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Shanghai dragon is the analysis of a kind of life attitude of Shanghai dragon Er outlets

I see a lot of articles that have a lot of Shanghai dragon Er every day in the morning of the second day he anxious and fearful, scared up they find their site in Shanghai is not in love. Every day they are living in the shadow of love Shanghai, is this really is Shanghai dragon Er miserable place? I don’t think so. The last few days I’ve been thinking about us in the way? First I get a head paste, but I would like to go back one that actually way out in front of us.

third, down to improve the user experience of thinking, thinking ahead.

first, we answer a question: where is the basic starting point of love Shanghai adjustment, what is the fundamental purpose? Only one, is to improve the user experience, so as to avoid falling in love with sea appears a lot of garbage article, try to make the high quality articles displayed in front of the sea in ranking. This is the essence of love for the development of Shanghai, so this is the trend. Now Shanghai dragon chaotic era has slowly past, Shanghai Longfeng standard market will come. After the Shanghai dragon industry gradually changed the traditional industry and the same specification. So, we also try to follow the love of Shanghai, or can only be eliminated from the competition of Shanghai dragon. So, how are we going to follow Se on


love Shanghai in February 22nd, set off a great disturbance in Shanghai Longfeng industry, the station webmaster group to earn money so cool, this adjustment is no less than a big earthquake. But to have been used to stand group of friends, but not what feeling, even see myself standing rankings, it is grad

second, the depth of mining center thought their own website, according to the website of the theme, high quality writing classic, which can lead to high quality customer base flow health. A good article will bring a lot of traffic to the site, which has to push the site to the front of the users, such examples are not rare to see how you hold. As a foundation, is your station content is your customer would like to see, can give your customers to help, otherwise, why they come to your station? This is not by doing dumpster to bring some traffic can be compared, so to customer is your loyal customers, these customers will give you their own propaganda, not your hard hair article, they will write to your website. This is the highest level of the site.


first, to grasp the pulse of the development of SE, do not hinder development smoothly, otherwise, you will be knocked smashed to pieces. Just as love Shanghai adjust L-carnitine, now stations have been difficult to earn money again like before the garbage handy. Since we make money from the inside, we don’t hold do stand the thought of a web site, we need to further improve the user experience of thinking, after all previous capital accumulation is similar. If you like before, maybe you will lose everything.


The use of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform link submission tool included after exactly how much fas

1, the initiative to push the collection of speed is the fastest, we recommend that you regularly add high quality website links through this way to love Shanghai, to ensure that the link was found in Shanghai in love. Attention is the new high quality links, if repeated submission history links, low quality links will lead us no longer trust you submit the data.

we sports.sina贵族宝贝.cn to the domain name sina sports as an example, sina sports use link to active push function after 1 minutes of the page up to 45.38% of the total, a day included the proportion of 87.42%, pushing the average acceleration time of 571.77 seconds, shorten the time included explicit.


Submit the functions of

edu.people贵族宝贝.cn as an example, people贵族宝贝.cn education channel using the links submitted push included page accounted for the overall proportion of 50% within 1 minutes after feeding, a day included the proportion of 75%, pushing the average acceleration time of 708 seconds, and included the amount increased significantly; then we contrast does not use active push submit links the site, a similar site, do not use active push for capture, 1 minutes included 0, 1 days the amount collected is 11%; timeliness greatly. After comprehensive comparison can be seen that the active push effect can be said an immediate link.

link to effect? We will tell you in two cases:

and love Shanghai search engine launched in Shanghai Webmaster Platform in the link, through the active push function to update the contents of the initiative submitted to love Shanghai, love Shanghai will search through the original identification algorithm to excavate the original content, was identified as the original content will be included and ranking for specific keywords fast protection under the.

because search engines every day to capture numerous information content, there will be some less attention or ignore information cannot be taken into account to grab. Then you need to submit the site on their own initiative URL link, of course, the premise is must be included in the content is based on the website to provide quality content for the user.

also has several points to the site to be concerned about, submitted by the tool links these points can help the site better:

as the site managers, whether the site can be included and how long can love Shanghai love Shanghai included two points is very important, whether it can be collected before many articles talk a lot today, teach you an effective way to shorten the time to be included.

2, automatic push: no webmaster summary URL then push operation. With the help of the user’s browsing behavior to push the trigger action, eliminating the owners manual operation time.

How to use the

3, sitemap function can be used to submit the historical data and important data to love Shanghai, or will some regular updates to a web page. "

We go to the domain name

Zhong Zhixin Shanghai dragon search engine user experience button

"+1" button will be what kind of impact on the flow of my

in search results, personalized notes display your web page next can improve the site’s exposure rate, can also make the your site more attractive, which in turn will increase the probability of the user clicks into your web page.

Google " ?

recently made a "I love" button, the button is still not love Shanghai publicly, so far only.

search engine algorithm change is very big, many webmaster rankings are large floating. Although I do not know what joined the search engine algorithm, but I noticed that Google and love sea launched the "user experience own button".

Google clearly pointed out that this button will affect the keywords ranking. So in order to improve the Google rankings, or to fix the button, after all, it has become the Google ranking one of the factors. But at present in the Chinese have not been implemented, but estimates will soon spread to China.

if a social circle of friends of users of your web page to "+1", when the user login and nobility baby when performing a search, the search results will be the noble baby with the names of these people. If the user is not on the circle of friends you "," +1 "is the relevant search results may display the web page to get the total number of" +1 ".

compared to strangers recommended content, related to the degree of friends and acquaintances recommended by the content is often higher. For example, the professional critics provide film is good, but with your like-minded friends the movie for you may be more practical. Therefore, in determining the degree of correlation between the noble baby web page and the user query you when will make appropriate reference to your friends and contacts: "+1". This is just one of the baby for noble related degree determine the web page and ranking various basis, we will continue to adjust and perfect the related algorithms, to improve the overall quality of the search. As with all new ranking factors, we will be careful to enable "+1" and actively understand the influencing factors on the quality of the search.

"+1" button can help people find some relevant content from their familiar and trusted friends (such as the website, search results or noble baby ads). The user can add your website through the "+1" button on the recommendation of your content; so, when their friends and contacts when performing a search, and search the contents of the most relevant content recommendation will be displayed on the corresponding noble baby search results.


"+1" button will affect my website ranking in the search results of

"I love Shanghai love button"

"+1" button is how to affect the search results of

? ?

+1" button, the following is a reference to Google’s +1

Decoration network landing three new board for the renovation of the pain point, the founder saidThe


1, SEO. Sure enough, it needs concrete practice to realize the essence of seo. This piece is mainly internal construction and construction of the chain.

goes on to talk about external construction: what I do is personality


Huang Shengjie pointed out that the decoration of the two major pain points are caused by their uncertainty. On the one hand, the price of the decoration is opaque. How much does the decoration cost from the beginning to the end, and only a ballpark estimate can be made?. The subdivision, consumers will always encounter such as a gas cooker accessories to how much money, how much do you charge for the hose, plus fifty, one hundred yuan or one thousand or two thousand yuan is common. Consumers do not understand, not professional, resulting in always being professionals pit.

first talk about internal construction: build blog before, to their choice of objectives, key words are Latin dance, national standard Latin dance. The title is written in reference to Mou Changqing’s blog title. The Latin dance _ Latin Dance – Ji Zaibing Latin dance exchange blog. Because the dance industry to do SEO relatively little, almost no, Latin dance Baidu index of the word is about 600, so it was estimated that 2 to 3 months can achieve a good ranking. In addition, also looking for more than 500 long tail keywords. Ready to optimize with content pages. Each article is good anchor text, keywords will appear for the first time and bold, and remember the long tail keywords record, URl is standardized. Because of WordPress’s open source and the use of many plug-ins. It can be said that the search engine is very friendly, and at the beginning, 2 days later, Google included, 3 days later, Baidu also included. The opening was perfect, huh?. Unfortunately, a major mistake was made shortly afterwards. One day, when writing robots files, you accidentally banned all search engines except Google. So that more than 2 months, Baidu and YAHOO has only been included in the home page, and thought it was plug-in error, or into the sandbox. It was not until one day when I looked at the robots file that I found out. After changing a few days Baidu has continued to release some of the page. But now it’s still very small, only 25, of course, there are not many blogs. The voice of 16 stationmaster, only when the teacher talks, when some stationmaster carelessly accidentally wrote robots, I smiled, can not be me?. It is a pity that the blog update frequency is a bit low, with the construction of the chain is not, resulting in a lot of words in Baidu rankings are not very good. After all, Baidu attaches importance to content, Google attaches importance to the chain.

second, the duration is uncertain. There are many factors involved in the uncertainty of the project. It was originally scheduled to be completed, but it was never finished. One is the construction technology can be completed, another is Zhibuding where a material or send late, or out of stock, or send a problem to rework, which are caused by the core elements of extension.

December 2015, together with the decoration network obtained A round of financing, the strategic investment in the same period, VR leading enterprises dress up home Mei house 365, improve the enterprise ecological chain layout. Has reached a strategic cooperation with Tmall, sh419 finance to provide owners with better quality offline experience and staged consumer services.


promotion methods are enumerated.

at the construction end, together with the decoration network established a set of punishment mechanism. The whole construction process, users can evaluate the foreman, designer, principal business. If the complaints by users, light penalty, serious direct and foreman, designer, principal business contract.

10 spring festival when, at home idle more boring, just 09 years, the second half saw a lot of network marketing knowledge, want to practice yourself. So study Hot Blog mouchangqing, for his name Quanpin domain name, with WordPress to build an independent blog. So in February 21, 2010, little brother’s first independent blog was born. The mood of excitement is nothing to say, really did not expect the construction site is so easy. Unconsciously, the operation has been going on for almost 5 months now, and the relevant data are as follows.

it is understood that at present, together with the decoration network has accumulated more than 7 million service owners, Huang Sheng

can see from above, the small soldier is a low yield Bo, oh, still a little lazy ha. But Baidu snapshot is basically 24 hours, included and anti chain is normal. Here are some of the five months’ experience and lessons in promoting independent blogs.

how to solve the pain point of the decoration industry, together with the decoration network from two major measures taken. At the consumer side, all processes and quotations are transparent. Huang Shengjie said, especially the need to explain to consumers two problems, one is to buy your house, but the packages are not included, such as curtains and a relatively high degree of personalized products, the other one is people don’t need, but you need to. Decoration each is completely different, you may also demand different, super personalized of a market, or the structure of the house is also quite different.

TechWeb reported December 29th news, Beijing together with Polytron Technologies Inc network together decoration network recently officially landed three new board, became the first three new board listing of domestic Internet decoration service platform.

together with the decoration network is the national one-stop decoration service platform, the headquarters is located in Beijing, including building materials group purchase and Internet ready two core business. Founded in December 2009, the company has set up 16 branch offices and 10 experience stores, providing services to 49 major cities in china.

together with the decoration network CEO, Huang Shengjie has worked Soufangwang and Sohu focus, there are many years of real estate home experience, for the traditional decoration industry pain point, he has his own understanding.

Tencent three years of unsuccessful, abdication turret legend, 200 million monthly waterSimilar to ,

"Legend of turret" surprised the whole industry.

then, Lao Tzu no longer needs investment, and soon it became LP of funds such as Gao rong. By virtue of this game.

in May 2013, he and Tencent game "Aurora studio" the other two brothers founded the Lilith out technology. "The legend of the sword tower" is their first.


enterprise, vs enterprise, WeChat

he’s actually capricorn.


can not accurately describe the hand travel, card count?…

as the carrier of entrepreneurial vs, WeChat as the carrier of Entrepreneurship:

– baby, rich, very rich,

do you know how cool your day will be when you come out with a

developed a WeChat group assistant, will feed a small bunch of staff selling software, after a while ago hot circle of friends "characters" was banned in WeChat to refresh my circle of friends, and unblocked.

Abstract: 3 of us come out to start business, the success rate may be 20%; the team a little bit up, 60%; and find a forced release team, the market with good, just 100%.

Taobao vs micro dealer, micro store

cluster vs

a software that can help users at the same time dozens of operations, hundreds of , WeChat, buy software, you can control dozens, or even hundreds of , WeChat, in order to achieve maximum efficiency of promotion purposes. Everything is for marketing!

is there a cinema this is in addition to sell 91 of the dragon, the first time I saw the company in the cinema, not multi-purpose hall, is to see a large one


looks very pale and soft waxy, is actually a lion character: decision confidence never yield in spite of reverses, hope everything is under control.

is the same with WeChat services for enterprises based on the introduction of in enterprises, after years of promotion, precipitation, or have a certain market, but in comparison, just shortly after the birth of the company WeChat, penetration rate significantly less.


the terrace and the lecture hall are nothing,



in fact, before the product line is really short of money!



several Japanese style meditation rooms.

viral products jumped out, but the turret legend is a Mobile Games, compared it is super suction gold.

adds here: actually, money is not the only harvest of explosion money, and making money is not the only standard to evaluate "explosion".


this is also a "small user demand pain point" developed by the gadget, simple and good operation, according to the founder said, this product design took 10 minutes.

so, in the Tencent for three years, but mixed with a little outstanding Wang Xinwen classmate became a inspirational legend.

customers, using a accession, constructive channels set up a user IP, when you have a number, the five group, a space, you may only have 500 friends +2200 a group of users, less than 3000 of IP, but when you have 100 No. when your IP value rose to 20000, similar to a cattle station

play is simple: pay attention to the public number, enter the desired text, and then generate pictures, share friends circle, demand pain point is also very direct: friend circle letter >



130 people, 40 square meters per capita, you count it, in Shanghai, a total of more than 5000 flat office area.

to WeChat as the main development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurial team, to a large extent in the old way, and based on this similar service model entrepreneurs, earn is fast money.

at the industry gathering to see the big brother demo version, big brother are "ha ha"". Publisher also "ha ha"".

WeChat device

and then everyone usually makes chairs like this,

turn came, after a few months on the line, there will be 200 million yuan of monthly water,

? There are several Shuabing, annual

corresponding, WeChat circle called micro dealer, micro shop. The resources available are WeChat friends, WeChat group, WeChat friends circle.

WeChat circle of friends began to sell new things, this baby called WeChat mass device, called WeChat group control small assistant, called batch group control operation 30 mobile phones…… It is not very familiar with? When the prevalence of abnormal promotion, a man named group, has also won the free version of the mass marketing to attract staff, and finally we found that the total land free to have good stuff……

can enjoy a nice cottage with two little meow,

can now WeChat cornet? Public numbers can also deal! Do not know after the micro signal can not deal ah, such as a 5000 living micro signal sold to do micro business people……

The stationmaster is looking for opportunities in the trough

forgets about himself and forgets about seo. Experienced several years of ups and downs, finally let oneself understand, do stand important, that is, experience, want to stand long-term development, need is persistence and opportunities.

once said, "difficulty is a stumbling block to a weak willed person, which sets him back from depression. For a strong willed person, it is a stepping stone to make him stand tall and see farther."."

in life is underestimated, men and women have to bear to all aspects of their life and spiritual pressure, and dignity, and the only thing we can do, perhaps only suffer in silence, and then warned, do SEO lost everything can start again.

in fact, nothing can stop you from moving forward. The key is to see if you have a normal attitude and strong will in seo.

as a station, as long as the positive attitude to face the hardships, in the difficulties of looking for opportunities, difficulties will bring you unexpected results (webmaster must focus on persistence and opportunities). The underestimation of life is the cradle of exercise of will, the exercise of will requires hard skills, and the hard skills can not only reflect on the underestimation, but also train people’s will.

in the face of failure, different people will have different performance. Do the station failed, the evader can only be eliminated (say SEO is a legend), fear only more cowardly; only face, to see the dawn of success from failure…

Tencent products, Renren community, small game 4933, outdated… They are also from small start, in order to obtain the present development. So, I want to tell those casual webmaster, please come up with "persist" mentality, "insist", do your own web site. Perhaps one day your station will be as red as they are".

sister is talking the truth, not the legend…

original bee products network www.941mi.com reproduced please retain the information, thank you for your appreciation.

Analysis of the B2B industry needs to find breakthroughs and imagination

from the Internet to the development trend of B2B industry development has been thorough, whether the Alibaba or other B2B sites have been developed with, now the Internet is different from before, almost all business operations to B2B industry. In recent years, various types of B2B sites in the constant rise, from the building materials industry to the machinery industry, these industries are in e-commerce transactions, let enterprises through various Internet business platform and complete business transactions, and these have been completely cannot do without the B2B industry.

B2B industry in the continuous development, the current B2B industry website flood in, between the B2B website and website operators always feel the lack of what some of the objects, perhaps is the operation and maintenance of the imagination, then perhaps it is the breakthrough point of the lack of maintenance. However, in 60s and 70s, because of the limited environment, the acceptance of new things was limited, which led to the lack of attention to the so-called B2B networks. And the 80 generation, their environment is the network, they are familiar with the network and acceptance will be higher. And now the downturn in the B2B industry, it is in the 80 generation began to take over all these circumstances, is a development opportunity. Let more traffic change into money. The author is responsible for the business of B2B cat trade industry website, also has several years of experience in the operation and maintenance of this kind of website, but now B2B industry website to the white hot stage, the total feeling website operation B2B type is the lack of certain objects, the lead author of the unable to continue operation B2B website, and this year I was also thinking about them the lack of the object, so I have some new views on the future of B2B website maintenance, so today to talk about the author’s ideas.

one, operation and maintenance B2B website should have stability, exclusiveness and uniqueness,

first, stability, exclusiveness and uniqueness of operation and maintenance for the B2B industry website, the three point is the very core of identity, from several years of development of B2B industry is just from the current Internet language, this is the slow development of a depth of services, of course, many webmaster operation B2B they love the wholesale products, the author thinks that the B2B site to the product to a certain degree, the most important is the need to completely abandon traditional concepts to carry out maintenance. Therefore, for the webmaster, we must be stable, exclusive and unique.

and B2B, operation and maintenance of website owners to understand the operation of space here forever, the China B2B service is a very preliminary state, is also the information degree, characteristics of industrial clusters and foreign trade situation and other factors result in a B2B is the amount of the transaction is actually all Internet business in There is nothing comparable to this. For example, the author now operation and maintenance of the B2B site, the stability, exclusivity, uniqueness are done very well.

two, operation and maintenance B2B site, its products should be targeted, relevance,

operation and maintenance, B2B website, product selection for language >

Grassroots, do not abandon ideals and pursuits

crawled over the Internet for more than two years, making countless garbage stations. Flow from tens to tens of thousands of, have been K station countless, like me liar alliance is also quite a lot. Not earning much money is a mess of your life. As a webmaster, it is not easy to spend more than 16 hours a day in front of the computer.

content and the title is a little bit different, because I want to say is: the website is in persistence, but, blind insist, painful insist, as early as give up.

what is blind insistence, that is, they do not know how to engage in what, but it is in the station, the day is a day, a day is, in fact, nothing done. The pain of persistence is a common problem among many webmasters. He wanted to make a stand, ah, this is a formal profession, I do have a few hundreds of day income…… No money, I insist on doing the station, every day on the Internet to do some of their very annoying content. The purpose is entirely for money. This insistence process, boring, worthless, and will not have a future, no matter how long you insist,


personal website promotion is the webmaster most interested in, but also the most headache thing, the reason is very simple, and we can’t stand against large enterprises, because we have no money, burn things we are not willing to do, but now the network is so realistic, not simply don’t think based on the bleeding on the Internet, do we really will do


actually I hate the word "grassroots", what is our roots, we have no money to do publicity is our roots, you have money you big, it is the money pressure on us this hard webmaster is right, do stand easy? In fact, many webmaster do stand is to serve the public, and not every webmaster want to do a stand up to earn much money, it is better to do more garbage station directly, if you open the IE browser easily garbage station, ordinary users can not stand. But the problem appeared, even if our station do again beautiful, content is rich again, have not clicked, this is very big to every stationmaster blow, slow also lost the motivation that continues to go down. Although there are thousands of new websites, forums and blogs every day, it’s a pity that you can sustain it for a long time. Finally, you have to go to those large portals.


always see those large portals do we not fatigued? To be honest, those who have lost large web site, they are holding the dead wages every day just update the content, as they called the typist is a bit more reasonable, they have our personal webmaster site of the passion and creativity of it? But the Internet is not willing to give us a way to

personal website!

after half a year of frustration and consideration, I really broke out in silence, personal website really time to unite! Seek to survive only in unity! There is one very important point, if you decide to do, we must adhere to. If >