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The primary station completes the network promotion must perform well what

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is more than competitive network 贵族宝贝jt68.net we summarize some of the primary webmaster do network promotion must perform well what, also please the old webmaster exhibitions.

is to become the primary webmaster do network promotion must perform what? I as a primary webmaster, that there are so few points:


4, understand Shanghai Longfeng promotion knowledge, as long as the promotion of Shanghai dragon in place, compared with the traditional way of promotion is much better off, so long as the conditions permit, we must go to study and promote the collection of Shanghai dragon.

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, 2 of their competitors, its essence to its dregs. As the saying goes, baizhanbudai, only to understand the situation of the rival to better experience.

6, understand how to do network promotion advertising, know customer base, and then the corresponding web site advertising.

3, understand the product user groups, only know your product is what the user, you can have for the promotion of, it may avoid many detours, save time and cost.

7, a strong executive power, executive power is any employees must, especially the network popularization personnel. Execution does not mean you spent much time or how much do, but to find the effect of methods encountered in the network promotion, want to solve the problem, instead of giving up or escape.


1, familiar with the company’s own product, only to own the company’s products have full understanding to do network promotion and planning work of each other, probably when people consult your you can answer the emboldened.

know email marketing, event marketing and the use of viral marketing and other marketing tools. These means as long as the master a basically can cope with something.

Wangzhuan ideas from new to master business blueprintGolden Wangzhuan five directions novice Taobao


is not very suitable for e-book website friends to do a form of Taobao customers, mainly because it is not need much advanced technology, from the content to the production can be searched online at the same time, the e-book is very easy to spread, the general users can download books stored in the computer, when I feel better would recommend to share friends, this is a kind of directional flow of communication, love the theme of users will help you spread, of course, the premise is your content if the essence of. E-book promotion can take local local forum, because the local forum traffic quality is higher, relative Entertainment Forum has higher online shopping ability, most have Taobao account. Such as the promotion of some weight loss e-books, you can conduct a large number of targeted forums, post promotion.

time flies, every day passed rapidly, after every day, I will ask myself, what I have learned today, if I say nothing, I will hard to sleep, progress every day, there will be a day, you will have a qualitative leap in learning SEO Wangzhuan! A lot of time, but the harvest is not great, just thinking become more profound, consider the issue more intelligent, more sensitive to opportunities for business information to better understand, I think this is progress! But I know from my money to join the online training class now that must be like this. Not only is this class, so many people are at the end of the work, or work, work is work to · · · · · · · · & midd; Ot; · · · but from the life experience that is good, life is always to be rich some will not be so dramatic that going back to work flat and uninteresting, maybe people will therefore become more thoughtful. But if from the individual pursuit of achievement on the road, apparently those people can’t withstand test, will be forced to give up! Someone or something a lot, every day in the new and old, this is a constant social law.

first step: find products, for the novice, this is not difficult, just need to understand beginners start Wangzhuan process only, so start looking for products, in the course of your time is not difficult.

said here refers to the number of directional advertising forum or website advertising, this kind of topic specific websites will attract directional users very much to browse through, and we invest in their advertising to achieve the purpose of promotion. In the choice of products, to choose some high commission products, so that income can be higher than expenditure. The use of advertising Taobao off there is a little trick, we do not have to choose large home advertising, but can choose some professional forum zhidingtie, and look at the top of the general forum users are more accurate flow, the turnover rate is relatively higher in terms of the flow of the home page.

second step: find customers, or grab the directional fish, attracted traffic! This is a step in the threshold of thousands on thousands of people, why is that, because this is very important, no traffic, no people, no one you have no way of marketing anything, on the other hand, some places have business opportunities.

entrepreneurship, or marketing, is the most important of these four steps.

so the second step is to learn how to lead the flow. The study of this step has to be the biggest obstacle for every new person. The flow is divided into three levels: doing…

direction three, use advertising to promote

direction two, SEO combine Taobao guest

directions, promotion ebook.

not, why do Wangzhuan, it should be said that the network entrepreneurs choose the network, just don’t love a person employed, the pursuit of free time and free life, or want to earn more money to create more wealth, which is nothing more than a few reasons. So, why should I say network entrepreneurs? When you learn a lot of knowledge of Internet marketing, you can kick to work, also be our own business, but don’t forget what you don’t want to work for someone else, so you have to be an entrepreneur, and a maximum of entrepreneurs to achieve their own interests! A network of entrepreneurs, a higher newcomers, just join this network platform, in fact, the most important thing is: think about your own

if you are never touched off Taobao, Taobao customers want to do just because others say can make money, this friend then recommended to go to Taobao off the official Ali mother carefully understand Taobao customers, such as store promotion and single product promotion between code parameters and so on, these are Taobao guests we must grasp the. You can’t do anything without pain. It’s a good habit to take a closer look at how to do it, and how to take care of it.

SEO combined with Taobao customers, is that we do website optimization by some large daily search keywords, when these keywords to the home page ranking will naturally get Everfount flow, and the flow is the most important intention to flow, like search taobao shopping is certainly want to go shopping in Taobao, so for Taobao customers the turnover rate is greatly improved.

A new


The so-called

this paper, and we will share a simple novice to do some advice and direction for Taobao customers, Taobao has always been our guest Wangzhuan novice money first, especially of the first page of Taobao billboard off everyone will be stimulated, by the stimulus of course going to action, but is not to say that one should first fall into a hard, careful analysis under their own advantages combined with the advantages to do to earn money faster, the following are the 5 golden Wangzhuan network Taobao summed up off the practice to share with everyone, I hope to help you.

Braised chicken food must be thinking Steamed Rice good reputation of consumers’ trust

what brand of food and beverage industry to start their own business trip? I wonder if you are optimistic about the development of fast food industry. After the development of fast food market, food will think braised chicken Steamed Rice has very large development space in the market, joining less cost, low threshold, attracting many small entrepreneurs of all ages, the following small for you a simple introduction.

food will think of yellow braised chicken rice   reputation good consumer trust

good, unique flavor, food choices will think is the choice of Steamed Rice braised chicken delicious, headquarters attaches great importance to the ingredients, fresh chicken meat and chicken with three secret sauce technology with special casserole, collecting dozens of spices and condiments in strict accordance with the proportion of mixing cooked, made after braised chicken tender and juicy, juice taste and flavor in chicken uniform color, fresh taste through taste no greasy, rich flavor. Regardless of taste, vision, color is the top grade, people lead a person to endless aftertastes eat a hundred tire. Gravy stew into the soup, hot dishes are particularly delicious!

secret sauce, has always been a magic weapon of food must be thinking of braised chicken profit, after these years of operation, the ingredients are always in strict control, color collocation of various ingredients each other (chicken, letinous edodes, chili, vegetables and so on), and more than and 20 kinds of aromatic fragrance perfect Steamed Rice rare spices of fusion, aroma, entrance for diners to linger, but only this one.

good health care, will naturally get the favor of many consumers, the food must be thinking of braised chicken Steamed Rice after cooking, chicken meat is very tender, whether young or old people and children, can eat delicious soup; soup with rice, but also rich, loved by consumers. Select the status of the lack of food, in order to get rid of a single consumer, the food must be thinking of braised chicken headquarters will Pu wealth of research and development of new products are continuously added, now has developed into a yellow chicken stew for main dishes, cold dishes, congee and other auxiliary products of the theme restaurant. Consumer love.

food will think of the yellow chicken stew rice is a rare venture to join a good project to join the cost less, back to the fast, easy to open a shop to be able to make money a good project, interested friends come join it.

if you read more than for food will think braised chicken Steamed Rice brand after the introduction of the brand to join interested, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

A5 high end interviews, introductions and cases

A5 station network (http://www.admin5.com/qiye/) interview by QQ or other means and enterprise website, the well-known Internet Co responsible for the dialogue, by the A5 station network edited interviews, published in the A5 Adsense nets page interview channel and can be extended in a number of well-known portal website, the rapid expansion of the brand influence, to help enterprises and brand marketing website.

is now the rapid development of the Internet, the rise of electricity providers, mobile Internet, more and more entrepreneurs into the interview, has become a large number of Internet practitioners to share operating experience, an important way to show the features of the brand website.

In order to provide

to many small owners share opportunities, A5 high-end interview also opened the interview for grassroots channels, have certain operating characteristics, with considerable traffic and users of grassroots webmaster and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to showcase A5 grassroots interviews.


business fee interview can be specifically linked to QQ:1932117152 (A5, Pepe)  

channel entrance: http://www.admin5.com/browse/20/index.shtml

show location:

case link:

interview with video game bus Yan Xiaoyu: how to make a brand in a relatively short time to make traffic


interview with Tintin founder Xu Longjiang: Exploration and innovation in the field of local life services


interview with shell shell Xie Xie: health care products and cosmetics B2C future prospects


interview with 68ecshop technology director: using experience and services to build ECSHOP first


interview seven cattle cloud storage Xu Shiwei: to create a data platform for mobile developers