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How to use the robots.txt method and use detailed configuration files

file on the robots.txt function: User-agent the value of the name used to describe the search engine Robot, must have at least one User-agent record; if User-agent >

access to the wp-content directory

robots.txt file is very simple, usually starts with User-agent, containing one or more lines of Disallow or Allow records; in the robots.txt file you can use the "#" notes, the use of specific methods and PHP; in addition, the robots.txt file support *|$|? Wildcard etc.. A simple example of how to write robots.txt file #? User-agent: * # to all search engines Robot open Disallow: /wp-content/ # banned any content

how to configure the robots.txt file? Robots.txt configuration file is very simple, right click the desktop -> -> text document, named robots.txt, note that this document is ending in ".Txt". Write the rules in the robots.txt file, using FTP software to upload to the root directory of your web site can be. To check the robots.txt file configuration is correct, just enter the URL in the browser: 贵族宝贝 your domain name /robots.txt, to see whether the normal access to. Robots.txt files written in

robots.txt is a simple.Txt at the end of the text file, search engine Robot (also called search engine robots) first file to access the web program to crawl. What is the role of the robots.txt file? Robots.txt files, and each big search engine friendly dialogue, to guide the search engine you recommend the robot crawl the web to avoid some meaningless or useless ", such as website backstage, membership interactive function, it also saves the server cyber source to a certain extent. In addition, the significance of robots.txt files of Shanghai dragon is also very important, can be good to avoid repetition, similar pages, and some keywords weight loss; the robots.txt file is written, is one of the lessons of each Er will do the Shanghai dragon.


robots.txt documents filed this concept, many owners also may very strange: what is the robots.txt file robots.txt file? What effect is there? How to configure the robots.txt file? How to correctly use the robots.txt file? Below, these problems are analyzed, so that you understand the robots.txt file. What is the robots.txt file

? The

Analysis of love Shanghai snapshot and stop snapshot update

3, dragged down by Links also has been an important reason for snapshot site and stop updating, Links can play a role on the site in the key, but if your site in Links have been K phenomenon, so the Links on your site will be dragged down, a part of check Links and site remediation.

snapshot and stop updating this love Shanghai on your site has a different view, you might think that your site is very good, but the love of Shanghai do not think so, Shanghai love think your site a small problem, so we want to restore the snapshot must understand these problems from small start.

5, whether or not qualified, shortly before the love of Shanghai made several big update, in the open notes is to clean up the user experience is not high, pseudo original collecting site, I think if you >

know whether love is Shanghai’s own problems, webmasters should all know that long ago love Shanghai site:**** phenomenon, the phenomenon of love Shanghai later said in a statement is due, so snapshot of our website and stop updating can also love Shanghai public statement about the appropriate solution, so you can help yourself not tamper with your own website.


2, website space whether there is open or the Ping value high site phenomenon, is the basis of space, these days I have been in the focus space of this problem, because my site open space sometimes too slow, I always understand the performance of spatial search engine in Taobao, I found. A lot of space are blowing more fierce, but in fact their space often have many disadvantages, if your website snapshot stop updating the correction and detection software phenomenon, then you can install some 24 hours of space, found that there are not open phenomenon will immediately for you reply.

1, within 10 days whether the modified site settings, I in the A5 forum Zatan forum learned that a part of users to see their website keywords or web site title to their own site bring flow when thought to modify the site, so they will keywords and title to the site changes, and this time if your site does not take the relevant preventive measures, so will stop updating the snapshot or snapshot directly return to the previous site without modification.

forum in study found that many webmaster friends are talking love Shanghai snapshot of the problem, one of them says snapshot, others say the snapshot is not updated, A5 in the Q & a section we can see many webmaster friends in trouble, can not find a reason to stop updating the snapshot and. My website is also the case in the last few weeks, but after the diagnosis of a series of now my website basically restored the daily updated snapshot, I love to talk about Shanghai snapshot and snapshot stop updating some solutions, hoping to help to love Shanghai snapshot problem webmaster.

Ali mother a data anomaly, you can avoid advertising feesThe latest announcement 3 nine wins


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3, UUSKYPE, accompanied by CPA advertising, new advertising style

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I am a little webmaster, first heard them say Ali mother would find an excuse to send money in time, do not give you the advertising, I don’t believe so from the beginning of July 31st for Ali * * * advertisement, I have passed the two new application of my advertising, page linked to their advertising 888*90 AD www.77kv.cn7K each step on the forum registration page put their ads posted and all have a platform of their advertising revenue of 50 for 33 days do not so much is useless? I thought we can immediately bring little advertising, you now suddenly give me a sentence "abnormal data, click data to to protect the interests of buyers, suspended in your mom" click click billing "advertising, advertising revenue and before will be frozen; please check on this phenomenon and to please Details will be provided within one week after submission of this notice. Thanks again for your support for Ali! How do you say that I have two stations a month plus IP also has 10000, is 50 also called more than

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Personal Adsense business 4 months experienceThree cock silk youth, selling half a year of vegetable

they found it a universal phenomenon. In Beijing, a large number of aged 20 to 35 years old white-collar workers, but in their income off a similar situation, because some people are not do dinner, others are due to make a meal time cost is too high. In Beijing Huilongguan community as an example, if a normal white-collar work at 5:30, 6:30 at home, then the markets usually have closed, can only choose to go to the supermarket queuing to buy food, go home and wash dishes, cooking, cooking, eat one hour after the meal is fast. If you eat food on a clean and nutritious basis, you can save time to buy food, cooking, how much you can do what you want to do!

I think I will be the first sh419 Post Bar, the name of the website to register as a user name, picture also changed very eye-catching website name pictures, and then to the popular website Post Bar published my joke pictures, pictures are up to the name of my website logo, or with the popular post evaluation > back

One way in which

these 3 small partners are "the first generation of Beijing immigrants", that is, stay in Beijing outsiders, parents are not around. They found that eating delicious and safe dinners was always a difficult problem in life. This scene happened countless times, a person after work to buy food, cook, while sitting on the roadside stalls to eat a suspected drainage oil do gaijiaofan, while responding to the call for parents to ask their children to eat well exhortations.

buys dishes is for customers to log on to the website or order on WeChat’s public account, second >


imperceptibly my first website has been online for more than 4 months, it is the first step of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, recall the full confidence of the mood now is really a daily flow of about 20, chicken ribs, ha ha, I really do not know how they find my site.


I do is to see joke website, imitation is a successful website, then why do joke website, mainly on account of this website does not require users to pay, also can bring happiness, I rely on advertising to earn a little money, should be a win-win. He took out more than 1000 ocean purchased the domain name and virtual space, also the site for the record. Speaking of my bad luck, I do not covet cheap to buy private templates, but to find a more specialized imitation station site to order a set of templates, they really did not have to say, though I always put some small problems, but they can still be the first time for me to worry about I can, this is an important reason to keep down, thank you again for their


3 people think of half cooked food. This is not a new idea. In Beijing, more than half of the finished dishes are made by one family. Any animal husbandry told Chinese Youth Daily reporter, young dish Jun can make the semi-finished food company in a workshop, but engaged in the business of selling O2O Internet Co.

site of normal operation, I insist on the joke add pictures, but every time to see the flow, always found only about 10 traffic, adhere to a month or so, I know, should do the promotion. I check a lot of promotion, that is to write original articles by many webmaster recommended, and write original articles to bring traffic is long-term and stable, so I spent two days to write two articles, one is "don’t Ma Sike the penguin," a vip watch! Where the customer is "- you can’t make a millet", the article finished first after I go to the tiger sniffing network submission, expect to do the promotion at the same time might have some money, the tiger sniffing edit reply quickly: vip can bring what effect to Tmall? Another directly said no new ideas, and then was pass the. I continued around the net, just when I thought Brad, lucky suddenly fell, I got sent to the state editor of the mail business, "Ma Sike don’t the penguin, beware of vip!" was published. I immediately search the Internet, ha ha, see my article was on the day’s headlines, pride shows between the lines. I think the business is not too small site, traffic should bring a lot of it, the second day, only more than 390 of the flow, I thought there will be a few thousand, but I still hope this article can bring me a steady flow, the result is cruel, a few days later, the traffic is very fast every day at a level of about 30, I think I should change a way of promotion, after all, writing is not so easy.


family opened only half of the vegetables "company was able to get 10 million yuan level angel investment. In mid August, Chen Wen, Huang Chiwei, Ren and founder of the "youth dish Jun won the plum Angel founding partner Wu Shi Chun and nine joint ventures founding partner Wang Xiao jointly provided million yuan level A round of investment. They designed for the white-collar dinner program is: home work out of the subway, to the store to take the booked semi-finished food, home to stir fry, cook, half an hour will be able to eat a delicious dinner.

, Ren Mu, Chen Wen and Huang are students of Grade 2004 at the school of social and demographic studies, Renmin University of China. 2013, graduated a few years later, 3 people close to the thirty years of age to make a surprise choice — let others quit more than ten million annual salary "decent work" to sell vegetables. Of course, they do not put a stall, but to O2O Online To Offline, meaning "online to offline" model, selling fresh and convenient semi-finished food.

three people’s university students selling vegetables, half the time won ten million yuan level angel investment. With O2O Online, To, Offline, meaning "online to offline" mode, we sell fresh and convenient semi-finished food. It’s not a new idea. How did they do it,

It’s not a dream to make our way to success

as night fell, the neon lights of the high buildings in the city shone with colorful lights, and the nightlife of the city began. I walk in a street in the city, enjoying the cool breeze blowing, I feel more relaxed. From school to work, I spent almost every minute of free time to study and work around the red color, I have no mood to ignore. After coming to the city, this should be the first time for me to enjoy the night view of the city with my leisure.

I was born in rural areas, family is not good, in order to let me get a better education, parents all to friends and relatives to borrow the money, with heavy money came to the city, entering the university road is the parents’ hard-earned, I swear, I will never let my parents again worry about me! College life, in addition to the daily learning, I have part-time jobs in my spare time, hoping to earn a little money, sharing home dilemma. The part-time job made me learn a lot of successful people from it. The dream of entrepreneurship inspires me.

maybe there are endless twists and turns on the way to success. 08 years of financial attacks, so that many people lost their jobs, but also to the debt ridden me, but also a wound, tired body no longer listen to my command.

After I graduated from

, I was lucky enough to work for an advertising company and slowly saved every penny I sent home to pay my parents debt. By working to pay off the debt at home, and then to muddle along without any aim live? Think of every day the same route back and forth, let me feel tired. Is that why I’ve been working for someone else? The idea of starting a business has hit me again and again. But entrepreneurship is easier said than done! Capital needs is a big difficulty to me.

chatted with friends he met at college during an occasional chance. When I was in college, I was not interested in the work he did, and I also told him about my displeasure and ideas when I was chatting. He listened to my post, told me that he now with friends to do local station site, the cost is low, and now the Internet development speed, as long as the operation is good, the income also will be expensive. He suggested that if you really want to start business, you can take a good look at online start-ups.

his words touched me. But to create and operate a website for me is almost absolutely ignorant of, everything can only begin to learn from scratch. First of all, what website should I create? The travel network should be my choice. With the development of the home town in recent years, tourism has also begun to flourish, but there are no websites that really advertise home tourism.

throughout the major domestic mainstream online travel search engine portal, online travel related website market potential is huge, the prospect is broad, can be excavated market carrying capacity still has great expansion and extension of space.

, a website built up, although not difficult, after the site of the SEO optimization and promotion work, let me feel the depth of each industry knowledge >

As long as there is vision, no site to do Taobao, customers still earn thousands of months

Taobao customers want to make money in the Ali Mama, generally must have a website, blog, forum, etc. can be used to help you promote the resources, but there is a method, there may be some people do not know, or do not believe to try. My website, Ali, mom, advertising, often by such a group of people to buy, this group of people is neither Taobao dispensers, nor websites, blogs, those things, but not the kind of no matter where the goods are linked. This group of people is working on their own unique vision for the Taobao quality goods, while looking for high-quality advertising, then buy advertising to promote Taobao shopkeeper goods, by taking the Commission to make money with advertising a price difference.

seems to think it’s not very feasible, and I’m beginning to feel a little hesitant and wondering if it’s a little too risky, but those people do make money. A guest webmaster I know, was to open his own website do guest, and the site is also doing well, now I choose to buy advertising, chat with me said his income is not too much, the average income of more than 1000 a month, of course, occasionally because of mistakes and loss of vision, but in general it is earned, said this, the key is to identify the goods with the Taobao advertising, advertising users need analysis and Taobao manager whether the goods comply with the site to improve the conversion rate of population. Generally speaking, as long as the profit earned a bit of advertising, three or four times the price is no problem, if not determined not to clinch a deal, it is only when the eyes failed. His eyes are now passing, and 65% of the goods, advertising options are earned.

talk to the advertising options, he said the concrete situation and generally feel good will take a week to see the effect, said that the last time buy my website the advertising effect is good, there is a transaction, a small profit, so this buy again.

, and in the choice of Taobao’s shopkeeper, he says, "not for the cheapest, but for the most stable," and usually watches a commodity for weeks. This refers to the treasurer of the Taobao online rate, Amoy link stability, the stability of the Commission and so on, once is to determine the long-term cooperation.


in contributions!