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Shanghai Longfeng novice do not know the keywords deployment techniques

Optimization Practice

common phenomenon

< > keyword stuffing is a common phenomenon.

< two > most of the webmaster is greedy

every day there are a lot of friends into the personal webmaster for website optimization industry, do not know where to start. Below I site keywords optimization of this piece with his own experience, to share with you how to optimize the deployment of key words.

keywords appear more at the same time, the less words, the higher the weight, so it is recommended that the best keywords appear 2-3 times, the best is the 2 most please, no more than 3 times. The words and try to make you the most attention in the title forward. If a word is absolute, but it is the best for you.




why greedy? Because many webmaster love most of their energies in the love of Shanghai index is high above the words, but ignored some low index of long tail keywords. There are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large. Basic properties: long tail keywords is extensible, targeted, wide range.

for a web page, the two most important factors is the title and content. The title of the website users can know at a glance the article explains is what aspects or you can get the information they need. Some owners will go to a new web site dubbed the China best XXX website "like this exaggerated headlines. This is not only a manifestation of establishing your brand but also waste weight. Our personal webmaster than some portals, enterprises can take some more exaggerated title. Because the portal or enterprise station itself has a brand effect, and we have what


is known as Keywords and Discription Meta label has become less important, all there are a lot of people focus on the Title label. In order to obtain the weight "in the title piled up a lot of key words. I want to say is, this method does not have any positive effect and negative effect only. Is likely to be judged as search engine cheating, will distract the weight.

< three > the weight of the more common

best to keep the original article in some degree, according to the original article, here is not recommended for pseudo original. Here I compare the proposed approach is: as much as possible to the content of the website in your own words to describe, to change. Or writing related evaluation and your opinion in the end. Then, without affecting the core idea, interspersed with related keywords or long tail word.


waste site title

for content optimization

for the titleBecause the

On the 404 page will transfer into harm his chain using 301 redirect

and the meaning of the original author is how to grasp the weight on the one hand, to this weight of the chain directly back, and not let go, here, I also have my own point of view, this is the chain itself "贵族宝贝xxxxx贵族宝贝/rich-snippets.htmlGFQ", the chain link is over 404 pages, if you put these pages 301 off, this situation and website appeared in a large number of 404 pages, and then directly to the 404 page 301 to a page is the same; if your site has 404 pages, so in order to prevent these weight loss, it will all these pages to the home page 301? This is not consistent with the search the engine, if you want to know about it, just love Shanghai "404 page 301 to page you can understand more harm".

404 page treatment, many websites with 404 pages are not well treated, some sites will be 404 page 302 to page 404, some 301 pages to the home page, which meet the eye everywhere they are well intentioned, perhaps, but in the eyes of the search engines, is a very bad way. Why, the direct use of noble baby administrator’s guide you can find the answer.

original author, 404 points to the chain of errors attributed and external sites caused by this sentence, but the 404 no ground for blame, wrong, is determined by their own website program, since there is no way to escape, such as the page in the A5 can also appear a lot of live like that the suffix 404 page, directly behind the accession to the 1.html, 2.html, can, That’s all., but if someone deliberately plan with the form of the chain link to this page, that is to bring the link, website That’s all., at most a 404 page, and there will be no other.

first, then according to the original idea of writing. The original "here that the internal error is not generated 404 site 404, but due to the spider crawling error error URL to this station outside of the chain, the formation of 404 corresponding code. Is the 404 page 301 page can be turned to normal access we should take, make the weight can get normal transmission."

A5 today to see an article "using 301 404 error transfer of the chain", as the original, you see, when I read the time of the whole article, the heart can not help surprised, when 404 pages can become a site outside the chain, in the above, the author will use the 301 flexibility is very good, but by the way and method, the author does not agree with me, so I scribbled a 404 page, will cause the chain transfer into their own hazards using a 301 redirect. Then according to their own understanding, this kind of harm in what place?

Analysis of space access speed and site access speed and different association

if the site access speed below 5S, the website can be love Shanghai spiders, if higher than 5S, then your station is dangerous, because love is higher than that of 5S Shanghai will lead to the failure of spider crawling timeout. There are a lot of new sites not included is the reason. Sometimes a region access timeout, this is quite normal, but if this happens frequently, it would need to clean up the site, find out the factors affecting the speed of.

website speed test tool can use the Kaka network address is: 贵族宝贝webkaka贵族宝贝/. If I need to test the access speed of www.xudianchi5贵族宝贝, enter the URL after the point can be determined.

space can be used to test out tools. The tool used is 贵族宝贝ping.chinaz贵族宝贝/. If I need to test www.xxx贵族宝贝’s space access speed, as long as the site can be lost into test.

The access speed of The speed of access to the

if your site to buy U.S. space, for the domestic service, Ping values are generally larger, if the Ping value is less than 200ms, is relatively good, don’t take this value to the domestic space, Ping value, not what meaning.

two, website access speed test.

the purchase of space, need to test the speed of space, domestic space, Ping value is generally good, if the Ping value is less than 50ms, so it is a better space velocity.

The evaluation and selection of The

four, the visit speed of website need long-term attention.

space fast does not mean website access speed, space access speed slow is bound to affect the site access speed. Space access speed is an important standard to refer to our purchase of space, site access speed is an important focus for our evaluation of the website.

The speed of access to the

we may encounter this problem: the beginning of time, site access speed is very fast, with the passage of time, access to more and more slowly. At this time, the need for the server to carry on the analysis,.

Effect of

we all know influence factors on Web site space is very large, so the purchase of space, space access speed is an important standard. However, many people still have some misunderstanding on the inside, such as space access speed OK on everything, actually not like this. It is necessary to clear the space access speed and web access speed is not the same concept, the following analysis.

three, the space access speed of website access speed.

space space is a sign of good or bad, but not your website access speed standard.

, a space access speed.

08 years of website promotion hot like feast

Xiao Bian’s complaints: Dear webmaster friends, in the small series of repeated efforts and brainstorming, the first phase of the "webmaster" finally met with you (flowers? What about applause? Where’s the flash?. Less gossip continued, the first phase we offer 2008 website promotion gluttonous dinner, make your site with the help of hot events within a short period of time to hot up, (TSK TSK………)

      the importance of website promotion is self-evident, and now the promotion methods are also various, each has its merits. Here, we only introduce one of them — seize the hot events, carry on the strong promotion, make the event "gluttonous feast", let more users take the initiative to enjoy".


feast first step: material selection for dishes feast in second steps: deep processing to do the dishes feast third: launched hot feast feast fourth: lasting aftertaste stick users

gluttonous feast, the first step: choose materials, find dishes,

feast is bound to have a lot of food, first of all to choose materials, that is, looking for a hot spot can be promoted. Sina, Sohu, Top.baidu, or QQ group, everyone’s discussion is the best market we choose. Webmaster can from their website positioning, choose the right hot spots to do. Here are some "small finishing hot dishes, shortage of applause. ^_^

1, fine stir (Social News)

      this is the most common dish and, of course, the most popular dish. How many people can escape the temptation of such dishes? This kind of many dishes, such as the Southern China tiger incident, black brickkiln thousands of children drudge exposure events, French man in Qiandao Lake shameless, most people know that in the Internet and discussed it, how you can site lacks this kind of content?

(reference post: http://dzh.mop.com/topic/main/readSubMain_7971849_0.html)

2, Xiaochao (live entertainment events report)

      with the hotel "fine cooking" if you miss the Home Dishes? This kind of food (hot) is especially suitable for the talk at leisure, such as youth inspirational drama popular screen "soldier assault", "struggle", director Ang Lee’s new film "lust", lotus, pornographic. Let you have more traffic, the conversation is essential at leisure. Of course, webmasters should also pay attention to a "scale" of the problem, illegal, harmful to society can not be used, oh, just like Edison Chan event, although the public attention to the high degree of photos, but this matter can make >