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Shanghai dragon enterprise website should be good at finding their own shortcomings and advantages

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to introduce a lot of enterprise website of Shanghai dragon some ideas and suggestions, since the contact Shanghai Phoenix are optimized for the enterprise website, enterprise website is also very popular in Shanghai and Phoenix, one is dealing with the website, every day some data observation sites, progress will be very happy, another is a business deal, from them can learn a lot of new business models and experience. For a worker in Shanghai Longfeng, we stop doing business in Shanghai and Phoenix, must know how to find their own shortcomings and advantages, this is because we in many competitors to obtain the key ranking good winning points, the enemy can ever victorious.

last year I took a business website in Shanghai Longfeng, when technology is not mature enough, but the boss is nice, he put forward his own requirements: as long as make up, must see the effect, time can be a little longer, but it is best to be completed within two months. Analysis of the web site keywords competition is a bit large, so when the orders are disturbed and hesitation, but in order to earn some money to withstand the pressure on the next down. Do one thing, as long as determined to do, we should try to do a good job, this is my principle, also helped me get some success, I analyzed his short board for the information industry is not too familiar with the first contact, in this piece of content optimization needs a period of time to grasp, then the chain resources is not too much, but I also have two advantages, one is his execution, for his persistent degree in one of their favorite things is quite satisfactory, so the website optimization, I never worry about their execution, the other is a soft outside the chain your abilities, this is a pretty awesome optimization promotion methods, with the help of A5 and Chinaz in the portal platform, can be obtained outside the chain of high quality. So I press the mind, bold, in the process of implementation has been learning the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, also give full play to their execution, especially for content optimization, to update the 3-5 article every day, the soft chain is to promote a daily, plus auxiliary chain forum and the chain blog, fortunately, the station on the front page in 1 and a half months, and now has been stable for about half a year, the boss and the time of the exchange, the boss also said he made a point of going through this station, I do find a station this year. Learn to find their own shortcomings and advantages, let my weaknesses, at the right time to do things, this is the most fortunate thing Shanghai dragon.

, but many webmaster friends have experienced, but the real way to estimate analysis of their own advantages of short board is not much. Shanghai dragon must have a clear understanding of their own, in order to have a better control for Shanghai dragon, we are starting from their own to achieve control, especially enterprise station, more efficiency and conversion rate, can often help to enhance their own analysis of their strengths and shortcomings.

remember the previous article, I >

A case in front of the

Blue Tower WAP point of view wireless search must devote great efforts to cultivate WAP advertising

over the past year, companies are focusing on publicity, its various facilities and technology, stage, in addition to their products, on the technical aspects of the text, see most is the founder, CEO faceless, industry experts to talk with the call status, should match the various media for its production the background of experts, Europe and the United States to study, pioneering, technical elite, creative mode and so on; you Changba me play, we play are similar in the course of time, the audience will play tired, funny is the actor also tired, because when companies communicate wireless search market prospects, has not said what unique ideas, not without, but can not say that, long said the superficial things, who feel boring. Concerned about the long-term dynamic wireless search company, so I can obviously feel that we have to stop the restless trend, soft little, executives did not come out so frequently, I think, is the good dressing for a long time.

scams like this happen almost every day, every game, every server. Would such a situation is mainly due to the opaque transactions in the virtual space, the transaction at the time, the choice of trust to buy one often only very passive, not active, credible or not credible information. Of course, there are also some cautious game player choose face-to-face transactions, but face-to-face transactions exist many drawbacks, the first is trading difficulties in the game game player from all corners of the country, you can not guarantee that you have the required game player on the side. In addition, there is also a potential threat to personal safety, which also had been taken hostage and forced a game player trading case. Therefore, many experts began to call for the government should strengthen the field of management, and the author thinks, the government’s management should be in recognition for the virtual property, legal and clear virtual goods transactions. For the specific market, I believe that it will be adjusted for some time in the future, for example, for a period of time, there have been many reliable services provided by the third party enterprises to enter this field. We take Cape of Good Hope company as an example, we can see it has appeared in the development of enterprises focus on the one hand, and the timely introduction of the security transaction service with the bank level, but also will change the traditional manual transaction mode, automatic transaction convenience, greatly improve the.

2, users surge, but the number of WAP sites, content and quality are still very scarce, which makes the search engines do not eat enough, and no effort, because content is always the basis of search

4, and gradually moved to a relatively mature stage, wireless search has become a daily user behavior like Internet search, >

besides, what we have to focus on is… At present, some game enterprises also attach importance to the necessity of making virtual goods for their own profit. For example, at the end of 2005, the company suddenly announced that the grand grand part of the most popular online game as a free service, a new mode of operation will be applied to the grand three top online games — "legend" II, "and" Neverland "Legends of the world". For a time, people suddenly began to explore why even Shanda, China’s online game giants are beginning to point to profit model, mainly through the virtual goods transactions. In fact, the grand legend of the game is to extend it into life, but in any case, the transformation of enterprises we have to clear, virtual goods transactions not only profitable, and has been incorporated into the agenda. In fact, as early as before they have a grand game of "giant" orange free operation. "

analysis of the wireless search industry chain, and the combination of the most closely is the WAP Internet, a variety of conditions restricting the outbreak of the number of users, wireless search can only be a watcher for the moment. All sorts of business with more direct relation with 3G can wait silently, what does wireless search move restlessly, from the following, everybody thinks, how long is road still:

June 15, 2004, Anhui Province, Wuhu police cracked by selling their legendary equipment in the name of the network fraud, 18 young people aged 16-21 by asking for money and goods of virtual goods transactions cheated 500 thousand within a few months, when the victim will remit the money to the account, or they do not answer the phone, or shutdown or, abusive, or directly tell buyers "sorry, you cheated".

3, mobile phone internet entertainment in a very long period of time will still be the main behavior of users, is only the ringtone video content, not enough to stimulate the search demand strong, is not enough to support the wireless search huge profits dream

In fact, you just touch the

recently, the news about the wireless search only, occasionally jump out of only shlf1314 and 3G portal cooperation, 3G portal search products actually had, publicity has not only, I don’t talk about why they choose this time out to show off today, just want to say that now the wireless search company’s attitude

1, 3G licensing, operators should gradually improve the network, while doing user upgrades or new network work,

one key point: 3G, media speculation for several years, we also hope Baba for several years, the most reliable licensing time consumption has been quietly passed a speech to all the noisy MII officials, not before 08 3G! That is a fantasy, but not willing to awakening, others throw a large cold water head to, after speaking out in leadership, people from every point of view think, feel is gone, how to do it, or return to calm.

Look at the

because of the loose organization and management confusion of those individuals, groups and even companies, the whole market environment has become totally devoid of sincerity. Of course, one more important reason is that the transaction is conducted in a virtual environment, which provides an opportunity for fraud.


Share Shanghai dragon operation strategy success


5. Shanghai dragon -H series label using


use >

CPS belongs to the enduring Wangzhuan type, people do software, people do host, people do electrical appliances and so on, anyway, many people do it, because a lot of money, do a lot of people. Many people do not have competition, we went along for the ride. So, I will choose the relatively few people do the "WordPress theme" CPS, made more than 1 years, yields, and share with you today the site of the Shanghai dragon strategy, or is the method of operation.

4. Shanghai Dragon – processing technique

6. – Shanghai dragon plug-in

2. fixed link set


reasonable, generally a page number: H1 x 1, H2 x 2-3, H3 x 2-3

Here we use the

3. – Shanghai dragon Title Skills for the treatment of

can be seen from the figure, I upload pictures, add a title and replace text, some people may think that this 2 is not important, in fact, from the records of the cnzz can be seen, some traffic is coming from a noble baby images, is mainly a picture of ALT and title.

The importance of The use of H series label

1. theme

of each subject name as title, remove the words, such as "Next Business WordPress – Responsive original Theme Download", we only choose "Next" as the file header, so generating fixed connection, URL becomes next-wordpress-theme-download.



we do is the theme of the site, showing also guide the visitors to click to buy, so we should choose the picture display themes, because the theme of the user can through the theme of the preview to attract users to browse.

H series label, as we all know, to tell the search engines of the current page, what is important.

because we hope that through the "name + Download" this kind of keywords to attract traffic, so we will be fixed link set to "/%postname%-wordpress-theme-download", the words reflected in url.

Shanghai dragon new cheating case analysis how do you see

process with the roughly bridge pages, home page, false and deceptive redirection.


power station group is infinite. Understand the station group after ado. I through the relevant personnel and provide this service after the chat, that as long as the domain name and provide enough huge long tail key to eat with a master domain name plus enough charge to the service will give you down (don’t think). So far the case came to an end, and don’t worry and continue to see.

and I came today about the recent new black hat Shanghai dragon technology. In fact, careful to say is not new. The core of the original is very simple. Only the old methods with new hype. The first to look at:


The test shows that Summary: the


said Pangu a chaotic world for the creation of the world; two black and white, yin and Yang opposite, but from beginning to end each other miserable living and confused, is the word of the sentence that the old dictum: all the negative Yin and yang. Gossip not say, Shanghai dragon has been such a way, though not enough light, but can not ignore the existence of black hat Shanghai dragon. Because this approach can indeed bring huge benefits.

of course also more frightening. Take the target site is hacker. To modify the site home page index.html. Some Adsense first parses the file is index.php. So index.html is modified after the content is completely unknown. Then from the above page to jump back and forth to finish a short time to achieve key words on the front page. To improve website traffic benefit growth.


some time ago I found a keyword about 800 index (temporarily confidential). The on-line master layout. Then analysis the more than 50 two level domain with more than 50 long tail word, main content update. Station group call. Baidu submitted before long one included, a week after the amazing discovery master ranking to the first page before 8. Then it provides a single direction Links maintain their more than 20 place one by one to the main station. And at the same time every day to buy some news sources and in the visibility of the soft launch. One week after ranking second. At 3 weeks the successful completion of the task.

see the diagram you also need to understand. The real hidden content page. The old way of cheating. But maybe you would ask this not suansha not ranking hiding in content and is not ah. It is important to

then said to you under the ranking principle: as everyone knows, is a huge power station group. If you dare not, what impossible.

this case above with the core idea of similar techniques. Hand manipulation process is somewhat different. We all know the news site in Shanghai with the weight of love. Now this is the purchase service process related sites provide the service on the soft wen. Then call up to the promotion of the product.

100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know (four)

34, do not know what causes the site to flow down most of

35, for customers, focus and several? Flow rate, conversion rate, registration rate, brand

mall site.

site map is convenient search engine crawling included, itself is not necessary to frequently submit, as long as the site can be normal. As for the site map submission frequency, the key is decided according to the number and update the site update frequency, usually arranged in a Monday update on the line.


33, Links website home page can not be on the first page? What is the effect of

, back?

site is not the first home page is not as simple to judge right down, is not the first home page may be within the page weight is too high, there may be other reasons, whether the site be punished according to the keywords ranking, the chain, snapshots… Etc. decision. It is not the first home page is no problem, don’t be punished on the line. But exchange Links, to regularly check each other site.

31, how to modify the title of the site can not be reduced or

32, frequently submit site map will have what effect on the site? Cause website ranking drop? What kind of submission frequency

? best?

in the process of contact in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will encounter a lot of problems like this or that the wooden Shanghai dragon in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems in the Shanghai dragon, these are often asked to the site to ask Shanghai dragon optimization summary, a total of 100, for the convenience of everyone study, I will be the one to show everyone the answer, if there is insufficient or wrong place, welcome everybody.

combined with traffic statistics background website traffic sources, and to determine the site is search engine punishment, resulting in reduced keyword ranking. But this is only the judgment of search engine. We also need to look at other online sources such as web pages, Post Bar, blog, forum posts such as being punished or deleted, finally need to check whether there is a problem paid advertising website.


next to the theme of the previously mentioned 100 questions must know the website optimization Shanghai Dragon (three), here is not long winded, directly into the 100 site optimization question of Shanghai dragon must know the (four):

is the title of the page is especially important for website optimization elements, can not be changed, but not frequent replacement. But because the optimization requirements or market needs must be changed, that is to not hesitate to change. So how to change can not have a negative impact on the website? We must first set up the title, ensure the one-time change, then is in the website search engine is stable, no important update change, finally is modified in a timely manner to the search engine submission.

Analysis of the influence of user behavior on the Google ranking

1. noble baby Analytics

The content of The

Google visits a website user behavior:

3. noble baby +1

2. noble baby Talk

noble baby tag importance Effect of

5. Tool Bar

4. Webmaster Tool

in the serious homogenization era. Original content is very important, so in the layout of the content needs to be done to.

we need to understand these data come from, how to obtain these data.

Title description should allow users to the most intuitive understanding of the site, each page will have a title page, so Google pay more attention to the website title tag, should be concise, summary.

7. noble baby Chrome

6. Search Engine


and so on…… .

of each product is not on the website any impact included rankings, but only need to pay attention to is, Google for the website ranking investigation over many, then according to the Google webmaster optimization guide mentioned the following:

when the baby began to noble website statistics management tool to promote its noble baby Analytics, we will not. Difficult to find, in fact Google according to the reference data, and these reference data is what, before Chuanjun once in Shanghai dragon 5 tips how to improve the user experience mentioned.

8. Adsense/ Adwords

, a

on the Google user behavior, is good or bad, how should we look at, and what impact on the behavior of users of Google? We often think of a no traffic to the website will rank first? Is clearly impossible, I know noble baby in the ranking algorithm by adding more user behavior patterns in early 2006, the model generated data information at any time on our website ranking have a certain influence, so we must understand these patterns, these patterns are reflected through which data, we should improve the defects of our website using the data, and make the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is today our topic.

noble baby

two, high quality content layout

then suggested to describe, bold key sentences or words, in order to facilitate the search engine to crawl to help users find the corresponding information, the same description is also very important.

A flow of money, how to improve the site conversion rate

really do not know how to maintain the site every day is the webmaster, actually did not take his cards burst! For this site, I want to do is only to show that: the type of advertising? No man as a man. As a user, the mood is bad, who would have thought to see your ad Click

two: your website is to let users crazy!

! ?

web site, traffic is the first factor, however, the first golden rule you know to make money? "Conversion rate"! Every day doing the traffic, but not earn enough money to enhance the flow of many webmaster site beyond count! Try to think, not to earn money flow is not high enough, but is ignored: conversion rate the problem. Can not find the root cause, just to enhance the flow of the blind, as long as the flow lifting up absolutely can earn more money, but I want to say is: don’t you want to even if the flow rate is rising, also can earn more money? Do not know how many people have thought about the problem.

I think these are as a consumer some of the most valued aspects, but as a business website, but always ignore these. Many sites: on the website of the product in two words or three really do not want to say, in a word, the user is so relieved to give money to you? Look at the mall competition, any sales of the products, in the product packaging, there will never be any stingy. Is a clothing store, clothing is good, there is no tall model for its packaging, there will be a high volume of sales. We go to the supermarket shopping, the same price, must choose their own well-known brands.

a simple example, believe that every webmaster have online shopping search effort need products, finally what is the reason, let you choose its products? Price, quality, brand, reputation, sales, product packaging, popularity, credit, and even products on time.

there is a website, I find information, won’t stay even for a second, because I’m afraid I really crazy: open a website, I almost got I7CPU, 2GB computer graphics card dead website.

: your website to meet the needs of users of

of course, most of the web site, advertising is still very quantitative, but I also want to say is: it is not the first time you play advertising, is the most effective! Just like some websites: I haven’t go, will pop up information, what I haven’t read, you let me consult? I don’t know who you are, you let me buy it buy it, who would buy

these words, I give some examples, if your site can not meet these requirements, but also means: money, money, whether to consider? From the consumer’s perspective, how to think, never wrong, think oneself is stingy, more over, then you will do more perfect


, you click on a page.

?Even the

It pays to pay back. My online customer service system is profitable

is pleased that Admin5 has provided such a good platform for communication,

learned a lot from here. Today I would like to share some of my experiences with you.

I started the online customer service system this year. [HTTP://www.5ikf.cn]

only so choose to do this, the 1 is my own, the original station will install online customer service, very convenient. The 2 one is that I have my own server. The 3 is to make a long-term project.

After the

system is debugged, wait for the client to register and collect the money.

but the facts are often not as easy as they think. After 12 months, nothing happened.

later learned lessons from ADMIN5.COM, giving our local businesses and travel agencies a free 1 year full featured trial version of 20 accounts.

in this way, attracted the attention of other local travel agencies and enterprises, and soon someone came to buy, although not much, but it is a good beginning. Oh, free is king,


now I often soak ADMIN5, hoping to learn more,

at the same time, in order to thank you for your selfless dedication,

I decided to give free to ADMIN5.COM webmaster friends free 100 full-featured accounts, conditions are not limited, but must be a legitimate site.

if you have this kind of resources, you can also carry out various cooperation.

welcome everybody to add my QQ:9388728 to communicate together,


Site 3 days, IP thousands of analysis, rookie alternative promotion methods

I’m a grass root. It’s almost two years since I stood here. (middle, do stop), so still stay at the grassroots Adsense level,


in the continuous learning and communication with friends, I summed up the site 3 days IP over 1000 promotion methods:

1, first downloaded a landing on the Internet, 8.5 crack software, landing on the search engine.

2, registered N, multiple QQ, mission plus friends. In QQ group. Then send mail.

3, the website magic and group cooperation into. My site is QQ game player forum http://qqwanjia.com domain name is QQ QQ and spelling game player. So I focus on the promotion of localization is the QQ user! When with a group to talk about! One of his said reminded me: you asked me to write a website in my group address on what are the benefits? So I will think of free advertising idea! Do it. Surprisingly, I have come a lot of traffic, but also a stable member.

4, that is, write an attractive ad to Advertise yourself in the forum, such as my ad: registered moderators, earn cash with advertising.

other methods are not written, because A5 is more like this post, I wish you all the traffic every day soaring

Webmaster buying virtual host cheated experience

personal webmaster do not easy, every day at the computer, the website as their own children, every care, update the content, to do publicity, to see where the art is not good, or not eat, immediately changed; it was a reflection of where it is not convenient, whether or not the thing it, immediately; others say all to be honest, hard-working ants, owners more tired, more hard-working! Because the webmaster is a person that is a homely food fight a lone battle all night.

which is not what the most distressing is the establishment of the product, the domain name is generally not a problem, but the host may suffer, if there is a problem, you do not worry, service providers do not care, you have no way, delayed two days, all the traffic quickly gone, very depressed ah.

previously cheap, find a company (now estimated to have closed down, the website can not open), the price is enough, and 1G also only a few hundred pieces, can not help temptation……

sorry ah, after may suffer, but a few days ago, after two weeks the problem comes, call in the past, that is the space is too small, large flow, the need to upgrade the virtual host, halo, so how can only flow is too small space and he was? They quarreled.

later they said that the upgrade space would be a little cheaper and that it wouldn’t be a problem. Once again I cheated on board, and pay a few hundred dollars tuition, the results do not say, regret is dead, refuse service…

money wasted, do not say, web site hard traffic, optimized keywords, alas, feel that their site completely destroyed. But then calm down, or change the space quickly. Zhaolaizhaoqu nets should be good, a look at the price, 1.2G is close to 6 thousand, is too high, sell the brand, price is certainly not low. Let’s find something else. Then I saw the Ali Mama advertising, go look, find a good host, can also look at the price, look at their brands in the industry can still, the brand is not afraid, not for a few hundred dollars put hard to hit the brand, eventually chose it up to now, well, what problems did not appear.

here, the personal experience of standing down to write, give you hard to do the station owners to make, do webmaster is not easy, choose the host carefully, don’t let your station destroyed in service providers there.