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No reliable products and operations in the can’t do anything

is a kind of hate is called: that’s predecessor, experienced: early and full of joy to meet the expectations of the future, and then along the plain gradually kill until the numbness, complex feelings eventually due to disappointment to hate.

, and this situation does not belong to: former, for the shell network produced o2o experience consulting platform "on the line", Ni Shu also has a similar complex emotions.

March 2015, Ji thirteen personally site promotion of new products "in", backed by the cognitive surplus theory, to share economic consulting experience o2o trend, Ni Shuyi once the model is quite good.


June 25, 2015, at Hangzhou station opened, Ni t own food in the circle of friends during 2015 contributed a whoop and a holler, nearly 1000 PV and 3 pen for online transactions.


February 17, 2016, in the "good" line for nearly a year on the occasion, written this chat platform "for Ni t in mourning their misfortune nuqibuzheng"


founded the product logic that does not hold the business model

China Internet circle have been some unwritten quirks, such as: once the discussion to slow the company’s business model, to take the initiative to ignore the profitability of the topic, seems to be a profit to slow company is an obvious bully.

and shell is also praised for the exemplary enterprises, the public and the media always talk about customer value and mode in the future, but not on the scale of business revenue and cash flow situation, because although the shell open line of products is various, but to sum up in a word "good name" can be said to be the logic and marking, and "good" is obviously a bolted Duolu shell on this line.

detailed view "in" business model, it is not difficult to understand the wisdom and cunning of its designers, users in the value part of "know" the paid version of "sharing social economy university" mode of metaphor are painted clear, delicate wonderful place…… But when it comes to how to profit, then suddenly switched to a "virgin naive model, selected in each transaction as part of the cost of profit that has been completed from a complete closed loop to the commercial value of the user value.

however, this is clearly not worth refuting: with the transaction commission model, a comparison of Tmall is very clear:

user size – the latest data released on the No. 2.16: one year of operation million class registration only, the official micro signal headlines reading less than 1000, visual fans less than 10 thousand;

usage frequency – new, slow, and can not repeat the purchase, once a week to open a lot of it! O2o is a high-frequency low-frequency field, if you know / / watercress and other relatively high frequency applications to cut into the city

True experiences after graduation

2007 June at the age of 17, I finally went out of the gate, set foot on society! I am graduated from technical school, a mixed school for a year, what did not learn, only learn is to play games online,

idle away in seeking pleasure!

graduated, arranged in the school, came to Shenzhen, just began to think that work is very good, but do not stand for a few days, and leave you sweat ` ` left school, arranged into the factory! Go to work, a month later, still did not find a job, in fact, is not not found but do not want to do. In Shenzhen, everyone knows that the place where the money is made is too tired, and there is no money in the easy place. After playing in Shenzhen for more than two months, I went into a hotel as a waiter, and the hotel did great. I came to Xiamen two months later,


to Xiamen, the first thing is to find the Internet, because I am a man, and have no friends here, so only the Internet cafe, a boring Search about the network of part-time, see record, go look, that is also good, contact customer service, he told me a lot of theory I feel good, you decided to join, anyway, just 198 dollars, I think you can join to make money, but a month down did not earn a penny! Discouraged, give up


began to follow other people to do foreign click station, every day hand is numb, and one month down still did not earn a penny, I began to doubt that the network can really make money?


April, I see other people every day a lot of people click Wangzhuan station point like, I would like to be able to make money, he decided to open his own one, but I do not stop, hey… . sad! But has been determined, I will to do, just to find someone to buy the program, then the program for selling up, spend a few hundred dollars, is basically done, I started to look at each Wangzhuan forum publicity, membership increased day by day, a happy heart, can how many days did the website good times don’t last long, attacked, also horse, procedures have been revised, I still cannot see how he, who asked what is not! I can sell the program, originally wanted to call his program to send a copy to me, but he didn’t understand science! The


I decided to learn to do, I began to study on the Internet website, everywhere to see some things to do, a month later, he learned some basic things, I decided to do a website, just do it to buy corn in the online download space immediately. A beauty station source, uploaded to the space, just add some content, look basically well! Promotion, I started to go to the forum every day, did not find what effect, I search in Baidu, found in the webmaster nets, see a lot of promotion website article, so every day I see posted here no, go to my website, after a few days to open the site to see the sweat… The website has been shut down! Contact the space business, he said that my website has adult content, I faint, just some pictures just, where come the adult content, he just refuses to give me to open, hey…


Talking about the process of cats from being abandoned to being admitted

‘s first contact with cat Park games (mopbaba.com) is on the A5 trading page.

‘s information about the sale of cat theft was released in July 16th, when I saw the sale of the information, ten days later. During the ten days, however, it was like an abandoned child. I see is not hard at that time, only the habit of a query about the station of each search engine included, snapshots, Links status: GG included normal, but from the original PR3 dropped to PR2 is not optimistic; especially Baidu: bad! Only included the first snapshot, or June 30th the old, more than a month! What is this concept? Most website hope is "Baidu" if your site in Baidu search engine disappeared or long time was not included there is no hope (each stationmaster is this article said, no wonder) issued for sale for ten days. Even people who are not on price. Links are equally outrageous, 11 links have 6 home pages, no link to this station. He is selling the chain? Or give up do not care for a long time! My heart with suspicions dialed quote on the left of the original (see contact the webmaster company in the implementation of the system under the cut, he had to work harder. Come home from work to help take care of the baby, no longer idle cat care Park, games for up to nearly two months. The situation worse every day, consciously powerless, nor love wishes to see he had devoted a lot of effort to build the website that hard to sink in the unknown to the public! So A5 released for sale can be sold at a price, what he did not care, just want to sell to people who want to see me so sincerely) inquire the site admin password to me, is real it is true at the same time let me further understanding of the site.

is indeed some days not updated, familiar with his background, and start browsing the web, the first feeling is very good template style, background color and soft not dazzle, home station structure is divided into top, left and right sides of three regions, such as simple and not monotonous.

top start, needless to say, must be logo, a website logo, beautiful, or not in this for the time being. Workers can also search popularity, especially the most immediate is placed in the middle position, clear enough! The upper right corner of the free entrance is trying to become registered users, users can freely collect this station number you love game, this strong interaction can work, before the procedures are still not free the. Most of the user experience is the middle horizontal arrangement slightly larger font text button "game" to "play a much" good "evaluation" and "my game" and "double game show" and "cooking games" in the new and old customers can quickly find many people play good or their evaluation love of the game, need not looking for work, feel carefree at online entertainment. Finally, two add red, bold display of "double game", "cooking game", more prominent cat Park Baba heat dedication features small game. The bottom of the top is all 1

Something about advertising on the website

site for almost a month, and IP has not been much, and he just built the site, put the ads up, and now found that hanging advertising is not so, what are the main manifestations of it?

one, to create an aversion to

I was the movie station 51 youku.com what www.51youku.com said? Originally movie station to profit is to rely on traffic flow is to point to our advertisement, but our advertisement? From the first day to hang now no one. It’s a small matter. You can always count on someone. But the hell is, some netizens on the Internet message said, your website pop too much, the movie can’t see, next time never come. This has lost customers.

two, no traffic to hang advertising is equal to chronic suicide

we all know to do flow up to put up some advertising, but was too impatient, a it linked to the Internet, they think up after the website is very full, very beautiful, but now, more and more sad, traffic is not up, even the Baidu search engine Google to flow more and more less.

three, hanging advertising blind

why advertising can hang, in fact, the pop did not go to the entertainment station above IP2000, do not beat it. Why? Because you are not enough, my movie site IP on more than 1000 days to hang up, and the results almost did not drag their websites to death. Then I hurried to give it away.

four, are we advertising for money or for sustainable development,


we have to figure out the problem, but after asking, it is contradictory, because you can make money to sustainable development ah, no money, you what development, but I want to say is. Making money is understandable, but you have to think about the future of your site. I can’t say I can’t go on selling it. That’s not OK. So you don’t have a yellow website,


all of the above is my personal idea, with the reality of the situation, but for others, please don’t mind.

Some of my summary to the end of the struggle in the webmaster

the end of the year, up to the webmaster.

stationmaster is very busy, stationmaster is very busy really, the job is endless process to stationmaster. Believe that the webmaster have their own personal experience, always feel that time flies quickly from side to side, because a busy up, will forget the time.

webmaster work every day, usually have their own rules, do more become habits, habits become natural. After talking with many webmaster friends, summed up the next day, the webmaster do the general work, colleagues to everyone nagging.

1, turn on the computer, the first thing is to check their site, such as the guest network. See that customer network Baidu snapshot is updated, search engine included increase or decrease, if there is a bad situation Links site, see ALEXA in the rankings or back, the important point is to see how the keywords ranking. For example, refers to the guest network: every day will check "SMS writer", "funny text messages", "Love SMS", "birthday greeting SMS", "blessing SMS", "humorous jokes, SMS", "SMS" these words. A sunny day is a rainy day, the site also has wind rain sunshine, webmasters are accustomed to deep in the heart, occasionally with the webmaster exchange pour out a few words, not the owners do not want to express, but the webmaster to say these words is too much to say.

2, website statistics is an indispensable tool for webmasters, needed to be, sometimes I really have to thank the staff of the development of these programs, although they are expecting to profit idea, but it does give the webmaster tools bring real convenience. For example, check the flow, access details, keywords, antecedents and so on.

3, the above two points, many webmaster may have recorded habits, good memory is worse than rotten pen, every day record site situation, for web data analysis is good.

4, on the day after the site has an understanding, update site content is also a site of the work of heavy. Although some sites may have a special web site editor, but now generally are some small sites, site maintenance and update tasks or on the webmaster. Content originality is certainly good, original need questions, to write, may also be collected, organize, release, and this down and time.

5, do webmaster needed not just blindly work, afterwards also must be done more in the understanding of the industry, the track analysis on hot news. Because the webmaster must be in a short time to know the industry dynamics, such as some time ago "record door", "K station door"". Hot current events, not to mention, understand that some aspects of the information may bring good traffic to the site, of course, these need to have enough information to grasp the ability to grasp.

6, the webmaster do website promotion is based on the line, the network is the advantage of the webmaster. Promotion is a time consuming thing for the webmaster, especially the time spent, so that the webmaster always feel >!

Talking about depressing website filing

himself is a small webmaster, very small kind of, from January 06 began doing web site. By the end of 05, I saw an article on the website making money in a computer magazine with a classmate in the dormitory. It was about how to make money with Google adsense.

freshman, learning web production, using FrontPage, will point special effects, such as text floating over, and so on, and now looks very bad. It’s a static page, but at that time I thought it was written better than the others. See this Wangzhuan article, then interest way, just do it. I quickly went to the library to borrow some books, but it was still a static page. I made a website about tea during the vacation. Looking for free space everywhere, using a free two level domain name. Later, know what is dynamic web pages, learning the ASP, bought the space, will change all static into a static. I found the authority of a domain name, so I bought it.

, however, there is the filing problem. At that time, I had learned how to get a forum, found a free version of the mobile network, and made a community with my website. It is not for the record, then she went to the Ministry of information industry (now the Ministry) on the website for the record. The first one was smooth and I didn’t submit the electronic bulletin board service. It was successfully passed a week later. But two weeks later, I found a better domain name, so the record had to be done again. But this time it is not so smooth, but it is also a station. This time it has been called electronic bulletin service, and it must go through the pre examination and approval procedures.

After consulting the process,

began to prepare, write materials and query relevant information. The filing was really long. Repeatedly submitted, have been hit back, or the main site may not bring news words, or the number of moderators is not enough, or may not open with the teaching of the section…… All sorts of reasons, I’ll go instead. The second submission in August, 06, has dragged on for 07 years in January. At that time, I have to go through the record, or to shut down, or I can first shut down the forum, first "temporary" through…… At the time of the final examination, I had to take a compromise plan, which was closed for the time being.


, make full use of vacation time, look for a person to do moderators everywhere, want the copy of identity card of others…… Go to school, submit in 07 years in March. It was a long time, but it was a smooth pass, and got the cert file. By the end of June, told me that can get the material. Run to the communications authority, and tell me that the process is over here, and ask me to bring some of the materials they provide to the public security department for the record, so go ahead.

birthday is nothing, just ran the public security department, one-way ride two hours of public transportation, no money to play rental, that expensive…… Others this is called efficiency, go in and seat, but also pouring water, let me wait. Half an hour, a little, everything is done. Leave, this is called efficiency.

, this station is finally over. Later on >

Do electricity supplier essential dry Taobao search full analysis

Author: Chen Yan

on Taobao search, spread a lot of "experience sharing", many of which are short-sighted black hat misleading, a lot of good sellers, so astray, difficult to extricate themselves. Next, we will uncover the veil of 2013 Taobao search for you, help you to search the steady development of the operation.


read index

1. What is Taobao search


two, the composition of the search results page

1. Taobao main search results page

2. Tmall search results page

three, Taobao search model interpretation

1. category model: the only classification and attribute of commodity release;

2. anti cheat model: anti cheating team based on the analysis of merchant cheating data, the implementation of different levels of penalties for businesses

3. text model: mainly refers to the reasonable inclusion in the product title and user search hot keywords.

4. time model: according to the goods up and down time, for the next shelf goods priority recommendation.

5. seller model: statistical evaluation of business activity and comprehensive quality.

6. service model: statistical analysis of the quality of service provided by a business to consumers.

7. popularity model: statistical evaluation of consumer recognition of products.

8. personalized model: statistical analysis of consumer shopping preferences, including, but not limited to: the optimal transaction price range, brand preferences, property preferences, etc..

9. business rules: merchant participation in the provision of featured services

four, business alert

five, sales included in the search instructions

what is Taobao search?


everyone is talking about Taobao search, but not everyone knows the difference between "Taobao search" and "full web search (Baidu, Google, etc.)".

Taobao search is not search the entire network like crawling across the Internet data, data analysis, data classification, Taobao search data depends on the "seller" sorting and precise release, in other words, "seller" product release is Taobao search process of the establishment of commodity index.

has the commodity according to the category, according to the attribute release, has the commodity index foundation, the algorithm engine can according to the commodity key word, provides the accurate search result for the buyer.

The composition of the

search results page

1. Taobao main search results page

A few thoughts about Baidu’s 14 days’ collection

my station is a computer security station (www.pcsafe120.com.cn), not what personal experience, also do not know much about SEO, only a little experience I was included in Baidu talk here for your advice.

1. Choose a better site procedures, I used the wind, personal feel very good.

2. Multi update, multi acquisition, but processing.

3. More in Baidu space, paste it, know the post. Remember to add your link, but remember not to post it maliciously.

4. Links to websites that exchange links are available.

I have these experiences, perhaps these are on the Internet, but I only have a purpose, that is, to the new webmaster a confidence. At the same time to welcome the majority of users, the station around, and some suggestions. I QQ:936072063

As long as there is vision, no site to do Taobao, customers still earn thousands of months

Taobao customers want to make money in the Ali Mama, generally must have a website, blog, forum, etc. can be used to help you promote the resources, but there is a method, there may be some people do not know, or do not believe to try. My website, Ali, mom, advertising, often by such a group of people to buy, this group of people is neither Taobao dispensers, nor websites, blogs, those things, but not the kind of no matter where the goods are linked. This group of people is working on their own unique vision for the Taobao quality goods, while looking for high-quality advertising, then buy advertising to promote Taobao shopkeeper goods, by taking the Commission to make money with advertising a price difference.

seems to think it’s not very feasible, and I’m beginning to feel a little hesitant and wondering if it’s a little too risky, but those people do make money. A guest webmaster I know, was to open his own website do guest, and the site is also doing well, now I choose to buy advertising, chat with me said his income is not too much, the average income of more than 1000 a month, of course, occasionally because of mistakes and loss of vision, but in general it is earned, said this, the key is to identify the goods with the Taobao advertising, advertising users need analysis and Taobao manager whether the goods comply with the site to improve the conversion rate of population. Generally speaking, as long as the profit earned a bit of advertising, three or four times the price is no problem, if not determined not to clinch a deal, it is only when the eyes failed. His eyes are now passing, and 65% of the goods, advertising options are earned.

talk to the advertising options, he said the concrete situation and generally feel good will take a week to see the effect, said that the last time buy my website the advertising effect is good, there is a transaction, a small profit, so this buy again.

, and in the choice of Taobao’s shopkeeper, he says, "not for the cheapest, but for the most stable," and usually watches a commodity for weeks. This refers to the treasurer of the Taobao online rate, Amoy link stability, the stability of the Commission and so on, once is to determine the long-term cooperation.

by www.tao053.com

in contributions!

Analysis of the B2B industry needs to find breakthroughs and imagination

from the Internet to the development trend of B2B industry development has been thorough, whether the Alibaba or other B2B sites have been developed with, now the Internet is different from before, almost all business operations to B2B industry. In recent years, various types of B2B sites in the constant rise, from the building materials industry to the machinery industry, these industries are in e-commerce transactions, let enterprises through various Internet business platform and complete business transactions, and these have been completely cannot do without the B2B industry.

B2B industry in the continuous development, the current B2B industry website flood in, between the B2B website and website operators always feel the lack of what some of the objects, perhaps is the operation and maintenance of the imagination, then perhaps it is the breakthrough point of the lack of maintenance. However, in 60s and 70s, because of the limited environment, the acceptance of new things was limited, which led to the lack of attention to the so-called B2B networks. And the 80 generation, their environment is the network, they are familiar with the network and acceptance will be higher. And now the downturn in the B2B industry, it is in the 80 generation began to take over all these circumstances, is a development opportunity. Let more traffic change into money. The author is responsible for the business of B2B cat trade industry website, also has several years of experience in the operation and maintenance of this kind of website, but now B2B industry website to the white hot stage, the total feeling website operation B2B type is the lack of certain objects, the lead author of the unable to continue operation B2B website, and this year I was also thinking about them the lack of the object, so I have some new views on the future of B2B website maintenance, so today to talk about the author’s ideas.

one, operation and maintenance B2B website should have stability, exclusiveness and uniqueness,

first, stability, exclusiveness and uniqueness of operation and maintenance for the B2B industry website, the three point is the very core of identity, from several years of development of B2B industry is just from the current Internet language, this is the slow development of a depth of services, of course, many webmaster operation B2B they love the wholesale products, the author thinks that the B2B site to the product to a certain degree, the most important is the need to completely abandon traditional concepts to carry out maintenance. Therefore, for the webmaster, we must be stable, exclusive and unique.

and B2B, operation and maintenance of website owners to understand the operation of space here forever, the China B2B service is a very preliminary state, is also the information degree, characteristics of industrial clusters and foreign trade situation and other factors result in a B2B is the amount of the transaction is actually all Internet business in There is nothing comparable to this. For example, the author now operation and maintenance of the B2B site, the stability, exclusivity, uniqueness are done very well.

two, operation and maintenance B2B site, its products should be targeted, relevance,

operation and maintenance, B2B website, product selection for language >