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How large and small website competition

said the small website with high-quality content will eventually become larger sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Google once as a small website, eventually becomes a station, a few such examples, because they are more focus on user experience, and provide more value. If you make a good website ranking now than content and better user experience, as time goes on, you will get better performance.

according to the small website how large and the competition of this problem, Google gives advice is to create a better content, because over time, it is ranked one of the best ways before.


can see Google did not deny the large flow site get better ranking, more did not deny the large website will have better ranking, on the one hand, and the recognition search engine at present, while the more important aspect is that the search needs of users, because the search engine is to give users a better search reply so, to determine the ranking because there are many, such as: the website authority, site level, user experience, response links and so on. Not just because you are original to put you in the front row, this is not necessarily the best search results. In fact, users care about is the content has no value to him? No? Not this content is available for those who, so if others reprint your article, the additional value added to your original experience, better than you a hundred times, it is not in the row of you the front? I believe you also hope to see the search results.


your site has not always been large pressure? Your original articles have been reprinted in large number in front of you? Did you think the search engine preference to the station and station station? Fight ranking problem has been raised, especially small sites with high-quality content always indignant, feel unfair. So how to large and small sites

also because of this, Google can only suggest that continue to create better content, simply can not guarantee the other, because quality content can promote ranking, and no one said > algorithm


and this, Google first does not agree to a brand website will naturally lead to higher flow and better search ranking hypothesis, but Google did not completely deny this, saying it is not always right. Because many smaller sites are usually able to launch fresh content faster than large sites, such ability usually means to get a higher ranking in the search results.

recently Google Webmaster Platform is webmaster asked small sites with high-quality content to exceed ranking has a large flow site? A regional or national brand sites have higher flow, which leads to a higher ranking, and then continue to flow, the higher the cycle, this is a a vicious spiral. Small and large

website how to compete?

The secret of in-depth analysis of the virtual link


5, brush virtual links will not be considered cheating will lead to love Shanghai, the K

virtual links are not?


6, brush virtual link has no negative effect on the website

virtual links do?


4, virtual link brushing time effective

love Shanghai in 20 days, that is to say, the virtual brush links you may not see, but always brush, will see the effect.

currently on the market there are a lot of brush outside the chain of tools and websites, which can use. Love Shanghai search automatically outside the chain, the chain group, you will find a lot of. The use of these tools can do this batch box website, virtual link.

virtual link?


virtual link is left when the chain query query site or cache. For example: we ranked in the webmaster tools query website www.shiyanji5贵族宝贝 Alexa, on the left side will appear in this query records. If the www.shiyanji5贵族宝贝 name appears on the left side of the page, this is just love Shanghai included, then this site is added a chain, the chain is called virtual link.



not in the future should not be. But love Shanghai in the future may prohibit included in this virtual link. Come listen to me carefully. Love would never allow Shanghai K station on the outside of the station, especially some very easy operation. Because of the factors of K station outside the station, so we can not go to the K station operation, the risk is not very big love Shanghai. So the brush does not lead to K virtual link station.

virtual link looks like a very mysterious thing, in fact, some novice or there are some misunderstandings and doubts,. Today to share a virtual link secret, at the same time to teach you how to make a virtual link.

?The update cycle

virtual link can be love Shanghai included, to increase the number of your domain, you say that this link has not certainly useful ah?. The virtual links have much effect? The weight is relatively low, effect is relatively small. Of course, here I want to ask you a question: in the forum or soft text in a chain function big. So, whatever you do, what kind of links, not a single or a positive effect, but the mass of the

you know, any one link has a life cycle, the life cycle of the virtual links some shorter. If you have multiple n virtual links, then you do not brush, and other aspects of the link.

What is the

yes, there will be some negative effects. But the negative effect is based on the virtual connection number plummeted, but the impact will not be great. The details below.

For the double eleven selling electricity supplier website how to do well in the station optimizatio

dynamic web page

the product for the advantages of similar products is

electronic commerce website especially need to pay attention to the user experience and user behavior, which is one part of the site of the Shanghai dragon. Many owners do not know what to put on the first page, most of the websites using simple display principle of the latest articles. In fact, this approach is not desirable, for a sales site, you may wish to show you in this order page:

2, reduce the production of

would you recommend friends to buy

3, through the user click behavior to change the display contents of

Why The website?

robot file, hidden

duplicate content experience?


any sales type web site is not formed in one time, according to different periods show different content. This paper is mainly to share electricity supplier website internal optimization work in two before eleven.

diagnosis of outsourcing website

decided to purchase the

1, check the Shanghai Dragon

URL label, reduce duplication products?

duplicate content is divided into two kinds, one is copying others article, a repeat page within the site of goods. Reprint articles do not say, focus on the latter. The website, different from the general type of website, the types of goods are complicated, many commodities have characteristics of repeat sales. According to the current search engine algorithm, repeat page within the site’s ranking will have a great influence, therefore, to minimize duplicate content pages produced is very important.

?What is


website optimization is not limited to the company’s internal staff, for now, "

can reduce the content of duplicate pages through the following ways:

competitor’s website is the best template, not every business can make Jingdong, Dangdang and Taobao, but these big investment sites in the details of the deal than it did a small website of the best. Therefore, from the advantages of competitors is the most simple optimization method.

4, the study of the competition website

Details of ?

is more important when more carefully, as the recent love Shanghai algorithm changes, for cheating the algorithm junk the chain site, many sites suddenly collapsed. Therefore, both inside and outside of Shanghai Longfeng, need careful investigation, make a review of the list, by contrast, for example: domain name, record, space, buy links, website chain, content updates, website templates and so on. At the end of the sales season, try to do a web site do not change, nor touch the search engine to find a sense of content.

by 301 to

why do you often visit the

you buy the product of the


Wuhan essay selected student grassroots website status analysisSilicon Valley returns 7 share entrep

webmaster information network essay campaign continued. Post your online story and your network comments, please contact 470666 


;         website development vigor; ;         low level of Web Development


1. Lack of social experience; lack of social experience; what is reflected on the website is the serious lack of communication ability with people. In fact, the site is also a cooperation project, not a student can say: Lao Tzu from front to back, design, programming, animation to 3D, all a person holding the forum is also one Lao Tzu ~ ~ ~ + hi when administrator, a student is basically impossible so full, that you want to stop, how do?


Wang Lijie

many schools, many students, big cities, rapid economic development, these characteristics determine the characteristics of Wuhan grassroots website:

is one of the most difficult cities in China. It is the largest city in Chinese universities and one of the largest cities in china.

comes, the deeper it feels. Even though it’s only fur, the feeling that Silicon Valley brings to me is very deep. Here I share with you:


company?The more

you live only once; rules and discipline are efficient; trust the power of faith".

;       site survivability is not strong

PreAngel American investment partner called Boyd, is a native of San Francisco, he speaks fluent Chinese, he told me that recently popular Bay area YOLO this statement, You Only Live Once is the whole meaning, literal meaning is very simple, but profound. If we begin to pay enough attention to this phrase from the day when we have the ability to think for ourselves, maybe each of us will have something different today. Today, most of China’s economic pillars are actually living for others, for their parents, for their children, and for their friends. Sometimes, you seem to choose your life, but you live in someone else for your image, if you are today in your life are not satisfied with the state, the 80% is that you don’t live for yourself! You actually put yourself, is the greatest contribution to society, because everyone is only, have different abilities and preferences, if the whole society to follow your heart and live, we will have the same job every people do, and do better

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

but the students do more, do better, after all, is also a student, this bird does not look down on students’ meaning, just want to put the reason many students website cannot survive in personal views analysis, so the students have what characteristics? Personally, I think:




1, You, Only, Live, Once – you live only once,


students do stand, I know, my own university is read in Wuhan, I found it from the inside, who know a little computer knowledge, you will do, so we created a Wuhan network of unprecedented prosperity, large and small sites all kinds of computer as one falls, another rises. The training class emerge in an endless stream, each classroom is filled full, each bedroom there are one or two brothers will open dweamweave.

;         students do more than station

this sentence although recently popular, but it is a common ideology of the bay area to summarize, that is to say, many American school children have done so, at least more than our domestic children earlier aware of the "live" for their own reason. And the entire community of this ideology give support, such as China most can not parents understand the school of business, such as giving up a good salary and a backpack travel, such as with their own "not suitable" people get married, I like to do a "bitter" artist in a shabby apartment, there are so many girls choose to be single.

from PreAngel, every year I will go to the United States one or two times, mainly in the Silicon Valley Bay Area to meet local friends, they are all kinds of organizations VC, entrepreneurs, Standford and Berkeley’s student entrepreneurship organization responsible, responsible for the field of wireless technology, I have been trying to gradually understand the the world high tech listed companies in the most intensive areas, actually has a special kind of, what we can learn from, let us return to the country can also appear out of the ordinary; at the same time, we also want to know that the "hillbilly", there is no chance in the world the smartest people in densely populated areas, to find their own foothold, the future can invest in several like shlf1314, Facebook as great as


Highlight long soft Wen secret is a soft, nine points hard

now Adsense group accidentally reached a consensus, think all contribute to A5, Chinaz and other web site article is soft, more A5 as garbage soft Wen concentration camp. There are few people who hold this biased view. I do not deny that, only from the content, the quality of the overall A5 as before, may the audit policy is too loose, or to give more chances, anyway this is not a good trend to give some people a bad impression. Overall, A5 still has some articles can be seen, such as the old text (Paizhuan bypass, brother safety cap).

soft nature, the current marketing role is not less than SEO, we see the daily network Reds speculation is speculation up early on a large amount of text, but the webmaster in the operation of the process, that soft for the sake of the chain, in fact, we see the news portal, 30% the article is soft, but we are not aware of it, this is the high quality of soft wen. The main role of soft text does not lie in the chain, the chain is just a small field of soft marketing. And, relatively speaking, for the soft text of the chain easier to write some, really lower quality.

, for example, when we contribute to A5, Chinaz and other places, basically write is related to the content of the industry, but from the idea of speaking, not much art and skill, is writing an article, then add a link for reprint, and the link between what content is basically no contact. This model has been fixed and does not need to be perfected at all. That’s why some people think A5’s article is too soft. Unfortunately, high in the two sites the most so, I really think the mianbisiguo.

In fact, these are just the initial stage of the

soft, soft Wen wrote direct link, the starting point is to link to spread out, no other information demands, which greatly reduces the difficulty of soft, in fact, a good article, more information is needed in marketing in the article, and the clever it is expressed in the process of reading, no barriers and no psychological resistance to the content of finished reading, and subtle acceptance of advertising and marketing information transfer. Good soft text, so that readers can not feel is soft, this is called a soft, nine points hard.

is a soft, advertising appeal means only the one, or even one percent, the less the better, the most important is the demand effect rather than quantity, a very touching love stories, "accidentally" refers to a ring, or in a restaurant candlelight dinner with a pen, you will feel that this is what advertising. Probably not. But your subconscious has already accepted this time of information dissemination, and you decide when you need it later. The purpose of advertising appeals is achieved.

is currently more popular movie in advertising, is transported.