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The feasibility analysis of Shanghai Longfeng Project Outsourcing

The analysis of

in addition to high quality content, another decisive factor is the high quality of the chain. The chain is on the one hand up, one day a time out, most people feel tired, especially the heart.

2, the content of the feasibility of


Shanghai dragon is the key content of high quality, and the common content is webmaster optimization of the bottleneck problem, there is market demand, people have to help you create the content, or the original. This relatively, outsourcing, a day or a month on Monday to check to see whether the good love included Shanghai, whether included to delete the phenomenon, good is not good to stop outsourcing outsourcing. I think there is a certain feasibility of outsourcing content.

The whole point of

1, Shanghai dragon outsourcing

outsourcing, undertaking who can honestly help you optimize it, thousands of dollars, for several months, a few employees can only fix overhead? Is their survival, so ZhengZhan outsourcing is not feasible.

secondly, we analyze the feasibility of

The analysis of station

has a lot of outsourcing ads are claimed only a week, 10 days and a half months to let you love Shanghai ranked top. However, according to my experience optimized a little value of keywords, there are hundreds of index keywords, using white hat means, do love Shanghai before three will be at least 3 months. On the home page for a month, the other at combat webmaster is not in vain, love Shanghai not live up to concentrate on operators, certainly some black hat occupied home example quickly, but few of them can long-term.

since 2003 China began to appear in Shanghai dragon in this industry, to now become the necessary skills of webmaster, is a hot topic of discussion forum of stationmaster of second place. It is derived from a variety of optimization methods and Realization of thinking, Shanghai Longfeng project outsourcing is one of them.

3, the chain outsourcing feasibility

as the recent love Shanghai BOSS said, not all people are suitable for business, not all owners are suitable for Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng requirements must be the norm in the webmaster attitude, perseverance must be strong enough to hold, the mood must be stable enough to face the ravages of love Shanghai must have enough patience, must stick to the strategy of content + chain. However, not all characters are consistent with the requirements, there are many owners anxious, a month is not included, no ranking will give up, there is a part of the webmaster active thinking, simple technology such disdain in mechanical, Shanghai dragon outsourcing also application is born, only one thousand eight hundred dollars, you can will you outside of the chain, and even out of the whole site optimization outsourcing, greatly reducing the webmaster hard, you just want to be profitable.

first, we analyze the emergence of Shanghai dragon outsourcing background

Shanghai Longfeng Project OutsourcingFeasibility analysis of

How large and small website competition

said the small website with high-quality content will eventually become larger sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Google once as a small website, eventually becomes a station, a few such examples, because they are more focus on user experience, and provide more value. If you make a good website ranking now than content and better user experience, as time goes on, you will get better performance.

according to the small website how large and the competition of this problem, Google gives advice is to create a better content, because over time, it is ranked one of the best ways before.


can see Google did not deny the large flow site get better ranking, more did not deny the large website will have better ranking, on the one hand, and the recognition search engine at present, while the more important aspect is that the search needs of users, because the search engine is to give users a better search reply so, to determine the ranking because there are many, such as: the website authority, site level, user experience, response links and so on. Not just because you are original to put you in the front row, this is not necessarily the best search results. In fact, users care about is the content has no value to him? No? Not this content is available for those who, so if others reprint your article, the additional value added to your original experience, better than you a hundred times, it is not in the row of you the front? I believe you also hope to see the search results.


your site has not always been large pressure? Your original articles have been reprinted in large number in front of you? Did you think the search engine preference to the station and station station? Fight ranking problem has been raised, especially small sites with high-quality content always indignant, feel unfair. So how to large and small sites

also because of this, Google can only suggest that continue to create better content, simply can not guarantee the other, because quality content can promote ranking, and no one said > algorithm


and this, Google first does not agree to a brand website will naturally lead to higher flow and better search ranking hypothesis, but Google did not completely deny this, saying it is not always right. Because many smaller sites are usually able to launch fresh content faster than large sites, such ability usually means to get a higher ranking in the search results.

recently Google Webmaster Platform is webmaster asked small sites with high-quality content to exceed ranking has a large flow site? A regional or national brand sites have higher flow, which leads to a higher ranking, and then continue to flow, the higher the cycle, this is a a vicious spiral. Small and large

website how to compete?

Selection of Amoy products industry from the optimization point of view website


product industry

From the view of The so-called

website optimization, keyword is to your website to the search engine ranking first by means of technology, bring the user to your site, creating benefits. Technical things I did not say here, but there is a commonplace talk of an old scholar in website optimization in two words:

sum up, I think part of the Tao station.

your site to meet the needs of users. Good user experience in website optimization can not only give you extra points, and then the conversion effect is self-evident.

station do user experience is to let users pay for consumption, but you do not understand the industry, do not know your target customers consumer psychology, how can you make the user experience. The key of the user experience to do is stand in the user’s point of view to consider the issue.

1, the content can not do

Website Optimization Website Amoy products industry

with the development of Shanghai dragon training, whether in the station or did not enter in Changye grassroots webmaster or preparing to enter into this circle of people I believe that the golden years listening to the most is Shanghai dragon and Taobao guest single page station. As long as you choose a high commission sales of good products, and then choose some products and related keywords, set up a good website, updated daily articles and send the chain do website optimization, money to shua. But we can say this line 2/3 site died, network marketing analyst Sensen believes that the crux of the problem lies in the choice of products industry website.

What is the user experienceIs

2, the user experience is poor


most of my friends station is not good or die optimization problem is out here. They only know how to choose a good product, but do not understand the product knowledge, so do stand in the process of writing a high quality content, only the second, or pseudo original, or is the acquisition, which harm the website optimization I think everyone should know.

What is the

products industry is a product of the industry. For example, L-carnitine is certain weight loss in this industry. Most do station friends know to choose a high commission, sales, customer service, good user evaluation of good products, but ignored the choice of industry products.

2, the content is king, the chain for emperor

more the better the quality of the original articles and more correlation between the high quality of the chain is the basic work site optimization.

, as previously stated, the choice of a good product, and then write a large number of related products and the high quality of the original article, the chain and high quality, and good user experience, this is the foundation of the Tao do website must have, then we subject what problems will come.

A website win in the four principles of the starting point

website development direction and the goal is the premise of success, so it must be a comprehensive assessment based on individual strengths and resources optimization webmaster in the early stage of development, analysis from different angles, such as the webmaster do stand experience, have the resources and analysis of earnings forecast and preliminary on the same site profit model competition situation and the degree of market saturation, website development difficulty of comprehensive analysis, to find their own advantages and shortcomings, weaknesses, advantages, find the most suitable for their own website development, to the operation of the site to reasonable planning and positioning, and development of reference the same situation, peer site, development plan, which is to ensure the follow-up development and strive for the successful premise.

The correct positioning of the

user is fundamental to the survival and development of the website and the success of the system, to use a variety of methods to attract and retain users, the website has stable old users, in order to ensure the stability of the flow, and constantly improve and on the basis of the overall number of users. To do this, you need to in the construction site at the beginning of setting up "development route of high quality and self requirements, use a website design is concise, clear and comprehensive, including website style, column setting, details function etc. as far as possible to highlight the details, so that users get a good experience on the other; on the one hand, by virtue of high quality content to the website highlighting the quality advantage, allowing users to the site in the early can obtain needed information or data, in order to enhance the user stickiness for the website, improve the rate of return, to gather more users to.

three, attached to the Shanghai dragon are guaranteed for optimization, from first to last

two, focusing on user experience design with high quality website and content aggregation user

website!The analysis of

, a multi angle, to determine the direction and goals of the correct and reasonable

is a rapid increase in the number of Internet users in our country, the demand to use the Internet to find information and browsing information more and more; on the other hand is the emergence of a successful web site more and more, in establishing the famous brand at the same time is to obtain very considerable benefits! This will become the choice of many people do stand to achieve the entrepreneurial dream, or as a way of increasing the power of income, so the number of new owners are increasing, there are more new sites put into operation every day, which led directly to the station to do the competition between becoming more intense, want to do stand far more difficult than the success of a few years ago the situation in the background! Next, how to win? Owners need to plan ahead, adhere to the four principles of establishment, to win at the starting point

search engine friendly website

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the current site in the development process can not avoid important problems, good for website optimization through good rankings and included get more traffic has a direct impact, especially in the face of similar site competition, good optimization can make your site more competitive and more chances of winning. Let the site win at the starting point, will be "at the beginning of the site


An impregnable team if a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his toolsThree min

in this case, you should come out as a hub and transfer them. A and B have contradictions, there are barriers, communication is not in place, then you can communicate with A Jun, and then communicate with B Jun, through your hub, between AB to convey their views, and play a mediating role.

in fact, there are many grassroots brother before the article is talking about the team, said some not enough, in this case, we might as well before the expansion of the content. A strong team, but not pull a few very close brothers on the stack into a team, of course, the two argument is that a strong team should have a chemical reaction, rather than physical reaction, chemical reaction occurs, will ultimately produce an explosion phenomenon. Well, don’t get.

if you listen to calumny and pull brother grassroots around the best friends and brothers team entrepreneurship, then congratulations, you have embarked on a road of no return. Such a team, each member may but is more dear to each other as brothers, A, and B you very well, and you are very good, but not too many connections between AB, is because you have AB physical overlay to a block, then, two people who are not familiar with, very likely because no, not too much friendship and conflict and misunderstanding, and even become the grassroots team to disband, brother also experienced such things.

a team must have a leader, in ancient times called big family, became a regular army, called CEO. This is what to use? Thinking, in addition to the identity and status of high, play a pivotal role mainstay and another team, of course, which we all know, we start from the bottom and analysis.

Hello, I’m a grass root brother, and I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience I did not update in the last half month. In the past half a month, the grassroots team a little brother collapsed, some very discordant things happened within the team for grassroots brother in the past half a month in the treatment team that team is the premise and foundation of all undertakings, so reluctantly will update the article work to put down, fortunately, problems and contradictions within the team has the perfect solution, in the first article in the renewal of the recovery, the grassroots will brother talk about the team.

of course, the above statement seems too childish, but in fact, playing a central role is not easy. Only in the AB between the transmission of information, it is clearly not enough, as the team grows, then ABC three characters, and even ABCDEXXXX role between any two roles, probably we need to play a central role in mediation, our team members to a piece of paper, and each role together with line, imagine a >

, 21CN, 21CN website alliance, according to the instructions of superiors, will be carried out extensive monitoring of partners. Strict implementation of the investigation work, for the discovery of violations or suspected use of websites or mobile phones to send illegal information partners, the site will be frozen, and reported to the authorities! Please pay attention to the 21CN alliance partners. And welcome webmaster to us see 21CN website League contact way report relevant issues, and jointly safeguard the stable development of the alliance.

the inspection and rectification work mainly for the five behaviors listed below the news, there are other illegal or unhealthy phenomenon, we will also take measures.

The following is

News: Chinese three ministries today hit for five mobile phone SMS illegal behavior



mainstay: you know,

Shanghai love website snapshot afternoon update your website snapshot update.

Baidu recently a variety of actions, not only adjust the algorithm, but also the whole of a love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, after the Shanghai dragon optimization market will have a certain standard. Link, the garbage mass chain such cheating will be.

recently love Shanghai total volatility, made a relatively larger update on the evening of June 14th, many webmaster reflect included the drop of the surge in the chain, ranking is not much fluctuation. All records included in the site snapshot, and the chain is basically every day, go to work at 8:30 when a query. This week the query site, found a strange phenomenon: the afternoon update snapshot. Take the results today website, the first picture is 8:20 in the morning snapshot query, in June 17th, the second picture is at noon 13:10 query, snapshot update to June 19th. Yesterday is the same situation, did not cause too much attention, in the A5 forum found that there are many owners have encountered the same situation. The love of Shanghai are not so frequently updated snapshot. In view of this phenomenon, a little change in love I guess the Shanghai algorithm.


two, guess 2: the snapshot update time update in the afternoon;


three, guess 3: why is your website snapshot in the afternoon to update the

the next snapshot of the site search engine is generally considered friendly, but now the snapshot update speed, snapshot search engine friendly site snapshot will guess later. Can use this standard as the test optimization performance of Shanghai dragon. Before there will be love in the afternoon Shanghai website snapshot update, but not everyday. The past 2 days every query is so, it was a bit strange.

I found this week and that other webmasters can reflect the updated snapshot of the time in the afternoon, after every webmaster should check several times website information, at least one morning, afternoon once, and then compare the results under two queries which changes, including the snapshot, included, the chain and so on. Afternoon update snapshot is always there, but the recent frequent update time snapshot guess may be adjusted in the afternoon.


, guess 1: before the next snapshot may be adjusted for the snapshot;


not all website snapshot update is timely, and in the afternoon for the snapshot update. Every morning I released a number of external links to the site, the 2 sites are so hand in charge, and is also the snapshot will be updated every afternoon. And query other website, found that not all websites can get the snapshot. We can guess: some external links to website snapshot will update.

The ability to really master Shanghai dragon must judge the trend of keywords

like Chinaz in >

I can tell you what is the word, what is this word is Shanghai dragon, when a new thing just came out, people would like to know what is the meaning of. If you can judge the trend, you proactively take the Shanghai dragon is what layout to your site, you are in this one step ahead of the competition, what have you got to win the. You choose the right keywords trend, you win at the starting line, and this has no competitive word, it is so easy, and seized the largest user demand, really do not want to win is not ah.


keyword is the ability to judge the trend of this industry is a bit you need very deep understanding, and determine its future development direction is how, this situation generally reflected in the new industry. For example, when in the nascent Shanghai dragon China, people can think of such a fire in Shanghai dragon industry has several? From the demand trend of view, when the user first when the word struck the Shanghai dragon in the search engine, search the following drop-down box or any related this information, when you judge the future appeared in the first word of the drop-down box or appear in the relevant search will be what.

but the trend will change, we still need to look ahead to see this change, and then to Shanghai dragon industry for example. With the Shanghai dragon industry matures, even the big city of Shanghai dragon came out. But we need to determine is the greatest demand in Shanghai dragon user groups abroad, remember what the Shanghai dragon keywords from up to 08 years to gradually withdraw from the stage of history. At this time the largest demand will become Shanghai dragon tools, because when the Shanghai dragon has been developed for many years, we are aware of the Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon personnel increase faster than the first personnel speed, so the demand for the largest professional personnel is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon tools. Only white users would go to search what is Shanghai dragon, but this time is not the biggest group of white users and user groups, or the biggest demand. If you can put the pieces in the trend before the advent of the layout in us, and then receive the benefit.

keyword is the most important part in Shanghai Longfeng, especially some mainly to sales of e-commerce website, choose the right keywords directly determines the success or failure of this website. In the foreign mature market will have a professional keyword mining personnel, so the importance of keywords as long as it is experienced naturally needless to say, we may have seen a lot of mining or tutorials or keywords they studied. But today I want to propose a new keyword research method, that is the trend of keywords. This is actually quite difficult, because the trend is not to judge key technical point of view to be able to do, not you use several tools can do.



Shanghai dragon will be permanently with search and exist not only needs to change the idea of Shang

is that we in Shanghai have debated the development of dragon and Phoenix, Yang Zi Shanghai dragon also immediately issued a related article, this article mainly expounds Yang Zi of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon development prospect is more optimistic, but also simple analysis of why some owners of Shanghai dragon to develop basic reason extremely negative attitude, this is not the article too much about interested friends can love Shanghai, let’s get.

said here last week Yang Zi Shanghai dragon with a boss 20 years engaged in traditional industries in the exchange their age at about more than 50 non Cobain was born, he said now Moumou Internet companies learn internet marketing has been more than a year, think of the development trend of the Internet is very good but he was his company’s official website is no one. A boss to study with him often said that he is too outdated, behind only built a website. When he and I talk to build a platform, I asked him to build what kind of platform, he also said it is not clear.

this year Shanghai Longfeng occupation employment situation is not optimistic compared with before, in accordance with the hurricane like development, especially now Internet plus the boom spawned many traditional companies are actively involved in the Internet boom, should Shanghai dragon Er personnel market demand is immeasurable, but on the current market situation is not to regard it as right.

said that for each of the above owners such as WeChat and APP are now indeed fire "is whether the person is a ghost" regardless of whether appropriate, their industry regardless of whether they have the ability to operate, regardless of the future, no matter how much the budget construction and operation team, regardless of the target users and potential users demand, regardless of the user experience and other anyway. Companies are doing this "I" to do so, or find out very OUT.

is now talking about Shanghai dragon seems to have far less heat in the year, in recent years there are many webmaster friends posting tell Shanghai dragon has declined no future at all, causing many in Shanghai Longfeng occupation have basically turned all the prospects of the future development of Shanghai dragon feeling extremely slim.

the reason everyone in Shanghai dragon and Yang Zi Public opinions are divergent., the webmaster will communicate this problem some say WeChat now is the fire that numerous enterprise attention is focused to the public and to the WeChat micro business, some Adsense said nowadays mobile Internet is so hot that we are playing mobile Internet in the construction of ecological APP his circle etc.. Therefore, many enterprises especially the traditional enterprises are not should pay attention to the position of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon that is a relatively simple concept (but not essential, Shanghai Longfeng effect is slow, and many enterprises do not have the patience to boss want to quickly get traffic fast money) in Yang Zi seems to have such a Shanghai dragon people do not understand completely or basically is not enough in-depth understanding of Shanghai dragon which leads to such a mistake understanding.


Shanghai, the title of the soft writing skills good title by this thought out

three title writing skills Daquan

3. Keywords: many do Shanghai dragon friends, total love in the title deliberately stack keywords, here the number of occurrences of keywords of the title, only one: don’t try to stack keywords.

The importance of

example two: >

soft Wen title, I believe not to say we all know, whether it is to do the Shanghai dragon, or from the media operations, a good title to let traffic surge, the importance of the title as the face, especially in the face of the times, it is not difficult to imagine why so many girls are willing to spend so more time to make up, others do not know, but my girlfriend every morning at least up for half an hour, if you didn’t take the time to think of the title, is nothing more than a lazy or not inspiration, good title can not be written out a short duration of time, today to share with you how to write the title of the usual Cen Huiyu.

experience through practice that experience, and then share this kind of Title general user high credibility, who wants to see others through practice and conclusions, and integrate, strong reference.

headline content, let’s think about good location of the user’s search habits and needs an eye-catching title, must be sharply into the user’s heart, why others can create high amount of reading content, attraction is largely due to the title, how to analyze the user’s search habits and general requirements, through the drop-down box, search, love Shanghai index tools in mining, at the same time the content of the title is not a general title, must carry on the fine segmentation for a user.

1. core Keywords: every title has a core keywords, not Shanghai dragon can omit this step, the author took the title of this article, "Shanghai dragon title of the soft writing skills: good title is to rely on such thought out", the "Shanghai dragon soft the title writing" is the core point of this paper, the use of word segmentation segmentation, can be divided into "Shanghai dragon title writing", "the title of the soft writing skills" and so on, in front of the most important core in the title, get better weight distribution from Shanghai dragon’s perspective, but also convenient to the readers understand.

case. Before the The matching degree of the

2. the length of the title: the title of the article length must be controlled in less than 30 words, too long will seem tedious, here is not to do too much emphasis on.


example: write original articles how difficult? I write original articles in the years

two. Think about the user search habits and needs


. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon

The number of

1. type Title

The title refers to the so-called

The core operation of the new fast included

railway station how to make search engines fast included? This is a lot of new on-line owners are more concerned about the problem, in fact, I am no exception, I have recently made a new health bar under my red dates, after site optimization to make red dates health bar within a week to make the search difficult included love Shanghai the engine had included, so the early new I do what optimization let website so quickly be included? Next to experience personally I share:

love Shanghai!The

for work in the network company’s sake, access to the site more, so often notice that many of the new station on the line before do not fully prepared, causing the site included time or when love was released by the Shanghai is too slow, so before the new station on the line to do the preparation are as follows:

finally the description of the website is best to set up well, and after set frequently not to modify, describe many webmaster friends that is not very important, so the new line is often not written description, although the description for the site’s ranking for early is not very important, but the latter for the website ranking or have some help. Because if the website description is enough to attract the attention of users, so it can promote the development of the site, to the rank of the website


first set the title of the site is said to be the site optimization is important, the title set can not only allow search engines to quickly know what we do, and we all know the website home page weight is the largest, the keyword layout here can be very important good give these keywords good weight, transfer to improve the ranking, but for many of the new sites online often find that they have no title or keyword layout layout good on-line after the regular changes, cause is not friendly to search engine, the structure of the site has not been included in the search engine

second: Web site content need to fill a portion of the


keyword (keywords) although the search engine do not think what is important for the ranking, almost negligible, but can still be appropriate keywords keywords layout is important, this kind of behavior for the search engine is also very friendly, do not remember new online accumulation of a large number of keywords in keywords, so to search engine you may think that the website cheating oh.

on the front line

: the first site title, keywords, description of the prior analysis, determination, set up

we all know a page to be search engine index, so it must be to have the user value of content information, if our website without any filling content, then the search engine spider came to our web site, without catching any content, so it is very not friendly to search engine, if a new search engine came several times not to grab any price.

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