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Share my experience of Shanghai dragon to help you improve your keywords ranking and weight (two)

after the title change ranking.

see here you will ask, how to restore it is right down. My main work is to increase efforts to update the content of the website launched 5 posts per day. Are the latest news content. At the same time to replace the independent host. A simple sentence is what you have to do better than the original. At the same time analysis, the reason to be right down, I think I was right down my title set too long. So, the site is down right, don’t rush to change the domain name, insist on doing it. As a webmaster heart to strong enough..


to change the title to the top.

, how to improve the collection of

in the previous article, I mentioned the need to ensure the site every day to update the stability, and other problems that need attention. (here I will not repeat it) recently, I site by replacing independent IP virtual host host. Included feeling than the original increase obviously. Personally think that the site open speed and stability also affect included. If your station has been included are very low, try to change the virtual host independent host. A IP below so many sites, I feel the impact is still there.


Effect of

personally think that priority should be given to do content, the chain is auxiliary, that is not to say the chain is useless. First of all, the site is doing for others.

, now restore ranking.


three, the content and the chain, which is more important?

how much?

two, change the title of the

in the previous article, I mentioned the novice do not change the title. But I was changed, the reason is I think a good webmaster must go through some things, you will have experience. The influence of large? A screenshot of an article, then love Shanghai weight 3, after I changed, just give me down into 0. Keywords are 100 after the next day. After a month of hard work, now gradually rise up the rankings are. See the screenshot below.

following a my original article everyone’s approval and support, I will continue to publish second comments. Hope to help more owners out of confusion. On an article, you can search for the title of this article, two articles together to see if. I believe we can help many beginners oh. I wrote the experience for their own web site of Shanghai Longfeng experience, can not guarantee that every website application. On the subject of this article is to help the novice webmaster get a good ranking, today the theme of this article is to discuss how to get a better ranking to do.

One month after


Uncle Li play meters domain investment 9 good word

        in 2009 today, I sat in front of the computer to write the above, is to say the following words:

1. domain names are time honored. In 1998, if I registered the domain name, can register any good at any time. But at that time there was no consciousness or money. I remember wearing * 1861, from 07 years China Mobile official change number for 10086, 1861 mobile BBS (then Baidu search mobile related are in the first page), no longer do. To seize the best opportunity to sell, to win, is beautiful.

2. domain name must not play. I have seen a lot of companies after the change of rice, the oldest trace back to sohoo, to Sohu, and today’s kooxoo into kuxun, if you were willing to spend some money, do not have to be so difficult to their own.

3. domain name, do station is kingly way. Really, I love the name, I will do, do stand even if it is linked to 1 pages, I am also satisfied, I don’t want 1 good domain name in the address bar, even if not open, open, "this is the domain name for". This is a waste of domain name resources.

4. domain name is only investment, not your life. If feasible, it is suggested that the limited resources should be closely integrated with the management of the entity. I really like chaye#com’s international domain name, and now I’m finally doing it.

The acquisition and sale of the

5. domain is impulsive. Often, sometimes just on their own impulse, want to buy a domain name. As a result, I bought it, but I didn’t know how to make good use of it. Some investors also want to sell for a domain name, but when purchased, found himself very reluctant.

6. domain name and do station does not have comparability. The domain name is used for investment, a lot of time to sell some minon meters when not long, the other is a company to do a large site, feel lost. But conversely, what if I don’t do the station? Isn’t that still on your hands? So the domain name is sold at the right time and you win the value.

7. domain name investment has circulation and blood sucking nature. Many growers are close to the meter sold out, and then sell the money to continue to receive new meters. Therefore, often caused by a certain type of rice sold artificially high. Sold out of rice money to buy new rice, but now lack of money, want to do something when they found all is a pile of rice. Domain names are terrible vampires.

Negotiability and creative high

8. domain. You can never underestimate the creativity of the terminal unless, of course, the terminal attaches great importance to its own brand. You can think of it. A Beijing company wants to be a portal, so what? It is impossible to register, but others later

Something about advertising on the website

site for almost a month, and IP has not been much, and he just built the site, put the ads up, and now found that hanging advertising is not so, what are the main manifestations of it?

one, to create an aversion to

I was the movie station 51 what said? Originally movie station to profit is to rely on traffic flow is to point to our advertisement, but our advertisement? From the first day to hang now no one. It’s a small matter. You can always count on someone. But the hell is, some netizens on the Internet message said, your website pop too much, the movie can’t see, next time never come. This has lost customers.

two, no traffic to hang advertising is equal to chronic suicide

we all know to do flow up to put up some advertising, but was too impatient, a it linked to the Internet, they think up after the website is very full, very beautiful, but now, more and more sad, traffic is not up, even the Baidu search engine Google to flow more and more less.

three, hanging advertising blind

why advertising can hang, in fact, the pop did not go to the entertainment station above IP2000, do not beat it. Why? Because you are not enough, my movie site IP on more than 1000 days to hang up, and the results almost did not drag their websites to death. Then I hurried to give it away.

four, are we advertising for money or for sustainable development,


we have to figure out the problem, but after asking, it is contradictory, because you can make money to sustainable development ah, no money, you what development, but I want to say is. Making money is understandable, but you have to think about the future of your site. I can’t say I can’t go on selling it. That’s not OK. So you don’t have a yellow website,


all of the above is my personal idea, with the reality of the situation, but for others, please don’t mind.

Talking about depressing website filing

himself is a small webmaster, very small kind of, from January 06 began doing web site. By the end of 05, I saw an article on the website making money in a computer magazine with a classmate in the dormitory. It was about how to make money with Google adsense.

freshman, learning web production, using FrontPage, will point special effects, such as text floating over, and so on, and now looks very bad. It’s a static page, but at that time I thought it was written better than the others. See this Wangzhuan article, then interest way, just do it. I quickly went to the library to borrow some books, but it was still a static page. I made a website about tea during the vacation. Looking for free space everywhere, using a free two level domain name. Later, know what is dynamic web pages, learning the ASP, bought the space, will change all static into a static. I found the authority of a domain name, so I bought it.

, however, there is the filing problem. At that time, I had learned how to get a forum, found a free version of the mobile network, and made a community with my website. It is not for the record, then she went to the Ministry of information industry (now the Ministry) on the website for the record. The first one was smooth and I didn’t submit the electronic bulletin board service. It was successfully passed a week later. But two weeks later, I found a better domain name, so the record had to be done again. But this time it is not so smooth, but it is also a station. This time it has been called electronic bulletin service, and it must go through the pre examination and approval procedures.

After consulting the process,

began to prepare, write materials and query relevant information. The filing was really long. Repeatedly submitted, have been hit back, or the main site may not bring news words, or the number of moderators is not enough, or may not open with the teaching of the section…… All sorts of reasons, I’ll go instead. The second submission in August, 06, has dragged on for 07 years in January. At that time, I have to go through the record, or to shut down, or I can first shut down the forum, first "temporary" through…… At the time of the final examination, I had to take a compromise plan, which was closed for the time being.


, make full use of vacation time, look for a person to do moderators everywhere, want the copy of identity card of others…… Go to school, submit in 07 years in March. It was a long time, but it was a smooth pass, and got the cert file. By the end of June, told me that can get the material. Run to the communications authority, and tell me that the process is over here, and ask me to bring some of the materials they provide to the public security department for the record, so go ahead.

birthday is nothing, just ran the public security department, one-way ride two hours of public transportation, no money to play rental, that expensive…… Others this is called efficiency, go in and seat, but also pouring water, let me wait. Half an hour, a little, everything is done. Leave, this is called efficiency.

, this station is finally over. Later on >