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How to improve the advertising revenue of shlf1314 AdSense websitesNew opportunities on the food cha

although the final model is exactly what it seems, and no one wants to clear, but some people have made use of "live" to earn pots full bowl surplus. And the influx of entrepreneurs, investment institutions, but also to the industry itself also brings opportunities. Net red, technology platform, edge small innovation…… Titanium media reporter hopes to find and inventory of the industry on the live chain, what new revenue opportunities are being obtained?.

: A: choose the best advertising format – more high-quality advertising.

according to Analysys think tank data show that as of now there are more than two hundred live APP, in addition to pepper, Ying Betta, YY guest, you call on the name of the star of the company, there are more unknown to the public finance, sports, electricity providers and other vertical areas live APP.

put an advertisement in the highest position – click on your ad click rate doubled.

increase the click rate at the same time, is also very important to increase the display advertising volume, so you can meet all of your advertising policy AdSense website and web pages, also can put 2 or 3 ad unit on a page, users see the opportunity to increase advertising.

‘s first screen ad click rate is far higher than the second screen ads, while more than half of advertisers in choosing sites to advertise, will give priority to select advertising sites in the first screen. According to the experience of providing optimized services to publishers, we recommend the following advertising display sites: Home / two channels, home / list pages – opening first screen ads, harvesting the most value. 728X90 banners, 160X600 skyscrapers, or 300X250 rectangular boxes are good for local conditions.

June, held a new conference in Hainan Boao an automobile manufacturer invited a dozen anchor scene, so the conference site can be seen everywhere a delicate makeup, good-looking girl with a self timer lever at the mobile phone automatic speaking.

industry and competitive hot contrast, single brush, burn, network bandwidth cop, these seemingly negative words have revealed a false prosperity of the industry, and with hundreds of net red we referred to live, it is but a marketing a brokerage company planning.

for you to uncover several websites by advertising revenue. AdSense advertising revenue = AdSense, advertising volume, X ad click rate, X ad price, and any factor on the right side of the formula will have immediate effects on revenue growth.



300X250 box is most suitable for the pip; another option is below or above the content by placing banner ads; and is also a good side in the pages of skyscrapers placed around a choice.


, if you need more detailed instructions, welcome to download our optimization collection, "shlf1314 AdSens>"

net is a direct red boom, the front end of the first to benefit people, after all the user reward money can be naked into their pockets, and the talent pool in this process in the PC era has been very mature, now they need to do is to transfer the position.

, along with the term "net red incubator", is somewhat similar, but not identical, to the guild concept of the YY era. According to the "net red eco white paper" shows that the current domestic market, net red incubator, brokerage companies accounted for nearly 23.8%.

Here we have

the live broadcast caused a stir. These girls are seated in the press box behind, and this is from the "Silk stir high-ranking" media people — every female anchor are regarded as a KOL, 100 anchor, 9 platforms, covering about 5000000 users, this brings broadcast communication effect may be far more than a few manuscript reporter to the good.

, 728X90300X250, and 160X600 are the best advertising formats. The advantages of these three advertising formats are: they can form a relatively strong reading area and get better attention; there are more advertisements and more advertisements; they are more likely to trigger multimedia advertisements and enrich advertising sources. If you do not use the three dimensions of advertising, then you are losing the most opportunities! In addition, please ensure that you choose to generate advertising "text and image ads the default, this ad will be compatible with various forms of multimedia advertising.

Quebec will be so

forum page – 728X90 banner below the first post is the best choice.

: three increase in advertising page.


With the

net red manufacturing machine

in the past two months, such a scene is not uncommon. Including a day earlier, the Meizu MX6 conference also "style" mutation, specially invited 23 red female anchor network to broadcast conference. Watching the anchor on the mobile phone, one of the important scene became "Live Room", although the broadcast is not fresh, but the scene is shocking enough.

content page   the upper left corner of the content, the bottom of the content, or the recommended link near the side.

Abstract: Live hot, so that entrepreneurs, investment institutions flocked into the industry, bringing new opportunities to different industries, many people in this chain has access to new revenue opportunities.

forum also do not easily ignore, practice has proved that the first post placed banner ads, not only click the effect is good, but also conducive to the online experience of users.


An impregnable team if a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his toolsThree min

in this case, you should come out as a hub and transfer them. A and B have contradictions, there are barriers, communication is not in place, then you can communicate with A Jun, and then communicate with B Jun, through your hub, between AB to convey their views, and play a mediating role.

in fact, there are many grassroots brother before the article is talking about the team, said some not enough, in this case, we might as well before the expansion of the content. A strong team, but not pull a few very close brothers on the stack into a team, of course, the two argument is that a strong team should have a chemical reaction, rather than physical reaction, chemical reaction occurs, will ultimately produce an explosion phenomenon. Well, don’t get.

if you listen to calumny and pull brother grassroots around the best friends and brothers team entrepreneurship, then congratulations, you have embarked on a road of no return. Such a team, each member may but is more dear to each other as brothers, A, and B you very well, and you are very good, but not too many connections between AB, is because you have AB physical overlay to a block, then, two people who are not familiar with, very likely because no, not too much friendship and conflict and misunderstanding, and even become the grassroots team to disband, brother also experienced such things.

a team must have a leader, in ancient times called big family, became a regular army, called CEO. This is what to use? Thinking, in addition to the identity and status of high, play a pivotal role mainstay and another team, of course, which we all know, we start from the bottom and analysis.

Hello, I’m a grass root brother, and I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience I did not update in the last half month. In the past half a month, the grassroots team a little brother collapsed, some very discordant things happened within the team for grassroots brother in the past half a month in the treatment team that team is the premise and foundation of all undertakings, so reluctantly will update the article work to put down, fortunately, problems and contradictions within the team has the perfect solution, in the first article in the renewal of the recovery, the grassroots will brother talk about the team.

of course, the above statement seems too childish, but in fact, playing a central role is not easy. Only in the AB between the transmission of information, it is clearly not enough, as the team grows, then ABC three characters, and even ABCDEXXXX role between any two roles, probably we need to play a central role in mediation, our team members to a piece of paper, and each role together with line, imagine a >

, 21CN, 21CN website alliance, according to the instructions of superiors, will be carried out extensive monitoring of partners. Strict implementation of the investigation work, for the discovery of violations or suspected use of websites or mobile phones to send illegal information partners, the site will be frozen, and reported to the authorities! Please pay attention to the 21CN alliance partners. And welcome webmaster to us see 21CN website League contact way report relevant issues, and jointly safeguard the stable development of the alliance.

the inspection and rectification work mainly for the five behaviors listed below the news, there are other illegal or unhealthy phenomenon, we will also take measures.

The following is

News: Chinese three ministries today hit for five mobile phone SMS illegal behavior



mainstay: you know,

Love is all about Shanghai snapshot

I can think of, they are now often lack our own operation, we can through the web log, to observe the spider love Shanghai.

B. love Shanghai snapshot does not affect the ranking, ranking does not love Shanghai. Just like PR, is used to change the Links just chewing head.

C. The contents of the same rate is too high, is used to collect the contents of spider web content that garbage.

first, let us look at our understanding of love Shanghai snapshot, as for what is love Shanghai I will no longer speak more, here to explain is:

two, snapshot update

Why not

three, how to let the snapshot update

The Some of the factors cause the snapshot not update

B. website is not updated for a long time, or update without regularity, love Shanghai to the frequency of the spider crawling less.

D. website, causing the site to return to love Shanghai assessment period.

1. website to frequently updated content, and preferably has a certain regularity, combined with their own situation, rich web content. For the website content, to the original in the first place, at least to improve the degree of the original, this is very important. Can not remember today > 1,

E. server is not stable, difficult to access.

if your site has been included in Shanghai love, that is said to have been the site of the Shanghai love positioning type, after this love Shanghai spider crawling frequently website, if you do not stick to the update website content, is likely to lead Shanghai to give up love to this site, once started, don’t give up.

, who we misunderstood love Shanghai


of personal blog in Shanghai Longfeng road in June 1st by Shanghai love assessment period, the snapshot has been fixed in June 1st, and now 10 over the past few days, the daily updated blog content stable, content is pure original, but still does not see the snapshot follow, for the noble baby, 360 search and soso. The search engine has been the latest snapshot. Feel a little confused for love in Shanghai, so to make a comprehensive analysis to solve this problem, the way to share with everyone and learning.

A. love Shanghai snapshot weight. This conclusion is absurd, there is no direct relationship between the frequency and the weight of the site snapshot update.

C. and Links love Shanghai. But never mind, but love Shanghai snapshot is an important index of exchange Links to see.

A. website punished, right down, cause love Shanghai spiders not to crawl. The site l had to be punished, not the latest snapshot has been a day when some improvement after practice, now is the day of the snapshot. That is really reflect the website snapshot health index.

How long can the new station to get a good ranking

two, the need to maintain the update rules of

four, patience, not to optimize excessive < >


we do not recommend new web site in the local test will fill in all of the content, we recommend only need to put the home page module fill some related contents can be online, do remember the bulk collection (copying website direct information make to their station is also within the collection), in the new period we can do some pseudo original to attract love Shanghai crawl, so as to enhance the site’s ranking.

, a new station on the line before the need to plan


Keywords the main

we can be updated daily or a few articles, their control of this quantity (and don’t see your time today, a 30, the day after tomorrow busy without an article). Why need new day hair article? Because we and the weights of the high site is not the same, we do not have the user system, and the site is very dangerous in the review period, so we need to update the article every day to attract spiders crawl and rankings.

on the quality of website I believe we all know, but what is the quality? In fact, what we usually always emphasize the user experience, basically very much now that the quality of the above mentioned, do not think the original is good, a lot of the original is original, but not related to the site theme. Readability is not good, may not be reproduced those good readability related articles. So I mean the quality is the guarantee of the readability and relevance in the original in advance, otherwise you will appear, why my article is the original article, why is not included, web pages do not put out.

many friends are very concerned about this topic, do a website needs time to have a good website ranking, in fact, this problem is a very difficult question to answer, rattan design done so many websites, also summarized a lot of successful experience, but still maintained an attitude, whether new or the old station, have a good attitude and have a resistance to live lonely heart are needed in the operation. Rattan design after years of work analysis, general popular keywords and website name the fastest 2~5 days can on the home page or 100, then we should be how to seriously look at this thing?

new website is our most common operation of the content of the supplement and set up a website (not recommended to set the new popular keywords, this will cause the user cannot condense), title, description and we need the program itself. But after the line on the website is very taboo to modify a little every day, so the site itself in the review period, you would only lengthen the review period, the worst will lead to false love Shanghai station was K;

three, maintain the quality of the

Entrepreneurship, take delivery, technology is productivityWe fully analytic sh419 theme promotion c

however, if only this as the core, point me, but also just a catering platform + distribution company, the same network takeaway ordering, the same delivery money, and other companies do not have much difference. As a major asset company, Zhao Jianfeng wants a more advanced approach: technology to improve efficiency.

ordering takeaway delivery platform +

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var, arrsh419CproConfig=new, Array ;

arrsh419CproConfig’uid’ = nnnnnn; / * your user ID*/

arrsh419CproConfig’n’ =’xxxxxxx’; / * your username, would be in the back of your original search user name cpr  * /

arrsh419CproConfig’tm’ = 44; / * * / ad unit title words

arrsh419CproConfig’cm’ = 134; / * * / ad unit description words

arrsh419CproConfig’um’ = 44; / * * / url length

arrsh419CproConfig’rad’ = 1; / * * / whether to display related articles

arrsh419CproConfig’w’ = 300; / * * / width

arrsh419CproConfig’h’ = 250; / * * / height

arrsh419CproConfig’bd’ =’CC0000′; / * * / border color

arrsh419CproConfig’bg’ =’ffffff’; / * * / background color

arrsh419CproConfig’tt’ =’0000ff’; / * * / Title Color

arrsh419CproConfig’ct’ =’000000′; / * * / color advertising description

arrsh419CproConfig’url’ =’666666′; / * * / url color

arrsh419CproConfig’bdl’ =’ffffff’; / * " sh419 theme >

in addition to orders docking, takeaway key still in delivery. In general, the takeaway is divided into two categories: outsourcing and self catering. For most catering enterprises, outsourcing is the best way because of the shortage of one person per person. Take the grandmother’s home as an example. Usually, after ordering, they will pack the dishes and hand them over to me. In the whole process, I will charge 6 yuan per unit, distribution costs.

summed up, point me, technology to improve efficiency, promotion can be divided into three pieces:

quantitative change begins with the docking between the merchant and the user.

thin, from the beginning of 2009, Zhao Jianfeng has plunged headlong into the takeaway delivery market for nearly 5 years. Over the past 5 years, he has gone with the delivery of the start-up company, and I’ve been proven by experience that delivery can also be tall.

technical selling water

at present, point me in Hangzhou has been with the high-end catering business in more than 400 signed a cooperation agreement, the user in the point of me on the platform can achieve takeaway ordering. Point me, it has become the largest single market delivery company in Hangzhou, and orders from me have become an important part of many catering enterprises.

today, in the city’s high-end restaurants, almost inevitably queuing. However, more often, this queuing is not caused by inadequate reception capacity of restaurants, but businesses are limited by the venue, unable to arrange for the guests to dinner in a timely manner. In fact, the kitchen staff in the kitchen also exist human resources surplus. When demand is present and supply is possible, take out comes into being.

but Zhao Jianfeng decided to play, he resigned from a listed company, and the acquisition of a food distribution company, trying to use a slightly idealistic way to describe a new possibility. Prior to this, Zhao Jianfeng served in the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping, and later entered the eastern communications. With a deep IT background, he firmly believes that when the most primitive human business model encounters the impact of new technologies, the industry will have the possibility of quantitative change.

is based on GIS+GP>

in fact, take out delivery isn’t as easy as it looks. If you remember we mentioned in the discussion of the final one kilometer 2C distribution efficiency, probably know difficulties in this industry: sudden large orders, crews are idle, still belongs to a labor-intensive nature of heavy industry. As an entrepreneurial project, the degree of difficulty coefficient is really high.

Talking about the process of cats from being abandoned to being admitted

‘s first contact with cat Park games (mopbaba.com) is on the A5 trading page.

‘s information about the sale of cat theft was released in July 16th, when I saw the sale of the information, ten days later. During the ten days, however, it was like an abandoned child. I see is not hard at that time, only the habit of a query about the station of each search engine included, snapshots, Links status: GG included normal, but from the original PR3 dropped to PR2 is not optimistic; especially Baidu: bad! Only included the first snapshot, or June 30th the old, more than a month! What is this concept? Most website hope is "Baidu" if your site in Baidu search engine disappeared or long time was not included there is no hope (each stationmaster is this article said, no wonder) issued for sale for ten days. Even people who are not on price. Links are equally outrageous, 11 links have 6 home pages, no link to this station. He is selling the chain? Or give up do not care for a long time! My heart with suspicions dialed quote on the left of the original (see contact the webmaster company in the implementation of the system under the cut, he had to work harder. Come home from work to help take care of the baby, no longer idle cat care Park, games for up to nearly two months. The situation worse every day, consciously powerless, nor love wishes to see he had devoted a lot of effort to build the website that hard to sink in the unknown to the public! So A5 released for sale can be sold at a price, what he did not care, just want to sell to people who want to see me so sincerely) inquire the site admin password to me, is real it is true at the same time let me further understanding of the site.

is indeed some days not updated, familiar with his background, and start browsing the web, the first feeling is very good template style, background color and soft not dazzle, home station structure is divided into top, left and right sides of three regions, such as simple and not monotonous.

top start, needless to say, must be logo, a website logo, beautiful, or not in this for the time being. Workers can also search popularity, especially the most immediate is placed in the middle position, clear enough! The upper right corner of the free entrance is trying to become registered users, users can freely collect this station number you love game, this strong interaction can work, before the procedures are still not free the. Most of the user experience is the middle horizontal arrangement slightly larger font text button "game" to "play a much" good "evaluation" and "my game" and "double game show" and "cooking games" in the new and old customers can quickly find many people play good or their evaluation love of the game, need not looking for work, feel carefree at online entertainment. Finally, two add red, bold display of "double game", "cooking game", more prominent cat Park Baba heat dedication features small game. The bottom of the top is all 1

How does the stationmaster position himself Character determines our way out

Hello, I’m Beijing Midea air conditioning maintenance. I’ve been thinking about this question for a long time: how can I position myself, make a plan for my future, and find a better and faster way to develop my own SEO?. I believe this problem is not just a person thinking, many people want to do in the webmaster industry, who will do something cause to think.

recently, there has been such an idea in my mind: how to position yourself, to explore their way forward, and more often, our personality determines how far we can go. You think, if you want a stable life, then you will just want peaceful to keep a good salary, work every day from nine to five; if you are an ambitious, passionate, want to fight for life, you will certainly want to rely on their own day and night of struggle, through unremitting efforts, and ultimately create their own piece of the sky. Each of us is different in character, as to how to think, how to do, character will help us to make a decision, make a choice. I will always think so: what kind of character do what kind of things, ambition achievement what kind of career, and is part of an ambitious character, so the success lies in a person’s character. Indeed, character determines fate, tolerance determines the pattern.

I have a very good friend, we often drink together to drink, play what card, he is also doing SEO, but soon joined the line, he is relatively easy-going character, good kind, is a typical man, but this man has a big disadvantage is that very confident, do anything is not thinking about how to do it, but think they are likely to do well. This period of time, I do not see how he was satisfied, I would like to help him, and then put himself a key word search page less than one million of the site to him to do, but also want to let him earn some money. But his heart did not grasp, I have what good method can do website home page, so don’t take this live, I was Speechless, then feeling character really is a decision we career. Later, I thought it would be impossible, or let him do it, but I do it with him, mainly in order to exercise him, so that he will gradually confident.

people vary in character, good character is absolutely able to make a difference, and vulgar, a good character of people will make money. Since character determines fate, then we must pay attention to the shaping of our character, don’t let yourself lose in character, don’t let yourself stop because of your personality. Character is made up of many factors, and it is also influenced by many factors. The four most important things are the environment, habits, knowledge, and desire. Therefore, we should from these four aspects to shape themselves, do not let their webmaster road aborted, in the way of success.

1, looking for the best environment

environment >