation, only the truly from the heart of interest Love of things, we can long persistence, but not because of an industry to make money to do it. Remember in 04 years, he is accidentally exposed to the site, then slowly groping into the industry, the bitterness and suffering, no personal experience of people will not understand and feel the what kept me now? I think as I said, it is because of the interest " ".

Your value is not determined by the market, but by yourself

in the morning for new website topology, has received two calls, a provincial hospital, is a network, the two units of the personnel that is found from Baidu I heard the soft, well written, keyword optimization skills, I am asked to do the whole job site optimization. Although the two out of the salary is also good, especially the network also gives each additional popular keywords ranked home plus five thousand bonus, at first I is exciting, but eventually euphemism declined the invitation of two. Although my SEO is not mature, although the optimization needs a team combat, but I still have the confidence to do the optimization of this piece, I have been able to undertake an independent website optimization project. Now comes the company to develop the focus shifted to the critical moment of the site optimization, I cannot leave, I must be in the year after the company’s website leaf total collaborative optimization is set up, and continue to grow, to optimize the project done in one vigorous effort.

company in order to optimize the site to do this piece, excluding the design department and the Ministry of Commerce, the company is almost the only one I have, the basic salary, at this time to escape, I can not do. Furthermore, have three station I can not put down, one is the enterprise network, one is the Pakistan Balibar mall, one is currently under construction in the SEO website – "the SEO". The first two stations, almost from the zero included start, two months of optimization has been little effective, and this is what I set up with painstaking effort. The new station is dedicated to Fuzhou site optimization a station design, from the perspective of optimizing, I will be the site of topological picture and changed, changed and painting, after a week in the final today finalized: currently has a registered domain name, space record, web design, layout design and so on among the new station is expected to released in 10 days, I will carefully, this site will be SEO and 11 do stand experience to share, and provide the PR value and included the webmaster tools query service, so many webmaster and SEO newcomer can often come to do guest station on the site, published reflections, mutual exchanges and learning. In short, the channel SEO can bring a certain harvest to website builders and SEO newcomers.

until now, the website optimization fees and fees have not been determined, because the definition of SEO fees is very complex, I have developed two sets of fees programs have not yet formed a formal corporate document promotion. I would like to establish this quotation system before the holiday, because the customer is most concerned about the optimization of the offer. I still insist on the relatively easy to calculate and reasonable scheme: website optimization fee, +SEO ranking effect fee. Website optimization fee is based on the customer’s entire website structure, pages and content, etc., need to optimize the degree of ease to predict the price. Do ZhengZhan optimization the cost for a year is 1-3 million, which includes the website structure optimization, the optimization of the inside and outside optimization. This fee must be charged at a single time because it is the basis of the site for SEO. In addition, SEO ranking effect fees according to the actual ranking fees. If >

The age of backup How did I choose the website space and domain name

these days a little bit of time, I did fourth websites, the first three are not good, the best station is also around IP1000, poor 100IP. The site was originally want to earn a little money, but now there is no comrade Google to update the PR, third do website for half a year, no PR, no PR to sell the chain also do not sell a good price, one yuan a two yuan a, also do not sell, the site does not flow, do pop is not to earn money, it is only to be a station, I hope this new station do a good flow. It’s simple and easy to say. It’s not easy to say.

first, the choice of website space. Never choose a free space provider. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Choose big companies, IDC prices are too high, we can not stand this kind of person. There is also a little difficult to pick the domestic, and now to record, to take pictures home, where I am not good point of IDC, and that the record is also very annoying, and that only choose foreign space. Foreign optional, domestic development is relatively good, I lined up: 1, the United States 2, Hongkong, 3, South korea. My own analysis through a week, or the United States space is better, the price is not high, the speed of the general, but the large computer room is very stable, then I choose the United States space.

secondly, choose the domain name of the website, CN can not register, that can only choose NET|COM|ORG these. Okay now, remember, short COM domain name, it is less and less, I want to do the free movie download site, check for a week, the final set for this domain name:, 123pp movie network. Domain name is relatively short, good to remember, although it is NET, but I think it is good.

finally, which system is used to build the station?. Several previous CMS news systems using free OK3W are ASP, but are dynamic and cannot generate static. See the SEO article on the website, say dynamic is bad, want to use can generate static page, this is advantageous to SEO. Later on the Internet to find a DEDE test, the test complex, not suitable. Or use OK3W in Taobao to buy a static page can be registered version, 5 yuan money. Ha, the registered version is much better than the free version.

OK, space + domain name + system =215 yuan, 300M 5%CPU IIS300, I think it can be accepted. If Google can update PR, then the mistake will come back soon, even if it’s garbage station again. I hope this little experience written above is useful to all of us.

Test site compatibility performance

many owners in the development of a web site, are more focused on testing the function of the website, and the website style test is less and less, especially on the domestic site, we often visit some domestic site, will find in the IE display is normal, but the use of Firefox browsing when dislocation or some space can not be displayed, which is very good, the website is done to the customer, but the customer is from all over the world people, we can not be sure what they are using the system, they do not know to use browser preferences. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of different groups of people, we must test various browsers on the web page.

I think the website test requires three parts: operating system, browser, and display resolution.

first of all, the operating system, the current major operating system is nothing more than three categories: Window, Linux, Mac. Of course, there are many versions of each operating system, such as Window, XP, vista, and the latest Window7, and so on. Because the controls in each browser use the kernel of the operating system kernel, the same Button is accessed in Firefox, and the effects are different in Window, Linux, and Mac.

next to the browser, this is the main part of the test. Today’s browsers are really diverse, and many IT companies have developed a wide range of browsers, each with some new or special features. But this is not our test key, because these new browser types, but they are nothing more than IE or some version of the browser, we test page is a major test of the following categories: Firefox, IE, Safari browser, Chrome and Opera. Firefox is a browser must be tested, because Firefox is completely in accordance with the provisions of W3C, if the Firefox is normal, there are problems in other browsers are not 80%, and debugging code in the Firefox is the most convenient but. In addition, IE is also necessary to test the browser, we all know that IE is the default operating system Window system, IE based on the huge Windows user base, naturally also get a large user base. In fact, IE itself is not very worthy of recommendation (personal opinion), because many IE norms are W3C standard is not the same, and each version of the IE support for HTML will have some changes, which makes developers will encounter a lot of problems, but there is no way, so it is the default browser with Windows the system. Here to introduce you to help you test IE software: IETester. Safari, this is also the mainstream browser, because it is the default browser on the Mac system. Chro>