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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform search function on the line

cool company general manager Pan Jun said that for a large class of hundreds of millions of information website, website title search or full-text search, to ensure that the search speed, ease of use, the use of expansion. Is a difficult problem to enterprises. The search function now love Shanghai Webmaster Platform completely help us solve this problem. In addition to submit the search results page, set the search appearance, can also associate love Shanghai alliance, to search data analysis, search.

How to evaluate

August 16th -8 month 25 days, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched the "3000 first search authority" activities, activities during the day to send out 300 search permission. As long as we are Webmaster Platform verified on the website, you can participate in the activities, a love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform account every day there are 10 chance draw, because it is at 10 in the morning every day to send out 300 search permissions, so the sooner in the higher chance of winning. Search activities address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/customsearch

A5 webmaster search marketing director Tang Shijun love Shanghai station search, and a powerful webmaster tools, for each site are more practical, search volume is bigger, there is no need to worry about the pressure on the server. Love Shanghai station search can be added to the search page, search logo related domain name, custom search results and search box style style, statistical data can also search; and love the Shanghai union revenue account interconnection. At present the A5 station network, have been searching in the use of the sea in the station, opened very fast, more accurate search results.


? ? What How to configure



if you are in search for website results are not accurate and troubled? To worry about the search cost of server and human development is heavy, as the search data is not updated in a timely manner and distress? In order to solve the above problems, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform in 2013 launched search tools, help owners to easily create their own search engine.

search the search for "love Shanghai custom station (Custom Search)", aims to help owners at low cost to provide high quality service for the users to search the site. Through the search tool, you can customize the search results page: show the style, enhance the user experience; the allocation of advertising, advertising revenue; relying on the love of Shanghai search technology, the web server and reduce labor costs.

when we get search permission, can be found in other search tools Webmaster Platform under configuration. Then fill in the basic information, access to our website can be placed above, as shown in figure

in search of

is to search the

The feasibility analysis of Shanghai Longfeng Project Outsourcing

The analysis of

in addition to high quality content, another decisive factor is the high quality of the chain. The chain is on the one hand up, one day a time out, most people feel tired, especially the heart.

2, the content of the feasibility of


Shanghai dragon is the key content of high quality, and the common content is webmaster optimization of the bottleneck problem, there is market demand, people have to help you create the content, or the original. This relatively, outsourcing, a day or a month on Monday to check to see whether the good love included Shanghai, whether included to delete the phenomenon, good is not good to stop outsourcing outsourcing. I think there is a certain feasibility of outsourcing content.

The whole point of

1, Shanghai dragon outsourcing

outsourcing, undertaking who can honestly help you optimize it, thousands of dollars, for several months, a few employees can only fix overhead? Is their survival, so ZhengZhan outsourcing is not feasible.

secondly, we analyze the feasibility of

The analysis of station

has a lot of outsourcing ads are claimed only a week, 10 days and a half months to let you love Shanghai ranked top. However, according to my experience optimized a little value of keywords, there are hundreds of index keywords, using white hat means, do love Shanghai before three will be at least 3 months. On the home page for a month, the other at combat webmaster is not in vain, love Shanghai not live up to concentrate on operators, certainly some black hat occupied home example quickly, but few of them can long-term.

since 2003 China began to appear in Shanghai dragon in this industry, to now become the necessary skills of webmaster, is a hot topic of discussion forum of stationmaster of second place. It is derived from a variety of optimization methods and Realization of thinking, Shanghai Longfeng project outsourcing is one of them.

3, the chain outsourcing feasibility

as the recent love Shanghai BOSS said, not all people are suitable for business, not all owners are suitable for Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng requirements must be the norm in the webmaster attitude, perseverance must be strong enough to hold, the mood must be stable enough to face the ravages of love Shanghai must have enough patience, must stick to the strategy of content + chain. However, not all characters are consistent with the requirements, there are many owners anxious, a month is not included, no ranking will give up, there is a part of the webmaster active thinking, simple technology such disdain in mechanical, Shanghai dragon outsourcing also application is born, only one thousand eight hundred dollars, you can will you outside of the chain, and even out of the whole site optimization outsourcing, greatly reducing the webmaster hard, you just want to be profitable.

first, we analyze the emergence of Shanghai dragon outsourcing background

Shanghai Longfeng Project OutsourcingFeasibility analysis of

Website optimization process should learn to ride on the long tail word

point let us now to do, even if we try hard at work, and it is not easy to make up, so we need to start from the long tail word, as we do in different industries, I will give an example from the type I do speak, I do is type QQ type the site is popular, because Tencent application, a casual word can bring a lot of surrounding traffic, here we explain the word QQ character signature. Before I do stand analysis of the word competition heat, as follows, the average index for 20W love Shanghai weekend double is 40W, love Shanghai search results for 1300W data, the same type of independent sites should be no less than 1 thousand, this is only an estimate, such competition strongly believe that if we directly optimize the QQ character signature it should be a lifetime optimization is not up. Unless you are a master of the master, or your relatives with love Shanghai, then there is love you Shanghai.

website optimization is a learning, web site optimization of the site has a good ranking plays an indelible role, we often meet some Shanghai dragon master put some content of the site is poor quality to the front of the site, it can not be said to have Shanghai dragon very attractive charm, it attracts many webmaster every day in the study, the practice of Shanghai dragon.


is not expected to do more, I began to analyze QQ character signature related long tail word, after some consideration, and ultimately determine the long tail word optimization, QQ sad character signature, QQ character signature, such word index is not high, but the competition is only several thousand heat is relatively small. Still have a chance to make up, because we choose the long tail word title with the key words are related, so we put up the long tail word optimization, keyword ranking will be promoted step by step.


I also love Shanghai dragon, but the optimization level of me is not how good, belongs to the rookie level, today we will discuss how to start from the long tail word, and make up the main keywords. We are doing the station, more clearly, now whether each site, there is competition, and competition are not in general, if you want to compete directly with those big words, can not say no chance, can say very little, here refers to a new term, key words long tail words, what is the long tail words. As the name suggests, the website of non target key words but also can bring the flow of search keywords, called long tail keywords. The characteristics of long tail keywords is relatively long, often is 2-3 words, even the phrase exists in the content of the page, in addition to the title of the page, but also in content. The search volume is very small, and unstable. The long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products much higher than target keywords. There are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large. Basic properties: long tail keywords is extensible, targeted, wide range.

The next step is

In April, the top 50 sites in the United States shlf1314 first, Facebook eighthAnother one plunged i

compared with MOGU, Fresh and other content, the electricity supplier will be user transactions oriented brand’s official website or third party platform, LOOK has achieved a closed loop of the transaction. It is reported that the LOOK technical team has developed a set of overseas business platform can be integrated with the library of goods order management system, let the user in the LOOK mobile terminal can directly complete the purchase by overseas direct mail to cross-border electricity supplier delivery way for users.

in April, shlf1314 continued to take the lead, access to 155 million, YAHOO ranked second, the number of visits reached 149 million; Microsoft ranked third in the site, the number of visits reached 126 million 500 thousand. Facebook climbed to eighth place with an increase of 67 million 500 thousand of visitors.

TechWeb reported on May 18th news, according to foreign media reports, April network activity data US internet research company comScore released show that in April the United States ranked top 50 website, shlf1314 continues to rank first 155 million visitors. The outbreak of swine flu has led to a surge in the flow of the CDC’s website CDC.gov. Meanwhile, social networking sites are again breaking new records as Twitter and Facebook visits surge.


just launched a week, the LOOK and the world’s largest electricity supplier buyer Farfetch, Britain’s biggest beauty electricity supplier LOOKFantastic, Richemont’s Net-a-Porter nearly 10 luxury fashion business platform more than 300 thousand SKU through products sold by customer price at around 1000 yuan, the day order is over 100.

editor’s note each KOL is a huge consumer group, as long as the content of a little "Amway", it can arouse fans desire to buy. Content, electricity providers in such a background, such as the fashion has sprung up the wind.

the outbreak of swine flu has prompted more Americans to surf the web searching for information about prevention, detection and treatment. Data show that the U. S. centers for Disease Control website CDC.gov traffic growth of 142%, the number of independent visits reached 5 million 700 thousand, becoming the largest increase in traffic in April site.

April, real estate category website traffic increased by 10%, the number of visits amounted to 48 million 400 thousand. MoveNetwork has become the largest increase in real estate websites, an increase of 88% compared with March, the number of visits was 13 million 200 thousand; YAHOO real estate ranked second, an increase of 11%, the number of visits was 6 million 800 thousand; AOL real estate ranked third, an increase of 15%, the number of visits was 3 million 600 thousand.

prides himself on rewriting ASOS’s fate in China

this is also the main reason for pushing customers at 1000 yuan ~10000 yuan a single product. To avoid the mainstream and cross-border competition in the electricity supplier selection, positioning LOOK overseas fashion electricity supplier in clothing, accessories, cosmetics and other non-standard products based on obvious rivals has not yet appeared in the current market.

home improvement website traffic growth of

had a brief period of entrepreneurship in the fashion business platform fresh, senior media people born to NetEase strict content providers have their own ideas, and with three partners founded by fashion information content for LOOK business platform carrier.

swine flu spur search information surge

comScore data also shows that due to critical u. S.

in April, social networking sites experienced a record month of growth, growth of 12%, access to 140 million, accounting for almost 3/4 of the total number of Internet users in the United states. MySpace ranked first, with 71 million visitors, Facebook ranked second, and 67 million 500 thousand visitors. Twitter broke the record again, ranking third on social networking sites, up 83% monthly, with 17 million visitors.

social networking breakthrough record

just in the past June, ASOS, a British fashion retailer, announced its formal withdrawal from the Chinese market, and the reasons why analysts withdrew ASOS

strict that community from the mogujie based electricity supplier shopping guide, shopping guide to the red book, the content of the electricity supplier darling mainly, to present the information content providers, each mode of change is the reflection of consumption upgrade. Among them, mogujie can only promote 100 yuan unit price transactions, such transactions fast, high rate of re acquisition. The little red book, darling is able to dominate the 200 yuan ~300 yuan a single customer, because your product core information can improve the user trust in the products. For higher priced products, to enrich the graphic presentation, the construction of scene consumption, users dare to order.

"higher consumption requires more content to train users."." LOOKCEO strict, so that the content of the electricity supplier’s market position. Unlike the little red book, darling, this kind of UGC generated content, the content of the form of electricity providers led to PGC.

April US website top 50

according to foreign media reports, April network activity data US internet research company comScore released show that in April the United States ranked top 50 website, shlf1314 continues to rank first 155 million visitors. Meanwhile, the outbreak of swine flu caused a surge in the CDC’s website CDC.gov. Meanwhile, social networking sites are again breaking new records as Twitter and Facebook visits surge.

Can advertising support a personal stationTencent Tony don’t satisfy this. It’s no use throwing you

, a vs

has seen many companies, after funding and team size, like to use high, high hit way into a field. For example, a momentum grand meeting, to mobilize a large number of personnel, the occasion team reached the certain field.

advertisement feed the station master? The answer seems to be varied. There are answers to feed, there are also unable to answer, there are new webmaster do not know. Able to feed a small number of people, and more of the webmaster is now hard to set up, busy update, and advertising revenue is weak.

wants to talk a little bit about the big team today.

Can the

Zhang Zhidong, honorary president of Tencent Inc and Tencent, lifelong honorary consultant.

high high spirit products To be able to get advertising revenue

my website is aimed at serving primary and secondary school students, college students, teachers and parents. The website mainly provide educational news, courseware, learning experience, campus life, job recruitment, these are free, you can not underestimate these, he can bring a lot of traffic for me, here is how these will be converted to cash flow. My website also has two columns: tutor service and training enrollment. From statistical analysis, my visitors are divided into 3 parts, one is students, two is a teacher, and three is a parent. If it is accessible to the students, then it may need a tutor or teacher training; if it is, then it is possible to apply the tutor or teacher training; if parents visit, as may be requested for the children or tutor training class. Then I rely on recommendation tutoring fees, relying on training enrollment to make money. Specific on their own thinking, really do not understand, you can add my details.

first, even the Tencent’s founding team, did not have that far sighted vision;


One of the | Tencent founder !

1. from 0 to 0.1 to verify pain points and build consensus

product spirit is not good to describe, a good product is like a seed, from scratch, gradually grew into a sapling. The team’s founder led the team from 0 to 0.1, from 0.1 to 1, a process that condensed the spirit of a very simple team. When the team becomes larger, the product spirit is more easily deformed. In addition to evolving from the outside world, there are also changes from internal organizations and cultures.

this way to hold high, to show the determination and will of the soldiers, in the commodity sales, channels of heavy traditional industries, there will be a certain role in promoting team morale. But in the Internet industry, I personally feel the effect is very limited, the industry’s many failure cases, there are many Tencent internal failure to fight.

I have seen some enterprises, some of the team, in the start-up period, can make a very good product, but when enterprise development to a relatively large, money, people, strategy, resources for holding high dozen times, but will become mediocre products, but will not come out of the creativity.

then, how can we survive for the station where we can’t rely on advertising? How about the distance? I’m also a personal webmaster. My website is www.xuegle. May also belong to the industry station, but my station flow is not large, so advertising is difficult to make money. Many webmaster want to know how I earn money, here on the detailed introduction of the next.

Tony’s share at Tsing Teng University will tell you two important messages:

two, small team product spirit,

it is important for a small team to find out whether a soul is keen to spot the user’s pain points. The team may not be tall, but can deeply understand the user’s pain point, at this point on the basis of, in order to agglomerate a small team consensus, together to do something different, creative things. From the 0 to the 0.1 stage, whether we can hit the nail on the head and draw the consensus with the value of the product is a crucial starting point.

what kind of website, for example: Sina, , pcpop, stationmaster net, why they can profit by advertising? Can support himself or more people? A careful analysis of just a few points: one is the volume is great; the two is either the audience very wide Sina, belong to the portal, a wide range of customers, or specific industry pcpop belongs to IT digital, which is oriented to the webmaster webmaster.

Abstract: I have seen some companies, some of the team, in the start-up period, can make a very good product, but when enterprise development to a relatively large, money, people, strategy, resources for holding high dozen times, but will become commonplace, product creativity but will not come out.

second, there is no trust from 0 to 0.1 running in, and then more funds, resources, systems, processes also useless.

Internet is not lack of opportunities to make money, the lack of our innovative thinking. Let’s think together, let the bills roll in,

Three years valuation changed from 1 billion to 6 billion! Mengniu Marshal three new board game…..

in fact, the reason is generous, because Mengniu needed a strong person to come out and integrate milk upstream, to ensure that their milk supply.

by big acquisitions and landed three new board, Yang Wenjun saikexing built into a set of "seed industry, animal husbandry and Grassland" as one of the upstream dairy company, revenue and valuation also increased year by year.

to facilitate Ma’s worldwide globalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

is a rare exception to the SECCO star in the upper reaches of the dairy industry. In 2013 star valuation 1 billion 161 million, but by 2016, the valuation has reached 6 billion 261 million, three years increased by about 5000000000.

in 1998, Yang Wenjun left Erie, where he had worked for 10 years, with Niu Gensheng to create Mengniu from scratch.

dairy is a market that is still growing fast. According to estimates published in the prospectus, "demand for dairy products will continue to grow at an annual rate of 7% to 10% over the next 5-10 years, and demand for dairy products will be 1.5 times that of 2015 by 2020."".

, one of the major producers of explosive growth in China’s dairy industry in the past ten years, is a media evaluation of Yang Wenjun. His two venture has become a major event shaping the pattern of the domestic dairy industry.

"I’m a strong supporter of globalisation," said

double valuation in the short time of the new three Board companies have two categories, one is the previous two years of private equity, such as Jiuding; first, film and television entertainment companies, such as Yang Mi’s Ka OK media.

Ma Yun divided Ali’s relationship with the government into three stages. In the first stage, the government does not know what Ali is doing, but it gives space for development. "You get too many projects from the government, and you can’t get the market project," Ma Yun said. We have only focused on consumers and small businesses for the first ten years. We are developing fast."

headquarters in Geneva, Ma quipped that, to get offer more than half a year, has been on a business trip, and finally came back today, "punch to work", the excitement of the bad.


United Nations special pass left for Ma Yun

in September 2016, Ma was invited to serve as a special adviser on youth entrepreneurship and small businesses at the United Nations Conference on Trade and development. The appointment was made by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, within the United Nations system, equivalent to the Assistant Secretary General of the United nations.

took over the marshal saikexing Mengniu, the integration of upstream dairy

, who spoke to his colleagues at the scene. "Globalisation has so far been developing for 20 to 30 years, and still a baby.". Now is the best time to improve globalization, and only better globalization can achieve inclusive, sustainable, healthy and happy." He stressed that their own journey, "to globalization, electricity providers, not to globalization, Alibaba."."

and Yang Wenjun is the right man. From 1988 to enter the Erie milk food factory formerly hot Hui date, Yang Wenjun has 20 years of experience in the dairy industry. In 1998, he received the pass Niu’s olive branch, with Mengniu, and started to participate in a Mengniu Group, known as the "marshal of mengniu".

April 2012, the 46 year old Yang Wenjun stepped down as president of Mengniu, began to venture, from Mengniu hand over saikexing.

local time April 25th morning just after 9 pm, UN assistant secretary general, United Nations Conference on Trade and development of youth entrepreneurship and special adviser to small enterprises Ma came to Geneva Office of the United Nations, the first half of the year to share work with colleagues. Since his appointment last September, Ma has been running around the world, fulfilling his responsibilities to help young people and small businesses.

media evaluation, the move is more like Mengniu, a major shareholder of COFCO, COFCO its once generous gift of wealth.

when someone put forward the "China government in support of the rapid development of Alibaba and the success of the measures taken by this issue, Ma Yun said, he has been convinced, and the government should love each other, but don’t get married.

the second stage is understanding. Ma Yun said that when the scale became larger, all officials said they should do something and got a lot of understanding from the government. Last year, 24000 different levels of officials visited the Alibaba Park, each working

After becoming a United Nations official, The United Nations has also awarded the highest level of the United Nations’ red special pass for

Yang Wenjun from Mengniu Group handed over 17.78% of the equity, the shareholding ratio of 38.10%, becoming the controlling shareholder and actual controller, Mengniu Group Holdings fell to 4.05%.

Yang Wenjun and saikexing, become Mongolia >

, whether he is in public or meeting with dignitaries or business leaders, is talking about helping small businesses.

saikexing is already a net profit of about 20000000 upstream dairy company, control of Mengniu milk, is preparing for the listing.

valuation of the company is growing so fast, but backed by the "Mengniu Dairy gangster", because "one hand capital Mengniu marshal Yang Wenjun.

Ma Yun says that for the next 30 years, opportunities will be made for small people. Opportunities are for developing countries.

, according to statistics, in 2016 alone, Ma flew more than 800 hours, visited 33 countries and regions. Mr. Ma Yun said the more he talked with the president, Prime Minister and entrepreneur on the global trip, the more confident he was about globalisation.

A few thoughts about Baidu’s 14 days’ collection

my station is a computer security station (www.pcsafe120.com.cn), not what personal experience, also do not know much about SEO, only a little experience I was included in Baidu talk here for your advice.

1. Choose a better site procedures, I used the wind, personal feel very good.

2. Multi update, multi acquisition, but processing.

3. More in Baidu space, paste it, know the post. Remember to add your link, but remember not to post it maliciously.

4. Links to websites that exchange links are available.

I have these experiences, perhaps these are on the Internet, but I only have a purpose, that is, to the new webmaster a confidence. At the same time to welcome the majority of users, the station around, and some suggestions. I QQ:936072063

Home Title length and keyword frequency control

we all know, the title (page title) length should be concise hydroxylamine, English Title Control in 40-60 letters, and Chinese can appropriate length, search engine is not exceed a certain limit. Therefore the title title within the limits of their standard, web page title and space is very precious. Therefore, unless special needs, we do not recommend the company’s name was placed in such a land " " place! Some people say that the company’s brand is very important, so let the search engines know. So we want to * * * company name on the title page, actually. This is not necessary. The engine doesn’t care about this, they are concerned about what is Zhang Wangye, many people used to name the company added in each page title. More

is wrong!

also has a lot of people will join in the " home page; " Web page title, this is actually not necessary. The reason is very simple – most visitors don’t particularly look at the title. The search engine doesn’t think " page " in this two word is that this is the website home page. The two own space can accommodate a keyword, why put


web page space is very short. So the use of the word is very limited. Since the keywords must be used. But if they will not pass is the keyword string together soft text, the title is quite difficult sentences. Write out the title may not attract people, even the site immediately


example: a slimming tea "title as: " weight loss slimming tea, slimming tea.. use, diet, weight loss tea. So, with Swiss " search engines know this page is about slimming tea, but browsing% especially in the search engine results found that visitors are slimming tea to this title interest. If we change the " slimming tea to the young people who have lost weight with weight loss, slimming tea, use " is a Lang Lang catchy title. It can be predicted that the site click rate must be more than ideal. Of course, not every SEO staff will this operation, each site should do so, SEO personnel means not the same. So means will be different, my method, personal opinion, for reference only!

today is the first to write so much, Page Title Construction Company name, and " page " such words to take up valuable space, the search engine is very important. What is it and use it to determine the content of a web page


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