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Optimize the grasp of the details using pictures to make the website more humane

Insert the picture

article Ming Rui original share, please keep the 贵族宝贝whmzt贵族宝贝 >.

four, the

optimization are all summed up in 8 words, of course, I say here is not how to do original how to send the chain, you have to do is to rise above the common herd do fine, people should wash, so the details are particularly important, following analysis of pictures in website optimization details.

LOGO pictures, most sites will let the chain to the home page, in order to let keyword optimization play a greater effect, many people will insert keywords are ALT, IE and ALT will be compiled into a TITLE attribute, so the user experience will be poor. My approach is to insert keywords in ALT, TITLE write XXX web page.

Do images;

many Internet companies hang the technical support is very tangled, such as hanging on the XXX website this hyperlink, although can play a keyword optimization, but this is obviously not normal, no brand benefit. This is similar with the above, insert the XX network picture, ALT label XX website, TITLE bid for XX network. In addition to speak here also to talk about the practice of the search engine will not be mistaken for fraud (ALT, TITLE inconsistent). If I were a user, I refer to the picture to see the title is what I knew this picture, obviously I won’t go right to see the source code to see the ALT attribute, similarly, as the spider is the same, he looked at the ALT time also will not see TITLE, such trouble with the user is similar the.

two and LOGO

three, hang


, using a background image, URL is more accurate;

I believe we all know that the search engine can not identify the picture recognition, basically rely on ALT, that is to say we insert the picture properly again in the article, the search engine is an original article, and pictures inserted with good user experience will increase, because the picture is concise.


technical support;

is mainly reflected in the news list page, I see there is a point in front of a lot of website news list title, this point there are still many different, such as some station is · (intermediate point, Sogou input method, V1 g, is this), is to add a middle point in front of each news. I think it is not desirable, and this point, URL became the two + titles, with the title of the page is not the point, this point is a waste not only share the weight but also possible side effects (such as fraud. ), then how to solve? Is very simple, as long as make a picture, and then in the CSS for this kind of URL with a background picture, as for how to write is not here to teach, so although the trouble spots but has very obvious effect.

Shanghai dragon will be permanently with search and exist not only needs to change the idea of Shang

is that we in Shanghai have debated the development of dragon and Phoenix, Yang Zi Shanghai dragon also immediately issued a related article, this article mainly expounds Yang Zi of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon development prospect is more optimistic, but also simple analysis of why some owners of Shanghai dragon to develop basic reason extremely negative attitude, this is not the article too much about interested friends can love Shanghai, let’s get.

said here last week Yang Zi Shanghai dragon with a boss 20 years engaged in traditional industries in the exchange their age at about more than 50 non Cobain was born, he said now Moumou Internet companies learn internet marketing has been more than a year, think of the development trend of the Internet is very good but he was his company’s official website is no one. A boss to study with him often said that he is too outdated, behind only built a website. When he and I talk to build a platform, I asked him to build what kind of platform, he also said it is not clear.

this year Shanghai Longfeng occupation employment situation is not optimistic compared with before, in accordance with the hurricane like development, especially now Internet plus the boom spawned many traditional companies are actively involved in the Internet boom, should Shanghai dragon Er personnel market demand is immeasurable, but on the current market situation is not to regard it as right.

said that for each of the above owners such as WeChat and APP are now indeed fire "is whether the person is a ghost" regardless of whether appropriate, their industry regardless of whether they have the ability to operate, regardless of the future, no matter how much the budget construction and operation team, regardless of the target users and potential users demand, regardless of the user experience and other anyway. Companies are doing this "I" to do so, or find out very OUT.

is now talking about Shanghai dragon seems to have far less heat in the year, in recent years there are many webmaster friends posting tell Shanghai dragon has declined no future at all, causing many in Shanghai Longfeng occupation have basically turned all the prospects of the future development of Shanghai dragon feeling extremely slim.

the reason everyone in Shanghai dragon and Yang Zi Public opinions are divergent., the webmaster will communicate this problem some say WeChat now is the fire that numerous enterprise attention is focused to the public and to the WeChat micro business, some Adsense said nowadays mobile Internet is so hot that we are playing mobile Internet in the construction of ecological APP his circle etc.. Therefore, many enterprises especially the traditional enterprises are not should pay attention to the position of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon that is a relatively simple concept (but not essential, Shanghai Longfeng effect is slow, and many enterprises do not have the patience to boss want to quickly get traffic fast money) in Yang Zi seems to have such a Shanghai dragon people do not understand completely or basically is not enough in-depth understanding of Shanghai dragon which leads to such a mistake understanding.


The leaves of Shanghai Dragon Network Marketing Marketing

share type soft operation means: >

news event type soft operation method: this type of text is mainly working on the corporate brand or product publicity, so the content must not have obvious advertising content can write difficult development process of enterprises, enterprise management interviews and speeches, enterprise management mode, enterprise social contribution. As the enterprise culture should be highlighted in the article, and highlights the advantage of the enterprise. The article introduces how the enterprise can not be straightforward, and how to. Do well enterprise culture is introduced to the enterprise brand publicity, should be to the media or website submission, you can directly contact the media release.

marketing is a common way of marketing in network marketing, but also for a good network marketing personnel for precision marketing is not less than. In marketing for soft writing techniques and themes, as well as accurate delivery and subsequent operation of the soft, many friends are very concerned about the problem. Below we talk about some methods of marketing, before doing marketing, we must be familiar with their own promotional products or services for product awareness like our marketing success and the marketing effect, this is one of the. The second is to conduct a detailed investigation on the market, including the current status of the market, the user demand research, competitor analysis. Only do these two steps we can have is the marketing.

two, share type soft

marketing mode, generally for the enterprise or the team used more. This kind of soft Wen to users a wide range of operating expense. This type of soft Wen promotion for enterprise brand promotion and product, mainly through the power of the media, with a soft form of performance, the news events as a basis. This type of marketing has spread wide, readable, features more obvious effect.

share type soft set is suitable for personal or brand image and promotion, suitable for individual or small team operation. Especially suitable for the individual or group in the establishment of an industry brand. As everyone knows, whether a certain industry, has a corresponding well-known portal or forum on the Internet, in the industry website is relatively strong, almost all of the users are the goods to Taiwan exchange of learning. So in these platforms, users are our "target user", these love learning, love view of the industry user groups will determine the share of soft birth. If you want to build a personal brand in a particular industry or set up phenomenon, so the soft type is the best choice to share.


common in the marketing of soft paper is divided into three types, one type of soft news events, two type three type soft soft share speculation, we are following up on a specific operation of the three kind of soft Wen to discuss.

, a news event type soft

Shanghai dragon is one of the most potential occupation of College Students


this is the new face of occupation, not all people can learn or into this industry? The author cited financial experts Lang Xianping view: China education because not with the market, so the trained personnel, often do not meet the needs of the market, so that college students looking for work is more difficult than many migrant workers lead to college! Cheaper. Now a student to graduate to find a job to worry about what? Is there? A lot of graduation, has been unable to find work, is working hard to find, is not suitable for the enterprise? Is there? Now college students often entangled you don’t know what to do, the choice of occupation, there is no blind? This is the status quo of college students China so, there are a lot of young people confused wandering in the streets.

said, Shanghai dragon is a kind of technology, which can make enterprises or individuals to increase sales opportunities of marketing. The Shanghai dragon is divided into the station outside the station and Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon two, the main work of Shanghai dragon is through understanding how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, how and how to determine the index for a particular keyword search results ranking technology, to the optimization of the relevant web pages, to improve search engine the rankings, so as to improve the site traffic, improve the ability of sales promotion or website final technology.

of Shanghai dragon is one of the most potential occupation of College students. Why is my first suggestion for college students’ learning Shanghai Longfeng marketing


What is the

for college students, whether to consider: you are now in school, or to engage in the direction, whether it is social needs. Now the society needs what we should do what. Can’t find a job or a good job, in fact, with professional, personal and social position, need to have a significant relationship. However, the development of China Internet industry is the most promising, with the biggest needs of industry. The network marketing is hot. In the network marketing.


may have a lot of college students or young people say business, but I think that college students’ entrepreneurship, lonely prince, there is no certain resources and experience, that is to say words, find a promising good job, it is more consistent with our reality. Unfortunately, the development speed of China too fast, the education does not have the ability to follow up the situation of employment, many college students graduation equals unemployment. In the depths of the job market, college students how to choose?

The author thinks: lonely Prince

Shanghai dragon? This has been more than one person asked me! So what is Shanghai dragon? Love Shanghai encyclopedia is explained: Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization), a Chinese version of search engine optimization, network marketing is more popular, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase the site’s visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities.

Brand analysis of local site Entrepreneurship lasting influence

Hello everybody, I’m grassroots brother, today for everyone to come to the local site entrepreneurial series of brand building analysis. In an article in the grassroots brother already and we talked to a local site planning content, some readers think that grassroots brother in. We continue the analysis, to make more vitality of our site, in addition to our promotion work to do well, we should focus on how to build our brand, to become one of the new media can affect what we do local site. Don’t talk nonsense, get to the point.

brand Keywords: influence, lasting

wants to enhance our brand value, we have to enhance the influence and persistence of the site. A brand can not be built overnight. In an article in the grassroots brother mentioned streaking and bestie promotion way, a children’s shoes brother said it would make spray grassroots people laugh, in fact it is nothing but want to let everyone grassroots brother under divergent thinking, planning of a relatively new promotion plan, and not really to wearing a home a red underwear in the Street naked. And we know, in general, through the promotion of users, can leave only a few, more need our long-term operation work to enhance our influence.

to build a powerful brand, there are several ways summed up: first, to the user through the user, namely the accumulation of some seeds in the early users, bring more users through these seed users, thus creating a word-of-mouth effect. Second, through the gathering of users and businesses, planning and hosting a series of users can participate in, and in line with the user’s appetite activities, and thus enhance the site in the user’s image of the heart. Third, through long-term advertising in the local, let our site slowly to users have subtle influence. Fourth, but also the most important point, the site’s internal planning and operation, adhere to do it, one day will be better than the day.

unconsciously elaborated a great deal of theory, these children’s shoes all understand, we will be specific. The above aspects, in fact, are an integral whole, and any link is not good, will affect the overall effectiveness of our results. Said the first promotion, in the previous article we mentioned about the issue of promotion, with some of the more creative ways of promotion can let us get good results, here we will not go into details, we focus on how to let us bring users more users.

The process of

promotion and operation as we date, good promotion means to be able to attract more users, it is like we attract girls, and the operation process is what makes us about the user, change point analysis, if we have our success will be the right girl out, but the process we feel boring dating to the goddess, the goddess that will take you away? The answer is.. Well, guess.

, why can we let the goddess fall in love with us? Grassroots!

True experiences after graduation

2007 June at the age of 17, I finally went out of the gate, set foot on society! I am graduated from technical school, a mixed school for a year, what did not learn, only learn is to play games online,

idle away in seeking pleasure!

graduated, arranged in the school, came to Shenzhen, just began to think that work is very good, but do not stand for a few days, and leave you sweat ` ` left school, arranged into the factory! Go to work, a month later, still did not find a job, in fact, is not not found but do not want to do. In Shenzhen, everyone knows that the place where the money is made is too tired, and there is no money in the easy place. After playing in Shenzhen for more than two months, I went into a hotel as a waiter, and the hotel did great. I came to Xiamen two months later,


to Xiamen, the first thing is to find the Internet, because I am a man, and have no friends here, so only the Internet cafe, a boring Search about the network of part-time, see record, go look, that is also good, contact customer service, he told me a lot of theory I feel good, you decided to join, anyway, just 198 dollars, I think you can join to make money, but a month down did not earn a penny! Discouraged, give up


began to follow other people to do foreign click station, every day hand is numb, and one month down still did not earn a penny, I began to doubt that the network can really make money?


April, I see other people every day a lot of people click Wangzhuan station point like, I would like to be able to make money, he decided to open his own one, but I do not stop, hey… . sad! But has been determined, I will to do, just to find someone to buy the program, then the program for selling up, spend a few hundred dollars, is basically done, I started to look at each Wangzhuan forum publicity, membership increased day by day, a happy heart, can how many days did the website good times don’t last long, attacked, also horse, procedures have been revised, I still cannot see how he, who asked what is not! I can sell the program, originally wanted to call his program to send a copy to me, but he didn’t understand science! The


I decided to learn to do, I began to study on the Internet website, everywhere to see some things to do, a month later, he learned some basic things, I decided to do a website, just do it to buy corn in the online download space immediately. A beauty station source, uploaded to the space, just add some content, look basically well! Promotion, I started to go to the forum every day, did not find what effect, I search in Baidu, found in the webmaster nets, see a lot of promotion website article, so every day I see posted here no, go to my website, after a few days to open the site to see the sweat… The website has been shut down! Contact the space business, he said that my website has adult content, I faint, just some pictures just, where come the adult content, he just refuses to give me to open, hey…


Enterprise station half a month was included in the Baidu share

since was included in the Baidu after a long time did not come to webmaster net hair article, mainly time busy, in fact, long ago want to share with you, now share this process,

used to read a lot of articles did a lot of Baidu included in the station, this year seems to have included become not so easy, especially Baidu, many webmaster said it would be two or three months Baidu will be included, there are also individual stationmaster can be two or three days, but when I do very seriously to do no matter whether or not included, for example, to Baidu Post Bar posts, and to register a blog, but also made some useful external links, anyway not included in period have been doing, not for.

In fact,

not included before two days in stationmaster net sent Baidu why not been included in the article, but no master to answer, so still stick to their beliefs to do, not included before actually every day is to go to the Baidu SITE, in April 9th when Baidu SITE found a collection of 280, now you open look you will find, is already more than 1000, Ie=gb2312& bs=%C4%E1%C1%FA%B4%F8& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& ct=0; this is just a business station, often do station that can be collected so much is not easy to do, now the main keywords of this station is fifth pages in Baidu, GOOGLE also in second pages. Of course written is not to show off what I just told you, especially the new owners, must adhere to, no matter what others say, do some Will be included. By the way, there’s no title.

in the process

has made several


,, ie=gb2312& sr=& z=& cl=3&; f=8& ct=0;

,, ct=0& ie=gb2312& sr=&; z=& cl=3& f=8&

,, ct=0& ie=gb2312& bs=site%3>

Be in control of the fate of the site for six months to experience

began to contact the site since 2006, and began to do its own website in 2007.

has never wanted to know what he wants to do on his website. What about the vanity of big traffic? Or is it for life or something else?. Never seriously thought of problems, after a series of blows the other day, I began to think.

maybe because I’m interested in doing the station (to be exact, to be a forum, especially the CSS design for plug-in writing styles in the PHP forum program. I admit that I have never learned the language of PHP and Photoshop, I rely on only a little bit of basic C language (when a novice when almost hanging on some of the CSS) and their own understanding and Baidu optimization.

In addition to the

but I think I do stand so persistent (not day and night, almost every night), and one should be responsible for the maintenance of the forum. Because what I do is the forum, not the CMS kind of station, the forum is must depend on everybody to maintain together the development, therefore management is a very big matter. But I was a poor student, can not afford to buy a good space, always forum server problems, such as a lot of problems, almost every forum I hang up miserable, look at the brothers in the group were asked how to go to the forum, I dare not only stealth answer, I don’t know the answer to what they. I don’t know what specific space to what a good time to visit the forum. Because the space is cheap, so do not expect much good service, and even then added QQ, a month later did not go on the line.

so, I have removed a few space providers, but also paid a very heavy price for this forum K was once 6000IP traffic (really much for me), began to fall to about 2000. So I put the link in front of the forum, I hope Baidu can give another chance. Earlier forum space and the problem of the JS, I really no confidence, just met the wide yuan network to Internet webmaster scheme introduced by, holding a glimmer of hope to fill in the data, then the customer service is very seriously asked me some questions also fill out a contract (since the first). We finally agreed to finance forum. By now, the forum has just moved in for about 2 days, hoping to settle down.

I’m not doing it without income. Yes, GGAD. Maybe I’m too stupid. I’ve issued 3 times, so far I haven’t received one. The first time is because I do not understand, delay the payment of reservations, the second also retained, and the three time to pick up (this time), unfortunately unfortunately, all let me hit, identity cards along with the wallet was zoned.

was lucky for a while, his wallet was drawn, and he was taken to the police station. Because in the Internet cafes outside the morning sleeping, memory machine was stolen, the cafe owner (* fuck up) gave me a slap in the face.