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The core operation of the new fast included

railway station how to make search engines fast included? This is a lot of new on-line owners are more concerned about the problem, in fact, I am no exception, I have recently made a new health bar under my red dates, after site optimization to make red dates health bar within a week to make the search difficult included love Shanghai the engine had included, so the early new I do what optimization let website so quickly be included? Next to experience personally I share:

love Shanghai!The

for work in the network company’s sake, access to the site more, so often notice that many of the new station on the line before do not fully prepared, causing the site included time or when love was released by the Shanghai is too slow, so before the new station on the line to do the preparation are as follows:

finally the description of the website is best to set up well, and after set frequently not to modify, describe many webmaster friends that is not very important, so the new line is often not written description, although the description for the site’s ranking for early is not very important, but the latter for the website ranking or have some help. Because if the website description is enough to attract the attention of users, so it can promote the development of the site, to the rank of the website


first set the title of the site is said to be the site optimization is important, the title set can not only allow search engines to quickly know what we do, and we all know the website home page weight is the largest, the keyword layout here can be very important good give these keywords good weight, transfer to improve the ranking, but for many of the new sites online often find that they have no title or keyword layout layout good on-line after the regular changes, cause is not friendly to search engine, the structure of the site has not been included in the search engine

second: Web site content need to fill a portion of the


keyword (keywords) although the search engine do not think what is important for the ranking, almost negligible, but can still be appropriate keywords keywords layout is important, this kind of behavior for the search engine is also very friendly, do not remember new online accumulation of a large number of keywords in keywords, so to search engine you may think that the website cheating oh.

on the front line

: the first site title, keywords, description of the prior analysis, determination, set up

we all know a page to be search engine index, so it must be to have the user value of content information, if our website without any filling content, then the search engine spider came to our web site, without catching any content, so it is very not friendly to search engine, if a new search engine came several times not to grab any price.

Shanghai Longfeng detection behavior to the user site weight

I was wondering is it really? So I did a test, I use the XP operating system virtual machine to install a clean version, then do not install any network software, only the installation of a love Shanghai tool, this time I run a traffic monitoring software here, I finally opened a website, browse a few other pages, and then returned to the home page.

? This time

In fact,

I was in line to see an article that is a user if installed on the toolbar and then love Shanghai, directly in the local favorites or from the network search hidden clip in the open a website, and the user in the search engine to search for a keyword to enter the website, or directly from other website links enter this website. How to look at the search engine user behavior, the author emphasizes the user to open the site from local favorites or from the network search hidden clip, the behavior data generated will make the search engine that the users of this website is very strong, should give a comparison of the rankings.


traffic monitoring tool records only, my browser to the web server, network data transmission data request packets have been recorded only download network packets, when I click the browser favorites, add to favorites, click a flash in my collection button, traffic monitoring software I remind me, data upload operation, I according to the software to monitor the IP address, and then checked against the IP address location, just check to the server and then Beijing, and did not indicate the love of Shanghai Service >

I love Shanghai and the Google toolbar has been collecting data for search engines, which I believe that most people know that the data acquisition? Have the influence weight collection of data on the web site? We can make nothing of it! And we are going to discuss now is: the user of a website behavior in the end weight on the website of the influence how much? Is large, small or very little

search engine is very important user behavior data generated on a web site, I do not know that you agree with? But the search engine doesn’t guarantee it can get all visitors to the site to site to generate data, although the love of Shanghai and Google have developed their own tools, but their the installation rate is not very high. Most of them were forced to install up, we think of such a tool, and not what practical use to install up, why not such a practical benefit to users of the product, with sea and Google has also been a lot of human and financial resources in the promotion (in fact? This is the best to get the data of Microsoft

all these days has been on Google and love Shanghai tools in the study, I found some useful things, so write out and share with everyone. Tip: This article from the original Zhang Fangwen, I want to see more original articles please search for Zhang Fangwen, or directly log on my blog, my blog address is: Zhang Fangwen (phonetic) cards.

A move into the deep sea search is ready to pay less tuition.

mobile era iconic love coming, Shanghai third quarter earnings display, mobile search accounted for more than four. The double eleven Tmall is more than four, this year Shanghai love mobile traffic over the PC side of the overall. But it is best to combine their own industry, to see the love of Shanghai index. In fact, some of the popular industry than the PC or mobile traffic, for example, I in this industry fume purifier is PC and mobile ratio is about 3:2, so we should look at the whole, also depends on the specific circumstances of their own.

some time ago I also made a mobile search data test, because the site is also directly transferred from the PC terminal, so that the page there is a big problem, so that the transformation is especially poor, even the arrival rate has a problem, because the site is too long loading time too much. The data makes me feel a little deep water mobile search, but I know this is the future development.

but the difference lies in the bidding and network alliance, taking into account under the conversion of Shanghai dragon is the same, although Shanghai will love transcoding, including HTML5 mature, there is much difference between "won’t turn. The key factor is the mobile search and the PC side of the situation is not the same as mobile is the fragmentation of the time, do not spend a long time to see your content. If we end in order to take advantage of PC, the characters speak more clearly and use a large number of pictures, video content, to achieve better results. But in the mobile terminal can’t play.

mobile end user patience is much worse than PC, if you copy not retain users 4 seconds it can redo. According to the marketing process because it is 1-4 seconds 4-8 seconds is the user cognitive stage, the stage of interest, 8-12 seconds is the purchase stage. So with a focus on attracting users is very important, when we do pay attention to the PC end of the often large, I have what advantages to emerge, but in the mobile terminal can only find a most attractive user described, let users build curiosity or interest.

preferred if you use many pictures, open speed will be affected, this problem than the PC end if more serious, if not the case of WiFi users will immediately close your site. This also led to a lot of PC directly from the end turn "the biggest drawbacks, the other is on the transformation of considerations, mobile search than PC but also pay attention to factors of the page itself, the page copy and art factors are the most important inquiry.

of course it also said that not much is moving traffic or PC traffic we should put the mobile search to do it, even if the opportunity is good. I heard that the medical profession advantage can be large, at least now is not left behind, mobile search must do this is also a fact that the key is how to do, we can continue the PC era Shanghai dragon and bidding practice? Perhaps Shanghai Longfeng factor is at least as small, ranking the.


The line on the website before you really ready to work

for the website, a good server is very important, especially for new sites, many webmasters may think, a new website did not buy what traffic, so good server too wasteful, such as flow in for a good. In fact, this idea is wrong, imagine, if your site is just on the line and in the spider crawling access speed is too slow, do you think it is your first impression of you? And in the back of the day often visit the spider crawling, your site is slow and unstable won’t open so, the server will make your site never in when a large flow.

(a) choose a good server, do not mean that a few hundred dollars.

in our website program template all set up, the essential is to send some content, but this time is not to say that you copied from other sites in some content to fill into their own websites can be, but we need to develop their own websites according to the initial theme around the real value of writing the content, the only way to search engine spiders to leave a good impression, also let our site

(three) high quality original content 100%.

(two) planning website theme and their optimization scheme.

we all know whether any of the new station, in the on-line time often will experience a long time of the audit, is not possible to say that our website just on the line there are many users through the search engine access. For a development, want to successful webmaster, is undoubtedly the most harrowing this waiting, but we can’t change the fact, so we can only shorten the waiting time by our plan.

both the novice webmaster or old webmaster worth mentioning, we all know before a website needs to do the preparatory work, the need for detailed planning as before we do something to do. But for many webmaster friends do the station is mainly divided into two groups, one is commercial, another is of interest. While the small railway station will meet with you, is exactly just launched yesterday, but before the line small is also considering a lot of factors, so draw a line for solutions to share to you, hope to be useful.

has its own unique ideas for many webmaster, below small share is prepared to own in front of the line to do, welcome to explore the shortcomings of

! After

every site should have the value and meaning of his existence, but when we create a new station must do what to consider the theme of the site, so as to understand the industry and collect relevant knowledge and website keywords and etc.. And after we determine a good website theme, we should compare the outstanding website to observe the industry and if this site is for you, how would you set the optimization scheme.

Intelligent station has become the mainstream of today

on the Internet to see a lot of friends, self-help site evaluation, feel that self-help site is not good, easy to build, but not flexible, and can not meet the needs of enterprises. Today, to introduce a more self-help, more professional, more flexible, can meet the needs of enterprise building tools — intelligent construction site.

I’m sure a lot of people have heard of it, but I don’t think much of it. Intelligent improvement of self-help, it not only integrates all the features of self-help, but also have their own unique advantages: · site maintenance and construction site separation, · powerful custom settings, rich home plug in modules, & middot; emphasize website promotion, website of all kinds of auxiliary function. Can fully meet the construction of small and medium-sized enterprise website, intelligent station can be separated, enterprises can choose their own server. At the same time, because of the intelligent site, you can customize the site, the site’s late maintenance, updates and even site revision are manual website can not be compared. This not only saves the enterprise funds, but also allow enterprises to quickly integrate into the internet.

currently on the market a lot of intelligent station, but it is very different, most of the intelligent station actually not much improvement, is still the template site, strictly speaking, not intelligent station. The use of intelligent website to make the website is not only beautiful, but also fast, I made several websites with integrity website, the effect is quite good, intelligent market is considerable, in the construction of enterprise’s own website, should think twice, spend thousands of yuan of funds are not satisfied with the site, this is a not a small loss for enterprises.

here to recommend a very practical, very powerful intelligent Station – — good faith station, I hope you like it.

this article is provided by Guizhou SEO optimization, please add the URL when you reprint, thank you.

From the sensational Li Shanyou about what the Chinese stationmaster lacks most

if you want to select the best sensational Award for the webmaster conference, I think it must be Sohu, former deputy editor in chief, Ku6 net CEO, Mr. Li Shanyou. At the prize giving Party, he gave the most noble and great praise to the word "stationmaster". Even I do not belong to the owners who also want to immediately join the family of a webmaster.

in the late night snack supper, I asked Google Chinese strategy officer, assistant president Guo: "Mr. Li said that he is most respected people is the webmaster, most people who want to ask is also the webmaster, how do you see?"". He immediately gave me a definite answer: "it’s just a show.". The stationmaster who did not attend the meeting was 100 times better than the owners, and the failure was one hundred times more successful. So far, no webmaster has made a company worth more than $1 billion. "

and the same, meeting in the discussion on the difference between the personal websites and commercial websites, Mr. Fu Dekun’s analysis is very accurate, directly pointed out that the weakness of personal website: personal station know where the user know where customers, commercial station.

I think this is one of the most valuable comments I’ve heard from the whole meeting. In a pair of personal sites, individual webmaster touted one of the voices, such words more thought-provoking.

as an internet marketer, I am more concerned about the conversion rate. Although there are a lot of personal Adsense earned some money. However, such money and its huge flow comparison, far from reflecting the value. For example, the hooligan station, light flow statistics, a statistics of 8 hundred million of the PV. But what about the revenue from the site,


on the contrary, I heard a friend say, a pharmaceutical company site, traffic is not big, the annual sales have reached hundreds of millions of. If the flow rate, the individual station can put the general enterprise, site, and even commercial portal, far behind. But compared to the overall socio-economic contribution and business impact. A small business station may have more influence than some of the larger ones.

same characteristics are also reflected in the promotion of the site, personal Adsense is very good at obtaining traffic, the total amount of traffic. And commercial sites, compared to traffic, more pursuit of traffic quality and high relevance. Their site traffic, into the customer’s proportion, hundreds of personal site hundreds of times.

so, I want to say, man the most is the lack of business thinking, lack of transformation on the flow of commercial value! Because of this, the personal webmaster of the main money or sell their flow, rely on advertising alliance, food chain in the bottom layer of