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The integration of Shanghai dragon and UEO is perhaps Shanghai dragon Er way

to obtain what is good ranking? The premise is this article to be included, if not included, everything is in vain. Then this article will highlight the theme, such as the subject of this article is "how much" construction sites in Shenzhen, to repeated costs and prices of these related words in this article, the user not only to find this article to highlight the theme of what is, and let the search engine easy to understand this article theme. When the trigger "website price" search, search engine will think this article correlation is higher, so the ranking is relatively good. Keywords blend degree is higher, then the value is high, this article has to click continue to reprint. There is strong correlation value, the theme to the good rankings are difficult.

two, content update and chain

a site want to get traffic, it must continue to provide the readability of the content, just like the muscles to maintain vitality.

Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, Shanghai Longfeng primary objective is the use of certain technical means or good rankings, increase website traffic. Ueo is the user experience optimization, the site for the user experience to optimize, improve the conversion rate of flow. Shanghai dragon is to search engine, ueo is for the user. Now the enterprise do network promotion most include search engine optimization, but pay no attention to user experience optimization, so the optimization result is to copy some of the content value is not high on the corporate website, and then to pure Shanghai Longfeng construction chain. Perhaps it is for this reason that led to the Shanghai Phoenix Forum reduced to professional hair of the chain; perhaps it is for this reason to light Shanghai dragon forum closed; perhaps it is for this reason that too much repetition of the information on the Internet; perhaps it is for this reason that led to the decline of the web site keywords ranking. So how to make our work in the Shanghai dragon and ueo each other together

, a blend of keywords and content readable

today I see as a paragraph to describe the development of "Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon uncertainty, you cannot predict what will happen after 10 years, it may be better than today’s market, may be completely out of the search engine, you can not make accurate judgments about its prospects. We are aware of the fact that the search engine rules change constantly, make you look the Shanghai dragon skills, in a moment do not work, you need to continue to cater to the search engine, search engine on any one of the important technical change, the Shanghai dragon can be a devastating blow let you become very upset." Look again after a few months of continuous love Shanghai K station, right down and website ranking drop, I believe most of the webmaster confidence in shock, no direction or even can’t see the light. Since the Shanghai dragon skills so difficult to grasp, so why not put Shanghai dragon slowly into the ueo, perhaps both, is our real way.

An article in ?

Through love love Shanghai Shanghai dragon sea by optimization techniques do Taobao ranking

indicated: this process at first glance is very simple, but careful webmaster will find that Taobao is like Shanghai as a drop-down box, the drop-down box will actually change the user search habits. For example, when you search for certain women, as long as you play women’s two words, according to the drop-down box will dress a keyword associated with 10 keywords and women related, this time the user is likely to see what you want, just click on the. We do so in Taobao, released when the baby, the ability to model the user behavior, and then put these keywords the title of the baby from the drop-down box to add up, so that when users search, your baby will have the opportunity to get to show, as long as the show if you are lucky, you choose competition small keywords and perhaps you ranked first, you should know that Taobao’s actual conversion rate is very high, there is a big difference between it and love Shanghai, users come to your shop, also worry not sell baby

2, the pretext of love Shanghai search results of

Shanghai, I love to study the user’s habits and behavior, do I still use the idea of Taobao. We all know that when the buyers want to buy Taobao, the first thing to do is to open the Taobao home page, and then enter a name to search directly to buy things in the box (i.e. keywords). Then directly from the results of screening.

to find the Taobao search results

second is found Taobao reputation, Taobao more credibility, buyers generally easier to trust, especially the crown above the level, so will lead to more traffic shops, the greater the amount of turnover, more naturally earn more.

?Study on

Taobao Daniel said Taobao ranking than the love of Shanghai is much more complicated, I do not believe, is a challenge, to find a feeling of Taobao optimization ranking. My idea is to take the previous sex Shanghai ranking approach to Taobao Shanghai Longfeng optimization, add some rules on Taobao itself, both to enhance the orders.

had sex when in Shanghai, we would love to do a detailed analysis of Shanghai’s search results ranking, looking for some of these rules, do I still like to go to Taobao, and obtained several important findings: the first finding is commonly added to disappear, adding 7 days package refund and other Taobao services, products to the seller did not join the top places, but also for Taobao, but also to join what can participate in consumer protection. The most important is the more you join Taobao service, that the store has more strength, more likely to believe that Taobao buyers, buyers trust for sellers is very important, it can be said directly contributed to the purchase results.

I love

I: so if you are the seller Taobao webmaster, you may wish to join the Taobao consumer protection what, try to get more chance, do not be afraid of a capital, is willing to be willing to get to. For >

1, through love Shanghai, love Shanghai via the search box to adapt to user search habits

How do industry website of Shanghai dragon plan

?Shanghai dragon

first, the website structure function to ensure perfect, we can’t push a website?

when we get an industry website, the first thing to do is to pre analysis and keyword positioning, which includes the analysis of site type, site site site business scope, target groups and so on; including keyword analysis, analysis of search volume, core keywords industry target customers often search keywords and key words of the competition website, including market share, content characteristics, website industry competitiveness. (do not rule out other objective factors, domain name advantage, including edu, gov, is included in the key domain.

second, the website internal optimization:

industry station optimization strategy is different from the ordinary enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, should first begin to fully explore the industry industry long tail keywords, long tail keywords potential, thus to obtain huge traffic. Step by step, gradually close to the core keywords, as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon industry station is playing a protracted war. So the optimization of station industry to break the traditional thinking, not the common Shanghai dragon form the chain stays in several core keywords, we have more energy to stop in the long tail keywords, it will create an unexpected value to us, and to achieve the goal of conversion.

1. website structure optimization 2. website internal link anchor text strategy 3. station details of the optimization (title writing, keywords, description, standardization, URL domain, Robots.txt, preferred site density, 404 page, 301 redirection) 4. site map set 5. keywords competition analysis 5. keywords to deploy 6. long tail keywords mining

netccbird, also known as the bamboo in the wind. Has been cruising in the Shanghai dragon Xuehai, but not often write something on the Internet, these days, your own experience about this industry, yesterday wrote an article on the website of the six big 2011 Shanghai Phoenix Nirvana to share with you. I have to interview a company, I have not been engaged in the industry, also because of this reason the final and missed the post. Website optimization industry points? Perhaps this is probably going to see the… But this industry today I order optimization scheme can be applied to all industry website, if you are a novice website so you can learn from you, if you are Shanghai Longfeng Laoniao, may also wish to stop enlighten me! Can be a reference to your website may help oh. To do good work must first weapon in the station, before the Shanghai dragon optimization plan, the future of Shanghai Longfeng work is necessary, if not more so! According to this idea, learning how to be an industry website optimization Shanghai dragon how to formulate the optimization scheme, where to start

third, the content of the website.

! )The website of

industry in Shanghai Longfeng optimization specific operation method:

100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know (four)

34, do not know what causes the site to flow down most of

35, for customers, focus and several? Flow rate, conversion rate, registration rate, brand

mall site.

site map is convenient search engine crawling included, itself is not necessary to frequently submit, as long as the site can be normal. As for the site map submission frequency, the key is decided according to the number and update the site update frequency, usually arranged in a Monday update on the line.


33, Links website home page can not be on the first page? What is the effect of

, back?

site is not the first home page is not as simple to judge right down, is not the first home page may be within the page weight is too high, there may be other reasons, whether the site be punished according to the keywords ranking, the chain, snapshots… Etc. decision. It is not the first home page is no problem, don’t be punished on the line. But exchange Links, to regularly check each other site.

31, how to modify the title of the site can not be reduced or

32, frequently submit site map will have what effect on the site? Cause website ranking drop? What kind of submission frequency

? best?

in the process of contact in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will encounter a lot of problems like this or that the wooden Shanghai dragon in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems in the Shanghai dragon, these are often asked to the site to ask Shanghai dragon optimization summary, a total of 100, for the convenience of everyone study, I will be the one to show everyone the answer, if there is insufficient or wrong place, welcome everybody.

combined with traffic statistics background website traffic sources, and to determine the site is search engine punishment, resulting in reduced keyword ranking. But this is only the judgment of search engine. We also need to look at other online sources such as web pages, Post Bar, blog, forum posts such as being punished or deleted, finally need to check whether there is a problem paid advertising website.


next to the theme of the previously mentioned 100 questions must know the website optimization Shanghai Dragon (three), here is not long winded, directly into the 100 site optimization question of Shanghai dragon must know the (four):

is the title of the page is especially important for website optimization elements, can not be changed, but not frequent replacement. But because the optimization requirements or market needs must be changed, that is to not hesitate to change. So how to change can not have a negative impact on the website? We must first set up the title, ensure the one-time change, then is in the website search engine is stable, no important update change, finally is modified in a timely manner to the search engine submission.

Love Shanghai keywords ranking unstable how to operate

chain represents the basis of site, means of interpersonal relationship website. When the site is down right, should first check whether there is Links problems due to other sites, if Links site site is not the first home page, the snapshot time spent waiting, some have loved Shanghai right down the website will cause the keyword ranking is not stable, the search engine will be regarded as the same with the website Wu, caused by search engine punishment. As to find this kind of friend chain website, promptly removed, at the same time, find some relatively high.


update website content, search engine more love relationship with original content, another angle analysis, in the Internet, the starting point of the search engine is that in the whole network search for something more meaningful and relevant to finishing, to help users more information reflected, for browsing. Then the search engine is self love has correlation with the originality and the content of the web site, some sites may not update the website too and related content, as long as the love of Shanghai included, this website can often obtain the flow of the conversion rate is not high, can not meet the real needs of users, but not to the users however, the search engine will be based on time and habits of each user to access a website to evaluate the website. Fresh food is love the original content of spiders in Shanghai, frequently updated original content can attract spiders frequently visited sites, but collect some repeat rate is too high, timely love Shanghai had included, in the next update will be deleted, it will cause the included reducing phenomenon, in fact means that the site is love Shanghai right down. At this point, it should be continued to update the original content, in order to increase efforts to strive for the love of Shanghai trust in the site. Of course, when there is a certain weight site in Shanghai, in order to reduce the workload, can collect the appropriate content updates, but the time and frequency of updating the content must be appropriate and stable. If: new site has been regularly updated website content, every 2 original articles and 1 article pseudo original, but for a few days by other things delay so didn’t update the site, or because of other factors from day 3 article down to 1 article. These are likely to cause instability in keyword ranking.

optimize the website, most often do is web content and links, often both a slight error will affect the site ranking, and keywords ranking drop obviously means that the website search engine drop right.


when the Shanghai dragon worker Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive check on the website, keywords ranking but is most concerned about the data. It is understood that the ranking of words is equivalent to Shanghai dragon achievement. Shanghai Longfeng workers every day pondering on the search engine website ranking algorithm, however, the search engine of the website ranking algorithm is unfathomable. The website ranking is not stable or disappeared, the Shanghai dragon will undoubtedly bring some workers on the job will be hit, however there are many factors that cause the website keywords ranking is not stable, then as a webmaster how to disappear operation and processing site

How to avoid the site optimization site was K off

1. K site was first to consider their own reasons. Website optimization is a long-term arduous project. The contents of data every day we have to update the site, the site of the chain and keywords. But its effect is very slow, so do not can complete the optimization of a short duration of time. It is a long process, a long time, it will be possible to achieve our expected goal. Therefore, we do website optimization of Shanghai dragon Er, we must first adhere to every day to do, not three days fishing nets two days of drying or anxious, we are in a period of time, all kinds of optimization work hard to do a website, then regardless of him, this website will naturally become worse, until finally killed. And when we do website optimization should pay attention to the regularity, which is completed on time every day how much of the original content, the release of the chain. No more nor less. If the update rules are no rules to the site every day, suddenly more and less, there may be considered cheating, long time on site are not good, will eventually be eliminated. Therefore, to avoid the website optimization Website by K, we must have the law, and insist on doing.

do website optimization for so long, the daily habit of first thing in the morning to open the computer is viewing your site. Check the amount collected their own website, the website snapshot updates, and the site of the chain and PR etc.. Used to see those changes every time a regular information website. When is the website optimization is not so stable and happy. Often there will be not in luck, for a few days, the website information changes slowly or simply without any change of the signs. I believe that many anxious website optimization had this feeling, it is your own web site is to be K off, why is there such a sign. Here, to share with you the optimization of the web site, how should we optimize our website to avoid our site is k off.

2. K site is next to consider.

we all know when the site optimization, the best is to realize the website snapshot update, followed by the web site outside of the chain and achieve a steady increase in the daily record. But it’s just wonderful to imagine our way to do this, also need a long way to go. Our website will appear occasionally snapshot not, or is included slow, but this is normal, we do website optimization will encounter this situation. It is necessary to consider when we have the website optimization, the method is correct, or change the search engine included algorithm, but this usually does not last for a long time, over a period of time is generally not too long the site will slowly return to normal. But the most tragic number will be over a period of time on the web is still not what improvement, but continued to decline. Why web sites are blocked situation? Here to discuss our web site optimization, how to avoid this website banned tragedy occurred.

How long can the new station to get a good ranking

two, the need to maintain the update rules of

four, patience, not to optimize excessive < >


we do not recommend new web site in the local test will fill in all of the content, we recommend only need to put the home page module fill some related contents can be online, do remember the bulk collection (copying website direct information make to their station is also within the collection), in the new period we can do some pseudo original to attract love Shanghai crawl, so as to enhance the site’s ranking.

, a new station on the line before the need to plan


Keywords the main

we can be updated daily or a few articles, their control of this quantity (and don’t see your time today, a 30, the day after tomorrow busy without an article). Why need new day hair article? Because we and the weights of the high site is not the same, we do not have the user system, and the site is very dangerous in the review period, so we need to update the article every day to attract spiders crawl and rankings.

on the quality of website I believe we all know, but what is the quality? In fact, what we usually always emphasize the user experience, basically very much now that the quality of the above mentioned, do not think the original is good, a lot of the original is original, but not related to the site theme. Readability is not good, may not be reproduced those good readability related articles. So I mean the quality is the guarantee of the readability and relevance in the original in advance, otherwise you will appear, why my article is the original article, why is not included, web pages do not put out.

many friends are very concerned about this topic, do a website needs time to have a good website ranking, in fact, this problem is a very difficult question to answer, rattan design done so many websites, also summarized a lot of successful experience, but still maintained an attitude, whether new or the old station, have a good attitude and have a resistance to live lonely heart are needed in the operation. Rattan design after years of work analysis, general popular keywords and website name the fastest 2~5 days can on the home page or 100, then we should be how to seriously look at this thing?

new website is our most common operation of the content of the supplement and set up a website (not recommended to set the new popular keywords, this will cause the user cannot condense), title, description and we need the program itself. But after the line on the website is very taboo to modify a little every day, so the site itself in the review period, you would only lengthen the review period, the worst will lead to false love Shanghai station was K;

three, maintain the quality of the

Analysis of the influence of user behavior on the Google ranking

1. noble baby Analytics

The content of The

Google visits a website user behavior:

3. noble baby +1

2. noble baby Talk

noble baby tag importance Effect of

5. Tool Bar

4. Webmaster Tool

in the serious homogenization era. Original content is very important, so in the layout of the content needs to be done to.

we need to understand these data come from, how to obtain these data.

Title description should allow users to the most intuitive understanding of the site, each page will have a title page, so Google pay more attention to the website title tag, should be concise, summary.

7. noble baby Chrome

6. Search Engine


and so on…… .

of each product is not on the website any impact included rankings, but only need to pay attention to is, Google for the website ranking investigation over many, then according to the Google webmaster optimization guide mentioned the following:

when the baby began to noble website statistics management tool to promote its noble baby Analytics, we will not. Difficult to find, in fact Google according to the reference data, and these reference data is what, before Chuanjun once in Shanghai dragon 5 tips how to improve the user experience mentioned.

8. Adsense/ Adwords

, a

on the Google user behavior, is good or bad, how should we look at, and what impact on the behavior of users of Google? We often think of a no traffic to the website will rank first? Is clearly impossible, I know noble baby in the ranking algorithm by adding more user behavior patterns in early 2006, the model generated data information at any time on our website ranking have a certain influence, so we must understand these patterns, these patterns are reflected through which data, we should improve the defects of our website using the data, and make the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is today our topic.

noble baby

two, high quality content layout

then suggested to describe, bold key sentences or words, in order to facilitate the search engine to crawl to help users find the corresponding information, the same description is also very important.

Fuzhou beauty training station optimization real photo sharing application


page to display the search, turned into a popular label, made directional anchor text.

version of phpMyFAQ 2.6.1

B, adjust the page similarityClassification page

A, the sidebar adjustment

I used the

my website: 贵族宝贝rumenwang贵族宝贝/

is higher.

content page is similar, the right sidebar, modified to display the same link current question answering. This page, content page, page classification, similarity greatly widen the gap.

search problem is each search result is the title (Putian Lanyun as like as two peas Network Company site can verify), this will also affect the included, so I put each of the search results title made changes, different results show a different title, the anchor text keywords into title. Are interested can pass.


lovely Shanghai search: Fuzhou beauty training, the second page view effect.

website program, as well as Putian Lanyun network company phpmyfaq program is phpmyfaq, but I know that this program is 09 years through other ways, but modifying and optimizing the static page was to learn Putian Lanyun network company.

joined the Fuzhou beauty training, has been in the study, the side of his site 贵族宝贝rumenwang贵族宝贝/ optimization, lasted about 15 days before, is ranked more than 40, now ranked 16, followed from the distance, but I am very confident this goal arrives soon.

2, Fuzhou beauty training station optimization method

lovely Shanghai search: Fuzhou makeup school, the first page view effect.

I removed the

C, the search function adjustment

I use the

core Keywords: Fuzhou, Fuzhou beauty makeup school training

adds a shared love of Shanghai.

remove the useless, plus a station, forum posts, control the number of each column, the first to avoid too many links, some people remember that should be controlled in 50, a similar number of I.

In 1, But

this program design is not very good, the original directly put all the quiz links, the sidebar contents are the same, so the page similarity is very high, included the influence effect, I have classified pages to add a summary of the contents, and the right sidebar, filled with pictures, it reduces the page the similarity.

page similarity I said the problem, but the authority of the teacher site can ignore this problem, love Shanghai is kneeling home included.

In fact, there are still

10 optimization techniques streamlined web page

now has a lot of people begin to pay attention to this problem, and there are a lot of optimization tools, but these techniques are very easy to use, does not need to spend too much time, also do not need to re develop.

in Linux we often use the suffix for the.Gz file, which is the GZIP format, Internet today has become very common to use a data compression format, or a file format.

, for developers, the greater the amount of code, it is not easy to update and maintenance.

1, GZIP compression format

1, website code more users to download more of the loading speed will be slower. In China, the broadband and not everyone can enjoy the 20M, each developer heart is clear, the user does not want to wait.

for text content can be compressed to 40% of original size, this transmission soon, the effect is that you click on the URL will soon after the show, of course, it will also increase the load of the server, the server is installed in the general power >

, search engines crawl speed will be great impact to the website ranking.

GZIP encoding

generally refers to a function of the WWW server installation, when someone to visit this website in the server, the server will function in web content compression after transmission to the visiting computer displayed in the browser.


, as everyone knows, the rapid development of mobile Internet, to 2G network, load the 1.7M page even need a minute.


according to the survey, "the size of the average growth of 32% in 2013, an average of 1.7M, a separate HTTP request to reach 96, to tell the truth, this is a shocking number, but this is just a mean value, half of the site will be greater than this value.

in this paper, Ma Haixiang will give you some advice, although the first three recommendations to "lose weight" is not actually, but they still can effectively speed up page loading speed.

The influence of

HTTP protocol is a kind of used to improve the performance of WEB application technology, the flow of the WEB site GZIP is often used to make the user feel faster compression speed.




gzip is the abbreviation of GNUzip, it is a free software GNU file compression program. It is Jean-loupGailly and MarkAdler with the development of the first public release was issued in October 31, 1992 February released version 0.11993 version 1.

so, what is the effect of a "page overweight" website? Specifically, the following 4 points: