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Love the sea through the station 301 jump after the pain

2, the 301 jump after about a week or so time, love Shanghai K off all the Columns page and inside pages, only home page snapshot data; normal; home page keyword ranking is normal; love from Shanghai statistical background to see the "love sea index", in about 400.

, cervical vertebra disease network was the first independent operation starting from 0 sites, more than two months ago found a domain name web log space index a large number of love Shanghai, and I was pushing the main domain name with WWW two domain names, so cruel as the station’s 301 jump. Many people love Shanghai on the 301 jump in the induction period is relatively long (now think that meaning is unknown, but I think ah), since falling in love with the sea expressly support 301 jump, 301 jump after impact on the site should not, but the cruel reality tells me, webmaster friends must be careful for the station’s 301 jump.

1, in 301, before the jump, the amount included in the network of cervical spondylosis in about 400, Shanghai love weight is 1, in addition to home "cervical spondylosis, cervical vertebra disease symptoms such as core keywords ranking, the key word column page also has some words such as" health cervical pillow "the article page ranking, some long tail keywords ranking snapshot; love Shanghai normal; the day included or seconds.

4, after more than two months, after a love Shanghai update, site included the amount of overnight recovery from 1 to more than 200, then the next day to more than 400, then the next day to more than 500 articles included day or seconds; normal snapshot; home page keyword ranking has improved, the new part of the article page keywords >

3, after a long period of time, the day included snapshot normal, or seconds, the next day after love Shanghai site data is still 1; no column page and the article page long tail keywords source; love from Shanghai statistical background to see the "fall in love with the sea index quantity gradually increased with fluctuations. Here, the construction of the chain still maintain a certain amount, but Links included effects affected by. The home page keyword ranking slightly rise; Shanghai normal love picture data; in the page and column page site data is still 0; column page and the article page keywords ranking 0;

next, I for details I made 301 jumps (setting station level domain name ***贵族宝贝 to jump to the two level domain name www.***贵族宝贝) before and after the change and process:

as everyone knows, the major search engines are recognized by the 301 jump, 301 jump is also considered the site large-scale change jiumingcao. In addition, a domain name and two level domain name with a web site, also can use 301 jump weight. So the 301 jump by many webmaster content. The ASP program with the author’s previous website, but is unable to do the virtual host, total 301 jump, only to do the main domain name to ***贵族宝贝 domain www.***贵族宝贝 two jump, did not see much abnormal.

The Shanghai dragon Links experience novice exchange

for Links sources, this as a novice webmaster do not worry, the source link is very rich, the most common and most convenient is the variety of well-known friendship link exchange platform, such as go9go, Z5, Chinese resources link platform link platform, 77link chain platform, registered in these sites after release, link exchange information, it is in itself a good external connection, and from the screen to the satisfaction of their own, but also to let others take the initiative to come to exchange links with you, thus greatly saving themselves in this time and success rate.

two, seeking sources, multiple forms of promotion

my site is a new sites, so not even what website content are not included, a bit not want to exchange links with others, we need to update the content of the website, multiple original content, and then go to exchange links. This is the so-called strength. New sites are not included, others certainly don’t you exchange, even if others are new sites also despise you, not so ambitious in the exchange links. And sometimes change the link to pay more attention to the construction site of the way.

called the "KMT government, high quality content, especially the original content, means that the high quality of the chain. With the weights of the website promotion, the chain of original content will naturally increase. The chain in the form of natural belong to the search engine in favor of the high quality chain. The increasing weight and flow, the ranking of nature is a matter of course. So to attract more and more to do with your website link.

optimization for the maintenance of a website, Links exchange between sites is essential, whether new or old station, almost all Links this section, outbound links of a web site is directly related to the website included snapshot and do a good job, can enhance the site’s overall weight and keywords ranking, now I am here to talk about some experience for link exchange experience:

, improve website content, to the content for this

In addition to the

link exchange platform, but by now the most popular online communication way — QQ to find good links, professional Links exchange QQ group is a lot of yisou, and a variety of industries. Every day online, exchange messages all the inside of the exchange links Pumianerlai, after the first time to select their own satisfaction website can directly contact with each other by the group. The group does not have to be many, but must be targeted, have some relationship with the website, so as to make better.

soft is a webmaster compulsory homework, a novice webmaster may think "Wow, that must be very soft, in-depth study of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge can be written, so hard ah, actually this is not difficult at all, as a webmaster, every day as long as the heart to treat their own website, it will be harvested, and >

What are the main principles of keyword selection

two, the main keyword is too long or too special

Softbank technology believe that the webmaster should know that keyword selection is very important, if the selection of a new keyword is improper, the consequences are disastrous, could you choose keywords few search keyword optimization may choose after ranking is very high, but the flow is very small, and even affect the overall site, these all is possible. I was in the wrong choice of keywords, leading to the long tail word several times more than the target word to flow, so when choosing keywords must do keyword research, so as not to cause catastrophic consequences. The following Softbank technology communicate with you about the main principles of the choice of keywords, keyword selection of hope is the Webmaster Help to.

with the development of the Internet, through the website marketing products is also a surprising phenomenon, whether it is a traditional business or tourism, real estate, talent, education, electricity supplier or, in almost all through the website marketing, so the site has become the most important part of the enterprise and in the industry. So far, many new sites launched, may also be an industry multiple sites, but in order to exceed competitors or want to get traffic, order some more, many bosses began to pay attention to the site optimization, especially the choice of keywords, keywords may be many sites before selecting the no effect, or the effect is not very obviously, so today’s topic is the main principle of the choice of keywords.

, a keyword not too broad

first, is not too broad keywords. Meet the customers, many in the choice of keywords are too broad, such as real estate company boss, they want for the word "real estate" is optimized to do tourism company want to optimize the words "tourism". I would say, you should forget these words, these words are too broad, and these words competition is huge, if you want to put the real estate and tourism to love Shanghai keywords ranking top ten or top twenty, is almost impossible, unless you consume a lot of money.

is the second, the main keyword is too long or too special. This is inevitable, in the choice of keywords to your home page when more popular keywords should be aimed at the industry, attention is not too wide.

also, even if you website ranking for these keywords to the home page, search this word to the user is not clear, the conversion rate is not high, and the search for real estate people really want to buy a house? I was responsible for keyword selection and deployment of a traditional enterprise website, through the keyword research find products and product word long tail word is huge, word search product users are very small, and the product of the long tail word search volume is very much, fully explain the possibility of broad keywords brought traffic and poor transfer order is also very low, so this kind of broad keywords not recommended.

The solution of website drop right

3) website or website changes more than 30%, the website and website layout change 30% is our webmaster a taboo, the revision is completely changed the links page. The spider will think of our web site to do something new, as a new website, it will enter the engine credit period (table).


3, according to the website right down

4) site your domain name is not in the home

There are several reasons about

1) were included in the search engine of your site is slow, usually in the snapshot update time

1) website title changes how to prevent the drop right? Site title change is a normal thing, must not be impatient to change the title, the title of the words is controlled within 27 words, it is best to change the title and their related content. Step by step, but if in the long run must be large changes may also be consistent and content of the article. If it is not the same as the content of the proposal to do a station (you can directly buy a PR domain name).

saw their site is down right, really a headache, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization are likely to encounter such problems, Zigong Shanghai dragon is no exception, here I summarize a little experience and share with you, the site is down right after how to do, learn together and progress together. You need to figure out the meaning of the site is down right, also called the site was K, the website is search engine drop right or punished. When finishing Links, Zigong Shanghai dragon found that many sites have been K signs, and we all know that Links in site is K you will have an impact on his website, I used to have met Links station because of the station was K, is really injustice.

2) after your site keyword ranking drop or be completely out of

1) frequent change site title, the title of the site is like the human face, a face of a day, the search engine will for our site is no credit. So don’t change the website title, especially big changes.

2) solution of the chain, the chain high weight loss suggestions to throw a compensation of more than two. We are only missing links.

3) if high weight words you update will soon be closed for several days, weight may bottom half do not see activity.

2, the website right down


4) the web server is not stable, the web server is not stable especially when spider web sites often open the site right down is a normal thing.

2) lost site outside the chain, especially the chain weight high, resulting in a decline in the weights of the website. A large number of links will lead to the loss of the site right down, the other site outside the chain down right will lead to a decline of our website weight.

1, the website is the right of the

Personal interpretation’s electricity supplier counter attack road is not without strength

two days before to engage in activities, friends all night waiting to grab something, this scene let me on the sale mode and a layer of understanding, as a member of China power in the business world, made a profit in the shortest time, acquired the brand and the driving force of the market, and its strength operation mode is really worth learning. Do their own 1211 rebate network, how to say that there are 7 years, and for like this counter attack like growth, personal feeling is still somewhat shocked. After all, now China business tradition, is taking the fight and fight capital logistics strategy, although in the low price to make a difference, but not as cheap nor encumbered with, their capital chain is affected, so’s success is more a reflection of wisdom.

The success of

how to let the electricity business community has been in midstream manufacturers began to admire and envy, one of the most number is Dangdang, when the model are all commendable, Dangdang tail collection suddenly on-line direct assault on, the official platform for business owners to send a text message to do a lot of work. I also made a special trip to end collection of columns, the overall feeling and gap still exists, whether it is from the UI of the page design or from the overall layout of the source, the model still has a larger advantage, this is just my personal opinion of course.

But the

instance or from the side reflects the attract model for other manufacturers, also proved that does not rely on a new access to the market, its development track fits for the judgment of the market. In fact, in addition to Dangdang, where customers, one shop, there are a lot of Newegg is not the mainstream business website in reference to’s sale mode, but it can replicate the success of the case are not many, this also shows that in your mouth counter attack is a kind of ridicule, behind the crazy development is a kind of intelligence operation the reason and strength, difficult to copy the following. do is sale, and this model is a double-edged sword for the brand, do a good job, will keep the brand side at the same time to enhance sales, do bad will give the brand another blow. Fortunately, uses these low-cost sources quickly gained market recognition, and have the user support allows to get more initiative in the investment process, and this initiative is unique. Just imagine, no one is willing to put their products all over the world posted low-cost promotion brand, can do will not find second, so is getting the opportunity to develop.

second, now do business friends are a little more impetuous, such as pure sale website is really "offbeat", this is not to say that’s offbeat operation mode, but its insistence on operating values, that is the sale in the end, some real brand things at low prices transfer to the user, to reduce inventory and meet the business needs of the masses of ordinary consumption, in addition it is no longer involved in.

Ezhou property network construction experience

in the title of the Ezhou property network is my first site, Can you point recently whether big station station should have experienced the process I hope, but is more painful. Look at Admin5 but found more and more practical things are more and more every day, like me, had to write out a report, but also want to hide, today was a blow on the development of a website to write about feelings.

1, the question of confidence, local professional website to do more people, do less, a person is really not enough, but as long as the intention will be able to. Why can I have, I have 2 real customers, and monthly, we can see on the front page. Price is not specific, more than 500 / month, the latter will only be high, not low. Well, if it’s a small city with 5-10, I think it shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s a point. If you’re doing a real estate class like mine, you’ll have to know something about programming, and of course, the simplest thing is ASP. Why? The needs of customers and, if your customer care function is often after you win more customers weight, so we have to do this to address, we look at the Id=74, compare this http:// Id=98, You’ll see. change much. In this regard must pay attention to, I personally feel that this is fundamental, I have several projects and often have a close interaction, so that you can guarantee the original amount of Web site article. The most important thing is to adhere to, persist in updating, adhere to the amendment, adhere to…

2, and then talk about search engine related experience.

2. 1 keyword related questions: we can search a following key words: Ezhou property, Ezhou real estate network, Ezhou real estate, Ezhou real estate network. This is why there are several relations and positioning website first, why choose this several look through the Baidu keyword selection index to consider, is the site of the new station started, must spend some time, especially this I really do not know who SEO. Then you can see my site’s Title: Ezhou property network, Ezhou people’s own real estate network! Why is it so simple to write, related to my several important keywords?. At the same time, the new station title is best not to change ordinary, so early construction also spend some time on it.

2. 2 domain name selection problem: this I do have a little regret, I do not say that some low weight CN, but I think this is the case, you can also search for Ezhou real estate in Baidu, every day I ask why I have done so much or so bad. Now that many reasons can only slowly change, but the domain name choice is a big problem, at present, I have been in preparation for the Wuhan and all over the web site, show domain name: www.hbf>