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Shanghai love website snapshot afternoon update your website snapshot update.

Baidu recently a variety of actions, not only adjust the algorithm, but also the whole of a love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, after the Shanghai dragon optimization market will have a certain standard. Link, the garbage mass chain such cheating will be.

recently love Shanghai total volatility, made a relatively larger update on the evening of June 14th, many webmaster reflect included the drop of the surge in the chain, ranking is not much fluctuation. All records included in the site snapshot, and the chain is basically every day, go to work at 8:30 when a query. This week the query site, found a strange phenomenon: the afternoon update snapshot. Take the results today website, the first picture is 8:20 in the morning snapshot query, in June 17th, the second picture is at noon 13:10 query, snapshot update to June 19th. Yesterday is the same situation, did not cause too much attention, in the A5 forum found that there are many owners have encountered the same situation. The love of Shanghai are not so frequently updated snapshot. In view of this phenomenon, a little change in love I guess the Shanghai algorithm.


two, guess 2: the snapshot update time update in the afternoon;


three, guess 3: why is your website snapshot in the afternoon to update the

the next snapshot of the site search engine is generally considered friendly, but now the snapshot update speed, snapshot search engine friendly site snapshot will guess later. Can use this standard as the test optimization performance of Shanghai dragon. Before there will be love in the afternoon Shanghai website snapshot update, but not everyday. The past 2 days every query is so, it was a bit strange.

I found this week and that other webmasters can reflect the updated snapshot of the time in the afternoon, after every webmaster should check several times website information, at least one morning, afternoon once, and then compare the results under two queries which changes, including the snapshot, included, the chain and so on. Afternoon update snapshot is always there, but the recent frequent update time snapshot guess may be adjusted in the afternoon.


, guess 1: before the next snapshot may be adjusted for the snapshot;


not all website snapshot update is timely, and in the afternoon for the snapshot update. Every morning I released a number of external links to the site, the 2 sites are so hand in charge, and is also the snapshot will be updated every afternoon. And query other website, found that not all websites can get the snapshot. We can guess: some external links to website snapshot will update.

Nine rich entrepreneurial contest revelation Sino US financial science and technology competition or

like a raging fire Jiu Fu 2016 Sino US financial science and technology entrepreneurship competition, starting from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, South Road, Shenzhen, for the first time after going abroad to the other side of the United States Silicon Valley. In July 13th, the grand final came to a close in Beijing.

"Fire" brought us Fintech

contest champion Snapcard CEO Michael Dunworth speech

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

blend !

to block chain technology as an example, the underlying architecture of block chain technology is reconstructing the entire Internet finance, not only can reduce the credit risk of financial institutions, reduce operating costs, is an important tool to realize the sharing of financial. Snapcard, the champion of this competition, comes from

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in contrast, the application of big data in China’s mutual funds started relatively late, and a number of typical aspects, including online loan services, consumer finance, Internet credit reporting, risk management, etc.. However, after seeing the value of big data applications, the domestic began to catch up. Jiu Fu as an example, on the one hand and sesame credit, credit, Tencent Maemi Nobu, with the shield and many other third party credit institutions and the anti fraud agency cooperation, on the other hand, the positive development of wind control of big data modeling technology, ferreting out nearly 30 million users of data values.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

The first nine

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback


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more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u


in 2015 compared to the rich Internet financial business competition, 2016 financial science and technology entrepreneurship competition the biggest thing is concern in the field of comprehensive upgrade, especially Silicon Valley station start brought the collision financial technology innovation. The Internet in China and the United States and financial innovation, although because of the user base and the needs of different groups and the difference is quite big, but in the industry competition today, it has reference to the successful experience of the United States of Chinese mutual gold innovation.


2013 is the first year of the rise of China’s mutual gold industry. After the rapid development of mutual gold industry, the financial innovations of China and the United States have also taken different directions. China of Internet banking has entered a rapid expansion of the scale period; while the U. S. financial technology is more emphasis on technological innovation, intensive and meticulous farming in a field.

League address: http://bbs.ads8

version of the test version third propaganda easy month grand debut, the new third version, which features: solve the problem of low speed operation platform, more stable, more convenient operation of human nature, the kernel has been fully optimized! In advertisers advertising is more accurate, more professional! Website owners also have to change, need to add. Review of advertising through can! There are more simple and easy operation function. When the official forum has the corresponding announcement,

to big data, for example, the United States earlier in big data applications made an attempt. The FICO is a pioneer of Fair Isaac Corporation credit risk management technology, processing of structured data, as early as 80s in the U.S. banking industry pioneered FICO credit score; in the aspect of dealing with unstructured data, another company ZestFinance on the basis of FICO step mining and innovation, analysis model is developed for each credit the more than 10 thousand original data analysis, and draws more than 70 thousand can be measured on the behavior, can more accurately evaluate the consumer credit risk.

Case analysis understanding optimization Lou loose blog

short, Lu Songsong is the reform and opening up the first batch of build up the family fortunes bosses, it is their friendship and contribute to the community, and strive to build a mutual learning and exchange platform. Thank you for this group of people the most lovely, with them, as long as you’re learning the domestic owners of the road.


on the famous Bo news reports of the Lord, that is beyond count. At the moment with a master reverence for the pursuit of a strong, Frank’s footsteps: Lou song song, graduated from the University of Electronic Science and technology, born in Sichuan, grew up in Beijing. Is the webmaster industry in early 2004, after graduating in 2006 formally engaged in the related work, the construction of independent blog in 2009. So far, a number of domestic blog Lu Songsong Bowen comments most, one of the most active independent blog users. Master should go to worship, whether from the well-known blog, we can get the webmaster what

3, master the vicissitudes of life.

is the webmaster expert, have unique insights. Network optimization technology is a continuous development and progress. Plus now the network knowledge is uneven, many optimization are misunderstood by people. Here, a successful case of God and elite opinion, whether it is a veteran of the search optimization, love Shanghai promotion, or the new 360 search. Webmaster articles, the latest message, the latest comments, tags list, which is not a US station outside the station optimization model can be used for reference. Light is his promotion of "Lu Songsong" brand idea, how many people will go in front of.

blog is one of the most popular keywords of this century, is also a good channel we loved the webmaster. As everyone knows, the blog promotion, the blog chain is a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But the days in the chain now difficult, most of the results are unsatisfactory blog. How to send the chain blog, blog promotion skills, how to run their own blogs and other issues, has been plaguing us. This does not, look at Lu Songsong blog, you will get a lot of blog operation skills.

1, Since

read 10000 books is, when we are still confused in network optimization of the future, there is all the great God, engineers, veterans of the employment and employment experience, a unique view of love in Shanghai, Tencent, Qihoo, HUAWEI Corporation IT. This year what is the most important, the most important vision, experience, style of conversation. In the face of the industry in 2012 the "white terror", come here for a rest, your life will be wonderful.


network optimization techniques.

in the domestic industry in the Shanghai dragon, never missing master. We talk about Zac, Cardiff, Wang Zhiwei, felt about Mou Changqing, Lu Songsong, far beyond reach; Ding Tao, everyone knows you in the world. In the next few, they have not qualified to comment on who the best technology, here is our webmaster good Paradise: Lou loose blog.


blog operation skills.

The integration of Shanghai dragon and UEO is perhaps Shanghai dragon Er way

to obtain what is good ranking? The premise is this article to be included, if not included, everything is in vain. Then this article will highlight the theme, such as the subject of this article is "how much" construction sites in Shenzhen, to repeated costs and prices of these related words in this article, the user not only to find this article to highlight the theme of what is, and let the search engine easy to understand this article theme. When the trigger "website price" search, search engine will think this article correlation is higher, so the ranking is relatively good. Keywords blend degree is higher, then the value is high, this article has to click continue to reprint. There is strong correlation value, the theme to the good rankings are difficult.

two, content update and chain

a site want to get traffic, it must continue to provide the readability of the content, just like the muscles to maintain vitality.

Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, Shanghai Longfeng primary objective is the use of certain technical means or good rankings, increase website traffic. Ueo is the user experience optimization, the site for the user experience to optimize, improve the conversion rate of flow. Shanghai dragon is to search engine, ueo is for the user. Now the enterprise do network promotion most include search engine optimization, but pay no attention to user experience optimization, so the optimization result is to copy some of the content value is not high on the corporate website, and then to pure Shanghai Longfeng construction chain. Perhaps it is for this reason that led to the Shanghai Phoenix Forum reduced to professional hair of the chain; perhaps it is for this reason to light Shanghai dragon forum closed; perhaps it is for this reason that too much repetition of the information on the Internet; perhaps it is for this reason that led to the decline of the web site keywords ranking. So how to make our work in the Shanghai dragon and ueo each other together

, a blend of keywords and content readable

today I see as a paragraph to describe the development of "Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon uncertainty, you cannot predict what will happen after 10 years, it may be better than today’s market, may be completely out of the search engine, you can not make accurate judgments about its prospects. We are aware of the fact that the search engine rules change constantly, make you look the Shanghai dragon skills, in a moment do not work, you need to continue to cater to the search engine, search engine on any one of the important technical change, the Shanghai dragon can be a devastating blow let you become very upset." Look again after a few months of continuous love Shanghai K station, right down and website ranking drop, I believe most of the webmaster confidence in shock, no direction or even can’t see the light. Since the Shanghai dragon skills so difficult to grasp, so why not put Shanghai dragon slowly into the ueo, perhaps both, is our real way.

An article in ?

Through love love Shanghai Shanghai dragon sea by optimization techniques do Taobao ranking

indicated: this process at first glance is very simple, but careful webmaster will find that Taobao is like Shanghai as a drop-down box, the drop-down box will actually change the user search habits. For example, when you search for certain women, as long as you play women’s two words, according to the drop-down box will dress a keyword associated with 10 keywords and women related, this time the user is likely to see what you want, just click on the. We do so in Taobao, released when the baby, the ability to model the user behavior, and then put these keywords the title of the baby from the drop-down box to add up, so that when users search, your baby will have the opportunity to get to show, as long as the show if you are lucky, you choose competition small keywords and perhaps you ranked first, you should know that Taobao’s actual conversion rate is very high, there is a big difference between it and love Shanghai, users come to your shop, also worry not sell baby

2, the pretext of love Shanghai search results of

Shanghai, I love to study the user’s habits and behavior, do I still use the idea of Taobao. We all know that when the buyers want to buy Taobao, the first thing to do is to open the Taobao home page, and then enter a name to search directly to buy things in the box (i.e. keywords). Then directly from the results of screening.

to find the Taobao search results

second is found Taobao reputation, Taobao more credibility, buyers generally easier to trust, especially the crown above the level, so will lead to more traffic shops, the greater the amount of turnover, more naturally earn more.

?Study on

Taobao Daniel said Taobao ranking than the love of Shanghai is much more complicated, I do not believe, is a challenge, to find a feeling of Taobao optimization ranking. My idea is to take the previous sex Shanghai ranking approach to Taobao Shanghai Longfeng optimization, add some rules on Taobao itself, both to enhance the orders.

had sex when in Shanghai, we would love to do a detailed analysis of Shanghai’s search results ranking, looking for some of these rules, do I still like to go to Taobao, and obtained several important findings: the first finding is commonly added to disappear, adding 7 days package refund and other Taobao services, products to the seller did not join the top places, but also for Taobao, but also to join what can participate in consumer protection. The most important is the more you join Taobao service, that the store has more strength, more likely to believe that Taobao buyers, buyers trust for sellers is very important, it can be said directly contributed to the purchase results.

I love

I: so if you are the seller Taobao webmaster, you may wish to join the Taobao consumer protection what, try to get more chance, do not be afraid of a capital, is willing to be willing to get to. For >

1, through love Shanghai, love Shanghai via the search box to adapt to user search habits

The open Valley technology BGP Xinxiang four line VPS host VPS host – a group netLiu Qiangdong let e

Liu Qiangdong visits the distribution centers and warehouses around Jingdong every year. Each visit is related to the treatment of the employees at the grass-roots level. This time, he got angry when he visited the new staff dormitory in Suqian calling center.

      if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time;         toll free hotline: 400-655-1955

    sorry pro, we are sorry to inform you that the current group is over and no longer enjoy the Group buy price concessions. You can choose:
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Liu Qiangdong: today I watched the dormitory building. I was really angry and wanted to hit people. I have said is a senior apartment, today saw a model, which was for four to six people, or even the toilet squatting pan, put in a block with a shower, it reminds me of 80s, southern black factory workers lived in the dormitory. How many times have I said, let the staff and the brothers live with dignity?.


Liu Qiangdong made a request on the spot, Jingdong staff quarters, each can only live two people, work for more than three years of staff, each person a separate room.

talk about staff five social insurance and one housing fund: save the cost is.




talk about employee child education: don’t let kids lose at the starting line,

———————- reminder developing

the introduction:

below is "meet big coffee" excerpt:

Liu Qiangdong: to the Suqian branch of the Brothers announced a good news that is the largest, the company will invest several hundred million yuan, the introduction of a Chinese best school for everyone, for example, the National People’s Congress, such schools outside the south, and in our office next to ensure children’s education of our brothers, let our children in Suqian primary school, junior high school, high school, with the city people to enjoy the same education, let the children with the city’s children stand on the same starting line.

        open Valley technology also has the power network’s top technology, in the network security, information security and other fields are leading the industry; with large-scale investment and advanced technology support, open Valley technology faster implementation of cyber source coverage, we meet user demand for cyber source the difference. This group buys the line of of four lines of VPS of open cereal science and Technology Xinxiang four lines, computer room of BGP original price 144 yuan / month, group buys only 89 yuan / month! Edition is only 899 yuan / year! Four line luxury >

last night, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong guest CCTV "meet big coffee". Liu Qiangdong talked about, Jingdong, one of the good standards of basic staff benefits, that is, after five years of work in the old county to buy a suite. He said: "we are now more than 70% employees throughout the company like me from the countryside, these employees who work in the Jingdong for five years or more, the vast majority are in the home county, local small city to buy a house."

A5 forum is hot review this group buy, immediately participate in interaction: bbs.admin5/thread-3212304-1-1.html    as long as you participate in interactive, send forum integral points yo!

program, Liu Qiangdong also talked about, as long as the user experience is done, the cost efficiency to the extreme, profitability is a natural process. He does not want to artificially force the team to make money, but he wants everything to be natural. When a reporter proposed to outsource grass-roots staff to third party companies in order to save costs, Liu Qiangdong stressed that such costs are not allowed to save, but even more bluntly: This is a shame.

was born in rural areas Liu Qiangdong, from a poor family, lack of rural education resources, has made him deeply upset, in the town of absolute first he went to the county seat, in class ranked thirty-ninth. And 70% of Jingdong employees from the countryside, in order to allow rural staff children can enjoy the same education as urban children, he decided to gradually introduce more high-quality educational resources.

talking about dormitory: employees who work for more than three years, each person is a separate room,