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Local portal site channel page optimization method

website to provide the latest market information is important information of information need to be hot, than the same industry information site more avant-garde, along with the Internet competition degree increased, the website construction must have bright, innovative business model. The information channels need to call in the home plate, information channels can be in the top-level domain WWW content, many portals in the channel page using two domain names, the contents of all in the two level domain name, home call is also two level domain name, this is not conducive to the optimization of the home page. The different call Advisory channels, "more" tab navigation links to pages, in order to reduce the loss of weight, "more" anchor text links with nofollow label shield.

real estate real estate channel

local real estate information portal website is the major channel of the core, each channel can bring search traffic to the site, different channel optimization methods are also different. Although the home page weight high website, but portal information may not all the information placed on the home page, channel page should also be reasonable use, channel page how to optimize? The author to share some channel page optimization method.

real estate portal website information, real estate information website is the largest drainage channel. Real estate channel Title Principle: real name – – front page headline event classification. Such as: Xuzhou real estate – Xuzhou new homes — Xuzhou * * real estate network. The hyperlink page in all real estate projects related to the unified name add to the page; all the property name of the parts as far as possible with the name of real estate, not replaced by other words; the hyperlink text is inserted into the appropriate keywords; mentioned real estate, real name to add a hyperlink property page is introduced to the market; where the information content, design of fixed template, to its own originality; the information content page to edit the page, add the information and information relevant to the theme page. Property pages to show detailed content to the user, the user wants to test what information from the sale, to optimize and perfect the sale page needs to contain "real estate home, real estate prices, real estate, real estate, real estate forum dynamic photo album, online customer service, to provide users a full range of real estate information. For customer comments page real estate channel, this page can shield the nofollow tag, reduce website weight loss.

market information channel

channel with the classification structure is complete and clear, not only can improve the website user experience, increase the user’s browsing quantity, but also can increase the depth of the spider crawl site, improve the site included. Here we share construction classification structure property website:


page classification clear channel


News Channel: the column page -> page -> the lower part; the list page > the content page list page -> -> real estate real estate >;

Keywords Shanghai dragon competition difficulty judging ideas

The number of


The The

The number of The number of

keyword is Shanghai dragon competition difficulty judging personnel must master the skills. If there is no way to judge the degree of difficulty to keyword ranking. Cannot estimate the keyword value and need to spend manpower. To Shanghai dragon work. Today at SEMKEY and we talk about the Shanghai dragon keyword competition the difficulty of some judgment method. Not very comprehensive. I hope to give you some ideas.

the Shanghai Longfeng people understand that there is not much to say. With the keyword "silver ornaments" as an example. Using search engines love Shanghai. For example, the "silver ornaments" the keywords to find relevant results about 3470000, can basically determine the word belongs to the medium difficulty. Optimization requires a certain amount of work.

To optimize the

needs more title keyword ranking, optimization of our competitors, the more the number of. On the other hand, relatively few competitors. Or we arrange and estimate the difficulty of optimization. We can use the intitle: keyword in the search engine to determine the degree of competition in the word. Although some words related to the number of results is less than 500 thousand, which belongs to the simple optimization, but if the number of page title keyword. What explains this word is also a fierce competition. We have carefully analyzed the chain of these pages and included, this is also the third criteria for judging.


, a search results the number of words

two, the title page keyword related results number

four, keyword ranking is the page or inside pages

The number of

is less than or equal to 5 million (more than 1 million) belongs to the optimization of medium difficulty.

search results returned by the number of keywords, keyword optimization more difficult. And the more likely to. The unknown concluded some standard is not very comprehensive, we are for reference only.

is less than or equal to 500 thousand simple optimization difficulty.

keyword ranking page chain domain name and included more. The greater the competition. The optimization of the more difficult. Need to carefully study this point. This is not the word is the key and difficulty of the competitors. On the other hand, the optimization of relative competitive small, relatively reduce the difficulty.

To optimize the

is less than or equal to 8 million (more than 5 million) optimization on the middle part of the difficulty, need certain work and skills.

number is not smaller than 10 million belong to the high difficulty of optimization. The need to accumulate skills and spend time and a certain number of.

three, keyword ranking page chain domain name and included

is less than or equal to 1 million (and more than 500 thousand) to optimize the difficulty.

King opened the Shanghai dragon circles the true face of pseudo experts (a)

two features: simple complex problems

first, do not deny that there are still some delicious expert network Shanghai dragon circles, such as Cardiff, ZAC etc.. In recent years, King found Shanghai dragon seems to overnight, out of a large number of those who claim to be experts, staggering. In the business community, do some packaging is no ground for blame, but excessive packaging, but some people. Open circles network pseudo experts face, pseudo experts have the following features:

features: three fuzzy rhetoric, explain some phenomenon

some of the so-called experts, self proclaimed too many titles, such as: a certain website founder, chief operating officer of the company, the core members of an organization, a website guest, a website columnist, Moumou expert. The title is more, inside more guilty. The real experts only one or two titles, such as Cardiff, Shanghai dragon why founder, is a title, although only a title, but enough to win the admiration and respect.

some of the so-called experts, he is perhaps half a bucket of water, but also learn from others to recruit disciples, the nets, publicity everywhere. Although the only trick some rookie, but rookie number, one is a flicker, no flicker new what technical content, the ability of the novice or more than sufficient flicker.

some of the so-called experts, most love simple to complicate the problem, to show their profound. Such a method is conducive to Shanghai dragon, but to write a passage to go around, in fact, that is the words, do not know is a brain problem, or pretend to be profound, some old concepts, but also love the same old stuff, let people get bored.

of course how to judge whether the pseudo experts, without a clear judgment of the boundaries is not pseudo experts and well-known. Some famous experts called, is actually more in name than in reality. Finally, I hope everyone has their independent judgment. Www.qs01贵族宝贝 king original, A5 first, please.

first statement: the king does not have any sour heart, just want to clean up the Internet environment, to know the network community spam now everywhere, plus some of the frivolous exaggeration, make the network more The atmosphere was foul. In the network world, king never claim to be an expert, a real expert has never been self styled, we recognize you, to you.

some of the so-called experts, love can not explain some phenomena with fuzzy speech interpretation, to show their experience. For example: search engine ranking interior modulation, fluctuations are normal, the website also needs to be improved, perhaps by artificial keywords. In fact, this explanation would not say no, because some phenomenon is really hard to explain, but always repeat these words, some people feel exhausted.

features: package, self styled title of a lot of

four features: imitate others, others also recruit apprentice

pretend to be profound.

Love Shanghai to promote the introduction and use of assistant keywords mining tools

mining is the most troublesome thing, we often do not know our customers want to search what kind of words, so the keyword mining is the most let me trouble, however, love Shanghai launched a keyword mining tool, which helps us to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, this tool called love Shanghai promotion assistant, this tool will need to register to use this tool, the function is good, I do Shanghai dragon was to use this keyword mining tools, the effect of the commonly used method is much better than us, I will introduce the use of a tool,


sign in click search promotion.

Enter the

out we should optimize the classification for later. Keywords mining the more the better, which helps the layout and Optimization on the key words. From Nanning Shanghai dragon team 贵族宝贝nn Shanghai dragon 1贵族宝贝/ please respect the author of labor,


search promotion page, click a keyword tool in the toolbar.


then entered into this page, we can carry out the operation.




keyword, if we use the word "mobile phone:" I want to use this word into the mobile phone search search box will appear on the mobile phone, the word keyword can be out, can choose what we want to do their own words.

After the

We must first love

Using the method of

Keywords Finally, we should tap the

we can search out the word and then into the search box, search again and so on, this can continue to find countless words. This is also conducive to our optimization, but this time only 300 search search keywords.

landing Shanghai promotion assistant, do not know where the landing, please search in the search box: "love Shanghai love Shanghai landing will be able to find no account, please register. Here remind the registration password to use case with the number to register successfully.



Webmaster actual site right down to determine causes and Solutions

NO1, Shanghai

site adjustmentThe



Could you

, NO4 >

NO2, the site was attacked

: the first benchmark data on Shanghai Longfeng data will generally anomaly, Shanghai dragon data weathervane is through the daily sampling 100 thousand sites to analysis data, relatively accurate.

when your website did not do any adjustment, there is no reason the website ranking drop, flow down, do not rush to judge whether the site right down, probably love Shanghai algorithm self adjustment due to the fluctuations of the website ranking. Then love Shanghai some abnormal adjustment algorithm.

Key words:

since mid June to the present, most of the website ranking floating is very large, the phenomenon of a lot of friends for their own judgment website right down, this revision eventually led to the website real right down, come from the data analysis, the main reason for most of the site to drop right is to love Shanghai self adjustment. In order to avoid the similar things happen, this paper records the site right down to determine causes and solutions.

second love stand tool floating data, you can analyze your web site keywords overall floating, you can also analyze other website keywords overall floating data, analysis of several peer data, multi analysis data to several colleagues, determine whether love Shanghai adjustment.

third: love from Shanghai algorithm adjustment announcement, like Shanghai told us Scindapsus algorithm, when the algorithm introduced many site Scindapsus, mistaken for violation of Scindapsus algorithm and drop right, then the site of natural restoration.


the site was attacked and you did not find, but does not mean you site is not being attacked, many industry will come with your gray weight to promote his products through the website to steal your folders in a page. There are many sites will add dark chain means on your page, here recommended you to do a good automatic backup site, when you can not solve the problem, can fully recover all data, and installation of online monitoring system of Web sites and other security measures.

website is one of the most worried about whether the reasons for the adjustment will be right down, in fact, love Shanghai algorithm is recommended for everyone to get experience to improve web site rankings, but most of the website is to completely replace the industry, or directly to a new site including the database template program to replace all. Here to remind friends, before the revision, please list the revision and contrast before the revision, the revised benefits after the revision of the advantages, it is not recommended that the replacement of URL and database etc.. Of course, if you are ready for the long-term development and the establishment of a new site, then is a new transformation, but I suggest you change a new domain from the new, old 301 domain to the new domain name, the domain name weight when the old domain inheritance, is very easy to love Shanghai assessment period.

First learn to pay, and then to think, return will be closer to the goal

the Internet is an open platform, the popularity of the network closer to the distance between people, the earth has become a global village. Stationmaster is the product of this network times.

said the master is as a long fight a lone battle, grassroots network owners, no sufficient funds, there is no strong background, no superhuman powers, no specific function, only in the personal website of the groping road. Stationmaster’s hardships, only oneself most clearly.

said that although the webmaster is very hard to fight a lone battle is inevitable, but the owners still have to learn to cooperate, to know their cooperation and win-win with others outside the box. As the saying goes, to take the first. If you want to gain the appreciation and cooperation of others, you should show yourself to others and meet the demands of others, and you will achieve your goals smoothly.

often visit A5 forums, see a lot of webmaster here to share information, exchange experience, often also see the exchange of links information. In a forum for a long time, naturally to other ID also gradually familiar with, from their posts, probably can understand this person’s personality, hobbies. For example, some ID often send some valuable posts, share their experience, do stand story, naturally high marks for the webmaster, his impression of the site is relatively good; there are some special ID AD, or forwarded some meaningless posts, not a valuable information from his post harvest. The station was not good impression. If this time, two people at the same time find you exchange links, I think we will be willing to and the former friends chain.

actually, this is the classic expression of "take it first, give it first". That valuable post of ID, he first provide others with valuable things, in other webmaster eyes set a good image; when he put forward certain requirements, naturally easy to obtain recognition and support. Not only to achieve the purpose, but also made friends, is a very smart, very simple way.

sometimes, the same is true of teamwork. For example, you are doing beauty website, and the NetEase is planning a woman nationwide "beauty Master" activities, I hope I can become the activities of the media support, and hope to make a woman NetEase channel link. You need to show their own advantages, such as the number of users, how to flow, the influence of the website, and tell them that you can do full coverage of site activities, do not need to return, just want to become one of the media support. At this point, NetEase channel is likely to accept your request, plus your website logo, to make your website a media support.

NetEase women’s channels want better publicity, and your website hopes to get a lot more exposure through NetEase’s women’s channels to raise the chance of leaving the country and kill two birds with one stone. As a portal like NetEase, it’s not easy to accept your request, so be sure to tell the other party what you can offer and what it can bring to the activity

Yang Huan to do soft marketing, will only write is not enough

Share of

marketing in today’s Internet proportion is quite high, the size of enterprise promotion in the use of this method, said bluntly, this is a kind of soft advertising form, some people say that this is a fraud, of course, even if this is a fraud, but also a good well, unless there is some people to cheat the user by using the method of trust, profit.

first, understand what soft Wen writer and soft text marketing difference,

soft Wen writer is only the purpose of promoting enterprises, publicity, brand promotion, product marketing and the birth of a person, so soft Wen writers can only be called a name. Soft Wen marketing is built on the soft itself and soft Wen writer on a sales method, with the writer of the difference is a big gap, want to become a professional soft Wen marketing is not so easy. If you write something like 20-50 of the total exposure, it’s a marketing failure.

two, soft Wen marketing value is

all know the site is the content of your site, if even the content is in a complete mess, how can let the user and the engine in your favor? Send some number of useless things rather than write an authoritative text, if the marketing of soft paper is definitely good enough, will be major web sites have reproduced, in this way, the first for the site’s reputation has great effect. Second if the marketing products greatly publicity, third between intangible on your web site, produced a lot of backlinks.

three, soft Wen marketing skills


1, a good soft Wen marketing will definitely collocation a perfect title, the title must be close to the user, for the user, do not take a similar title change happens, so the user has no resentment, highlight its own characteristics, a soft Wen title, just like you looks like anyone watching "love beauty, handsome". Be sure to let users of this simple title to you have a compulsive desire to enter, edit a perfect title, no matter where you send it, no one will delete your soft text.

Title Demo: Tangshan government invested billions of dollars to shoot big earthquakes: make money, not the pursuit of goals

Title Demo: shooting big earthquake in Tangshan, huge investment, not money,

the 2 title, the first is better than second, because the two Title Comparison, first from the point of view on the title of authority, and the official news of the atmosphere is very strong, if users choose to click, is definitely the first win. From the last words, money, not the pursuit of goals and never for money, give people the feeling, the first sentence to express more than second.

2, the title set is completed, the next is the content, original content is very important, for example, you are a user, see a soft after the first few paragraphs are the same, you will continue to read the original? Not to say, because you have to understand.

Some of my summary to the end of the struggle in the webmaster

the end of the year, up to the webmaster.

stationmaster is very busy, stationmaster is very busy really, the job is endless process to stationmaster. Believe that the webmaster have their own personal experience, always feel that time flies quickly from side to side, because a busy up, will forget the time.

webmaster work every day, usually have their own rules, do more become habits, habits become natural. After talking with many webmaster friends, summed up the next day, the webmaster do the general work, colleagues to everyone nagging.

1, turn on the computer, the first thing is to check their site, such as the guest network. See that customer network Baidu snapshot is updated, search engine included increase or decrease, if there is a bad situation Links site, see ALEXA in the rankings or back, the important point is to see how the keywords ranking. For example, refers to the guest network: every day will check "SMS writer", "funny text messages", "Love SMS", "birthday greeting SMS", "blessing SMS", "humorous jokes, SMS", "SMS" these words. A sunny day is a rainy day, the site also has wind rain sunshine, webmasters are accustomed to deep in the heart, occasionally with the webmaster exchange pour out a few words, not the owners do not want to express, but the webmaster to say these words is too much to say.

2, website statistics is an indispensable tool for webmasters, needed to be, sometimes I really have to thank the staff of the development of these programs, although they are expecting to profit idea, but it does give the webmaster tools bring real convenience. For example, check the flow, access details, keywords, antecedents and so on.

3, the above two points, many webmaster may have recorded habits, good memory is worse than rotten pen, every day record site situation, for web data analysis is good.

4, on the day after the site has an understanding, update site content is also a site of the work of heavy. Although some sites may have a special web site editor, but now generally are some small sites, site maintenance and update tasks or on the webmaster. Content originality is certainly good, original need questions, to write, may also be collected, organize, release, and this down and time.

5, do webmaster needed not just blindly work, afterwards also must be done more in the understanding of the industry, the track analysis on hot news. Because the webmaster must be in a short time to know the industry dynamics, such as some time ago "record door", "K station door"". Hot current events, not to mention, understand that some aspects of the information may bring good traffic to the site, of course, these need to have enough information to grasp the ability to grasp.

6, the webmaster do website promotion is based on the line, the network is the advantage of the webmaster. Promotion is a time consuming thing for the webmaster, especially the time spent, so that the webmaster always feel >!